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  1. i ain't got time for these bitches
  2. ain't got a dime for these bitches
  3. breaking it down for three bitches
  4. duffle stuffed with 3 sixes
  5. heater under the pillow, i sleep with my missus
  6. and i'm having dreams of bigger than 6 digits
  7. niggas where i rest possessed em with chickens (?)
  8. livin on your dick to hit the next shipment, so high
  9. and niggas wanna know why i, ride, with semi-automatic by my side
  10. i need a nigga that's fo sho gon bust, and really i'm the only nigga i trust
  11. and really i'm the only nigga that go, new shoes, cadillac on fours
  12. shine for the dimes and the rat hos, check a pack, write a rap crack stove (?)
  13. and my trunk leave cracks in the pavement
  14. chevy only carry the weight, lord save him
  15. just another victim of the game, can you blame him
  16. and he stay paid (?), can a lame nigga fade him
  17. and most you niggas in the rap game big blowers
  18. but at the end of it they don't get shit for it
  19. but me and mines gotta eat, so i'm beatin up the street
  20. dinner time, and i gotta hit a lick for it
  21. send em the god, tryna rob the godfather
  22. and if you scared of catchin a murder then why bother
  23. i'm peelin off a knot for pots of hot water (?)
  24. niggas rolled me off and it made me grind harder
  25. peace to the east, nigga peace to the chief
  26. got a slug for the judge, plenty heat for police
  27. and a book full of sins that i reap when i sleep
  28. then i wake up and i put em on the beat, how you love that
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