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Dadonequus Discord Part 293

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  1. >It would be a straight shot to Sugarcube Corner.
  2. >Just...rush there. Talk with Ponk. Get it planned. Go to Flutters, get cuddled, plan out your end. And oooof course. Make sure it's sound.
  3. >You were running as fast as you could towards the pastry shop. You could use your horn of course. But, juuust in case. You wanted to keep your two new charges.
  4. >Two new charges, hah, Fluttershy was really amazing. It made you wonder how much Discord really bends to her. You chuckle as you dash to the thought of them in bed. Fluttershy on top of....OH GOD NO!
  6. >Eggghhh...ok. Now with THAT thought out of your brain. You just mindlessly rushed over...until...
  7. >"Hey Anon! Wait up!"
  8. >That voice, that scratchy, annoying voice.
  9. >It hurt your brain so much it caused you to stop and cringe as you slowly turned around.
  10. >Snips and Snails.
  11. >Or rather, a whole group of...what you could only guess...were fans.
  12. >....ohhhh what happened now?
  13. "...W-what's going on here?"
  15. >"Ask him Snips! Ask him!" One of the colts cried out.
  16. >"Isn't he dreamy? Oh, why did Diamond Tiara have to be the one to get his attention? I wish I was about to be foalnapped by foalnappers." A lovestruck filly said to her friends.
  17. >"He gets cooler everyday!"
  18. >"Yeah! And that sister of his...ohh, I'm gonna marry her one day"
  19. >"Come ooonnn, ask him already!"
  20. >"Alright alright..ahrm" Snips looked over to you "Anon..."
  21. >And Snails, who was right beside him. Just let's it out. "we heard you saved another version of Equestria. That's prettttyy coooool"
  22. >.......WHAT?!
  23. >D-did the CMC tell them? Those fucking....DAMMIT
  24. >You start looking around, avoiding eye contact. Maybe you could explain it away as false.
  25. "W-what makes you say that?"
  26. >"OH hehe" Snips snickers to himself "Your sister, who is totally into me by the way, told us. And showed us some of the stuff from that other place. Including...Snails?" Snips looks over to his buddy as a cue
  27. >Snails sits down and starts patting the ground like a drum.
  28. >"TADA!" He raises his hoof to show off....is that. ..is that a lock of Chrysalis's mane?! THAT BITCH! THAT FUCKING..GODDAMMIT!
  29. "...what is that exactly?"
  30. >..here it comes..
  31. >"This is REAL changeling hair from the REAL changeling queen. Or the one you totally met in that other world. Sooo cool!" Snips, and in effect, the crowd, were all pretty excited.
  32. >"Yeah, and check out this other stuff." Snails used his horn to raise up the "new" bits, some records kept by Flim and Flam, a picture of Celestia and Sunset, and some piece of Flim and Flam's battle robot. "That's enough proof for me"
  34. >Though it was clear she left herself partnering around with you out.
  35. >ooooohhhhh....god..why?
  37. >Could you just say no? That it never happened.
  38. >You could, until the fucking dweebs twist the lie into a form of modesty.
  39. >....you could use your first charge to hurl them into the sun
  40. >Eh, Then Celestia would hurl you into the moon
  41. >fucking christ. You had to find a way to defuse this. Then ask Chrysalis what the fuck she was thinking.
  42. "Ok, I admit it, I admit it. I saved another Equesti-AH!"
  43. >Suddenly, the entire swarm of foals surrounded you. Asking for autographs and details while showering you with praise.
  44. >Y'know, if this had happened before Scoots and such. You would have soaked this up like a sponge. But no, now? It's nothing but trouble...even though it still felt kinda nice.
  45. >No, you couldn't give in to those old urges.
  46. "Woah woah woah, everypony calm down OOP!"
  47. >"I got some of his tails hair!" One of the fillies cry out!
  48. >"I touched his horn! Ohh, It felt electric" Another filly says, caught in a bout of drunk love
  49. >"Come on dude, teach us those fighting moves you got!"
  50. >"..What's a robot, Anon?"
  51. >G-GYAH! You could barely move and you were being poked and prodded. You needed an adult!
