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  1. Motormaster
  2. Stunticon Leader
  4. "These wheels were made for crushing."
  6. The Decepticons are already a bad bunch, but you'd be hard pressed to find one worse than Motormaster. The leader of the incredibly dysfunctional Stunticons, Motormaster has only one goal in mind: to keep his self-proclaimed title of "King of the Road", a position he keeps by terrorizing Earth's roads. This single-minded pursuit puts him at odds with Optimus Prime himself, the only car capable of threatening Motormaster's position. He longs to defeat Prime in combat (though he absolutely knows he would lose, but his ego would never let him admit it). His title isn't just for show, Motormaster is a truly unstoppable force while in truck mode, capable of surviving any head-on collision you throw at him. While this is partly because of his built-in forcefield, his abnormal strength and reckless attitude certainly help.
  8. Mototrmaster is an awful leader as well. He is acutely aware of the disorders his fellow Stunticons have, and is prepared to take advantage of them for his own goals, be it their paranoia, depression, narcissism, or just general insanity. The other Stunticons are also very aware that Motormaster uses them, and this results in an immense hatred of the motorbreath, but they're simply too afraid to do anything. This isn't helped when they combine into Menasor, a destructive monster who's only instinct is to destroy. You can argue that Motormaster, fitting of his truck mode, is a reflection of Optimus Prime himself. Also, while usually loyal to Megatron, Motormaster has been known to try and pull a few Starscreams, meaning that he doesn't even have that much going for him.
  10. Motormaster uses an ionized sword, capable of producing intense electrical bolts, for melee combat, though he is also known to use his fists. He also has a cyclone rifle, which generates winds that can travel over 400 mph. Both can be used while he is combined with the Stunticons into Menasor. In Smash, Motormaster uses his design from Transformers: Earth Wars, which is, ahem, "based" on the third-party "Powertrain" toy, which in turn is based on Motormaster's design from the IDW comics. His weapons, however, skew closer to the original toys, rather than the fairly ugly looking ones that he's been consistently given recently.
  12. Sometimes Motormaster talks like Macho Man Randy Savage, oh yeah!
  14. Tech Spec
  15. Strength - 9
  16. Intelligence - 6
  17. Speed - 5
  18. Endurance - 10
  19. Rank - 7
  20. Courage - 9
  21. Firepower - 7
  22. Skill - 4
  24. Stats
  25. Weight - 135
  26. Walk Speed - 0.75
  27. Run Speed - 1.6
  28. Air Speed - 1.17
  29. Fall Speed - 1.7
  31. Motormaster WOULD be your standard heavyweight, but he comes with the advantage of having a built in anti-gravity booster, giving him much better aerial properties when compared to other heavyweights. His air speed is better than every super heavyweight (aside from DK), and his fall speed is on par with K. Rool. Motormaster also shares his weight with Bowser, because he's a dang TRUCK, what would you expect? Despite being a truck, he's not very fast on the ground, only really coming in at average.
  33. Motormaster is proper big as well, standing at slightly more than Ganondorf height while being slightly wider, though still not breaking the standard 2x2 Grid Block limit every character has. His jumps, thanks to the aforementioned anti-gravity booster, are slightly better than most Heavyweights. The first jump is just above average height, while the second jump is fairly mediocre as well. So, it still isn't great.
  36. Special Mechanic - Unstoppable
  37. While Motormaster is dashing, he has superarmor that protects him from attacks that deal less than 25%, a pretty ridiculous amount that helps him make approaches perhaps better than any other character. If the opponent can land a hit that deals 25% WHILE he's dashing, then it will be broken and unusable for the rest of that stock. During his initial dash, however, he gains superarmor that protects him from 35%, which remains on him no matter what. However, it only exists during this very brief period.
  40. Special Mechanic - Road Rage
  41. Complementary to the above, if Motormaster's superarmor is broken, he will gain a straight 3% damage buff to all of his attacks. This also applies when he takes damage, though it happens at a very minuscule rate, roughly 0.2% every 10%. This equals 2% every 100% damage he takes, which actively makes Motormaster MORE dangerous at higher percents. Guy gets upset REAL easily. So yeah, with these two factors, he gets an extra 5% flat added to all his attacks, and this doesn't even include the actual Rage mechanic.
  44. "When I'm finished with ya, you'll be King of the Junkyard!"
  46. Specials
  47. Down Special - Lightning Burst
  49. Up Special - Cyclone Rifle
  51. Down Special - Roller Derby
  53. Side Special - King of the Road
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