Our little Dawn

Mar 25th, 2016
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  1. >"So are you going to give me a straight answer or are you going to keep dancing around the question, sister?"
  2. "I think that the question you asked doesn't deserve a proper answer, sister."
  3. >"Now don't you think that that's just a little unfair? Weren't you the one that told me that there's no such thing as a bad or wrong question?"
  4. "I did, but it seems that you have found a way to prove me wrong, Luna."
  5. >"Will you just tell me?!"
  6. "No."
  7. >"Why not?!"
  8. >You sighed as you took a sip of your tea
  9. >You were in your bedroom trying to enjoy your tea time with your baby sister
  10. >TRYING
  11. >But Luna was Luna, and as such this filly had to go out of her way to ask you questions so out of the blue, so personal, so... strange and weird that you just wanted to get up and smack her on the side of the head
  12. "Because that's a very personal subject, Luna," you tell your scrunchy-faced sister
  13. >Luna snorted
  14. >"You're just being a drama king," she muttered, crossing her hooves
  15. >It was your turn to snort
  16. "Well excuse me if I don't want to tell my little sister whether I'm having anal sex with my husband or not," you retorted
  17. >"All you have to do is say yes or no. I don't even need any details. I promise!" Luna insisted, leaning toward you
  18. "...Why are you so hung up on this? I'm sure if you go out and ask--"
  19. >"I heard that getting a stallion to put it up your butt feels a hundred times better when you're pregnant," Luna interrupted. "So I just want to know how it feels for you."
  20. >...
  21. "One: I'm not going to tell you you weirdo. Two: didn't you just say that I didn't need to tell you any details?"
  22. >"Oh come on Celly!" Luna cried, slamming her hooves against the table. "I just want to know if the old husband's tale is true. I know you and your husband still go at it because of your hormones--"
  23. "...Wait, how do you--"
  24. >"--And I KNOW you don't just blow him every time."
  26. >...
  27. >...
  28. >...
  29. >She shouldn't know that right?
  30. >...Yep
  31. >She shouldn't know that...
  32. >...
  33. >You were going to have to tighten the security around your room it seemed...
  34. "If you're so curious then why don't you have a little one of your own?" you demanded, your tail flicking against the side of the table
  35. >Luna guffawed
  36. >"There's no way in Tartarus that I'm having a child. I want my hoo-ha to be in mint condition for many years to come thank you very much."
  37. "Then I guess you'll be forever wondering then."
  38. >Your sister's eyes started to tear up and her lip started to quiver
  39. >...Sweet sun above was that the fakest bunch of horse apples that you've ever seen in your life
  40. >...
  41. >Only Luna would try to persuade you with puppy dog eyes...
  42. >"Come on sis, let me live vicariously through you. Prettyprettyprettyprettyprettypretty please?"
  43. >...No
  44. >What was she nuts?
  45. >That was no bucking way that you were going to tell her what you and Anon did in the privacy of your bedroom!
  46. >You opened your mouth, ready to tell your sister so, when a feeling in your belly made you twitch
  47. >It wasn't a painful feeling exactly
  48. >It kind of felt like you had a bit of a tummy ache and eroignelkfndlfkndslkn!!!
  49. >You gasped as liquid came streaming down your legs, coating your chair and soaking the carpet underneath you
  50. >"Celestia? Celestia? What's wrong?" your sister demanded, jumping out of her chair and rushing over to you as you wobbled on your seat
  51. >That wasn't pee
  52. >You didn't pee yourself
  53. >That had happened without your say in the matter
  54. >And that could only mean one thing
  55. >Your sister grabbed your withers as you took a few deep, long breaths
  56. >It was time?
  57. >Surely you had a few weeks more?
  58. >...Didn't you?
  59. >You looked down at your stomach, your heart beating a million miles a minute
  61. >...
  62. >...
  63. >...
  64. >Oh sweet stars...
  65. >This was it wasn't it?...
  66. >You looked up at your sister, who looked about ready to have a panic attack
  67. "L-Luna," you said, your voice shaky. "The baby. The baby's coming."
  69. >Be Anonymous
  75. >You were in Canterlot General Hospital waiting outside of one of the operating rooms
  76. >You didn't know how long you had been here pacing the waiting room and trying not to lose it
  77. >Luna and Twiggles were there with you right now, and from what you've heard Cadence and Shining were racing down from the Crystal Empire as fast as they could
  78. >Though the fact that your wife was in labor RIGHT NOW hadn't gotten out to the public yet you knew it was only a matter of time
  79. >Which probably going to be a bit of a pain in the ass when the paparazzi horses started coming around
  80. >But fuck that
  81. >FUCK all of THAT shit
  82. >Right now the fact that you were about to be a daddy was hitting you like a wrecking ball
  83. >You hoped that everything was right
  84. >You hoped that your child was healthy and whole
  85. >You hoped that you wife would be alright
  86. >Whythefuckdidn'tgetletyouintherewithher?!
  87. >Waitingoutherewasonlymakingthisworseforyou!
  88. >Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod!
  89. >Youweregoingtomakeahorriblefatherweren'tyou?!
  90. >Orthebabywasgoingtobeafreak
  92. >Or--
  93. DONG!
  94. >Looking up you watched as a metal pole came flying at your head
  95. >It hit you right under your left ear, the metal bending around your head from the force of the swing
  96. >...Ow
  97. >Who was the little shit that just did that?!
  98. >Thinking that someone was attacking you so they could get at your wife you looked up
  99. >Luna was looking at you with a raised eyebrow, her horn glowing
  100. >The ruined bar of metal floated away from you, revealing that one end of it was wrapped in her aura
  101. >"Calm yourself, Anon," she said, tossing away the pole. "You flipping out and destroying this building its going to help anything."
  102. "I wasn't going to destroy this building!" you nearly snarled
  103. >Twilight, raising an eyebrow herself, pointed past you
  104. >Following her hoof you was that that one of the walls had been clawed at with a chair sticking out of it
  105. >...
  106. >Oh...
  107. >"Why don't you come over here and sit down with us, Anon," book horse suggested, patting the seat beside her
  108. "...I don't want to sit down."
  109. >"You're just going to work yourself up more pacing around like that."
  110. "If I sit down I'm going to puke my guts out. The pacing keeps my stomach calm."
  111. >"The Princess has some of the best medical ponies in Equestria looking after her, Anon, there's nothing to worry ab--"
  112. >You made your way across the room in three steps, picking the little horse up by the scruff of her neck
  113. >Luna's horn sparked to life, her magic encasing your arms, but with a simple flex her magical bindings shattered
  114. "I don't think you understand, Twiggles, I'm going to be a fucking dad!"
  115. >Looking concerned, Twilight opened her mouth
  116. >Your eyes widened
  117. >No!
  118. >You couldn't let this little horse talk!
  120. >If she talked she might talk some sense into you!
  121. >Luckily you knew just the thing for sense-talking horses
  122. >You had to SHAKE the sense out of them!
  123. >SHAKE!
  124. >So you did just that
  125. "How the hell are me and Celly going to raise a kid?" you demanded as Twilight's head wobbled back and forth and all around. "What if there's something wrong with it? What if something happens to Celestia? What I'm a shitty dad and raise a kid that's crazy or some shit?"
  126. >"Mr. Anonymous."
  127. "What if I'm shitty at changing diapers?"
  128. >"Mr. Anonymous."
  129. "What if the baby's afraid of me?"
  130. >"Mr. Anonymous."
  131. "What if me and Celly turn into fat old people, Twilight? I don't want to be a fat old person!"
  132. >"...Excuse me, Mr. Anon--"
  133. "WHAT?!" you barked, stopping your horse shaking to look down at the little medical pony standing right next to you. "Can't you see I'm shaking ponies here?!"
  134. >"I think I'm gonna be sick," I rather green-looking Twilight said, covering her face with her hooves
  135. >Medical horse sighed
  136. >"Mr. Anonymous, could you please put the princess down and come with me your wife--"
  137. >You dropped Twilight like she was covered in shit and lunged at the little horse
  138. >With practiced grace she dodged out of the way and grabbed a chair, poking you with it like this was a circus and you were some sort of lion
  139. >"Sir, please."
  140. "What's wrong with my wife?" you demanded, waving your arms around but slowly retreating under the chair poking. "What happened? Is she alright? Is the baby alright? Why the FUCK aren't you in there helping her right now?!"
  141. >You tried to lunge for the horse again but you got a leg chair in the eye for your troubles
  142. >...Ow
  143. >"You wife is fine, my lord, and so is the baby," the medical horse said as you reeled back, more in surprise than pain. "I'm happy to inform you that the birth went perfectly."
  145. >You suddenly stopped moving
  146. >...Everything went fine?
  147. >Then that means...
  148. "The b-baby's alright?" you asked, your voice barely above a whisper
  149. >The nurse nodded, a smile coming to her face
  150. >"Yes she is, Prince Anonymous."
  151. >She?
  152. >You have a little baby girl...
  153. >You don't know how long you just stood there, your heart fluttering and tears forming in the corners of your eyes
  154. >You had to see her...
  155. >You had to see your child...
  156. >Your baby girl...
  157. >With a smile on her face the nurse turned around and walked through the medical-y doors
  158. >Without hesitation you followed her
  159. >The room that she led you in was big, with dozens of sterile, beeping machines
  160. >Dozens of scrub-wearing ponies were walking around chatting excitedly but you didn't hear a word that they said
  161. >You were looking at the center of the room where you wife was resting on a bed
  162. >The bed was a mess, and your wife looked sweaty and exhausted, but there was a happy little smile on her face
  163. >That smile widened a hair more when she saw you practically tossing ponies out of the way so you could get to her
  164. >"There... you are," she murmured as you kneeled down next to her. "You know... we could hear you... blabbering on... outside."
  165. >Her hoof weakly reached out toward you
  166. >Taking the hint you quickly grabbed her hoof and gave it a little squeeze
  167. "Are you alright, hon?" you asked
  168. >The second that you said it you knew that it was a stupid question
  169. >Of course she wasn't fucking alright!
  170. >She just had a fucking baby!
  171. >She probably felt like a bag of smashed assholes right now!
  172. >Celestia let out a tired chuckle when she saw the look on your face, her hoof giving your hand a reassuring squeeze
  174. >"I'm... fine. Wonderful... even," she said, looking past you. "Absolutely... wonderful..."
  175. >You looked over your shoulder
  176. >One of the nurses was holding something wrapped up in a blanket
  177. >And you believe that you knew what that something was
  178. >Your mouth felt dry as the nurse walked over and silently offered the bundle to you
  179. >"You know... we never did... think of a name... for the baby."
  180. >Slowly, you reached out
  181. >A sound escaped the bundle of cloth, somewhere between a whine and giggle
  182. >"Do you have... any ideas? I'd... contribute but I'm... quite tired at the... moment."
  183. >Your big hands carefully grabbed the bundle and brought it toward your chest
  184. >A perfect little pony girl stared up at you with lavender eyes
  185. >You could feel a little pair of wings through the blanket and you could see a itty-bitty horn sticking out of her forehead
  186. >Her coat was snow white just like her mother's, with a little pink fluff of hair on her head
  187. >Your child blinked slowly, her front legs moving around in the blanket
  188. >All at once you watched as her eyes lit up and she started to smile
  189. >Her wiggling started to increase, her hooves reaching up toward you
  190. >You could feel tears forming out the corners of your eyes
  191. >Then you felt tears streaming down your face
  192. >You then found yourself crying like a baby
  193. "M-My little girl..."
  194. >Your child made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a giggle as she booped your noise
  195. >You bit your lip as hard as you could, trying to hold back a sob
  196. >It felt like your heart was about to burst
  197. >Your child was in your arms
  198. >She was a perfect little alicorn
  199. >She was perfect
  200. >She was beautiful
  201. >She w-was...
  202. "My l-little Dawn..."
  203. >Your little girl seemed to like her new name because she let out another giggle as you handed her off to her mommy and proceeded and completely break down
  204. >You had a little girl
  205. >You had a little girl
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