  52. >...There was no adult.
  53. "Ok ok! If everypony could just steeeeeeep back please!"
  54. >Oh the karma. Before you wanted to tell everyone so you could soak up the praise as a hero. Now that you knew what it was to be humble and such, this was a goddamn nightmare.
  55. >They also weren't really listening as they continued their barrage of poking and questions.
  56. >Don't hesitate...it was time.
  57. >You reach for your horn and slap it on
  58. "STOP!"
  59. >Suddenly, every foal is caught in a magical bubble, they slowly float up and away a few feet from you before the bubbles stop in place.
  60. "...Thank you...sheesh"
  61. >The horn changes back, this time with a small golden shine before changing back to the Sombra horn.
  62. >"Wh-what happened?!"
  63. >"We're floating!"
  64. >"T-this is kinda cool...but why?"
  65. >"Anon, what did we do wrong?"
  67. >"Hey Anon, what's with the bubbles? I mean, I guess it's cool. But, ummm...We weren't done asking you stuff yet" Snips looked upon you with worried and yet, fawning eyes.
  68. >Goddammit. It just never ends. This is partially your fault too. From the very beginning you should have stayed the course on avoiding the name "Hero Colt". Hell, you knew...had the crowd been smaller and more controlled that even now, you may have absorbed some of the attention. But this was too much. This wasn't you anymore.
  69. "You are, all of you are. Yes, I saved another world. But come on, I know it sounds cool. But, it was dangerous, and scary, and real lives were on the line and..."
  70. >"Was my life on the line Anon? Was there another version of me there!" One of the colts cry out
  71. >......ffffffff
  72. "I don't know. Look, that's not important. The important thing is is that this whole "Hero Colt" thing? I understand that it'll never leave me, that's fine. A little praise is good here and there. But this is ridiculous, doesn't anypony remember what happened with the whole fan club thing? Ponies got hurt, emotionally, badly. And I don't want anypony to feel bad because of what others are doing. Look, recently. I learned that being a hero is more than just praise and saving ponies and concocting heralding plans. Because being a hero for the sake of being a hero or for other selfish reasons is wrong. You all, I appreciate the praise, I really do. I don't mind a "Thank you". Maybe a few autographs, or a small talk about things. But this? This is ridiculous and you should all be ashamed of yourselves."
  73. >"...Ahh geez" Snips looked down in shame
  74. >"I guess we overdid it...again, ay?" Snails felt as if he was dealt a guilt filled blow
  75. >"ngh, I remember how upset Scootaloo got when I...we left the club. I mean, Rainbow Dash is cool too. She also saved the world..a lot"
  76. >"Yeah, we're sorry Anon....I can still keep your tail hair right?"
  77. >you roll your eyes around
  79. "Yes...I guess. But, do you all understand me? Can we keep this whole "Oh yeah! Hero colt!" thing down at maybe a two instead of a full ten? And maybe....not let this whole "save the other world" thing spread past here?"
  80. >Even then, who knows who else Chrysalis told.
  81. >It took a moment, but one by one and two by two they all started to give in. And agree with you. Apologizing again, and letting you know that they didn't mean for this to happen. And....to please let them down.
  82. >...you didn't actually have a way to get them down. But, they weren't to far up either, it was a totally safe distance for a short fall.
  83. "Alright, I'm gonna try something. All of you, just assume you just jumped from a tree and you'll be fine. Got it?"
  84. >They all nod.
  85. "Ok..also, to all pegasi...get your wings flapping. Just in case..ok...let's...do this."
  86. >They all seemed to trust you. The perk of being the "Hero Colt" after all.
  87. >You start taking pebbles and throwing them at the bubbles. Each foal letting out an eep as they brace themselves for a short fall and either land on their hooves, some on their butt, and others just hover in place.
  88. "...so, are we done here? we all calm?"
  89. >"...yeah..sorry Anon, we goofed up again...I guess" Snips was rubbing his leg, feeling ashamed and dumb.
  90. "It's fine. Look, you're all ok. You're all nice foals and all. But like I said, ease up on the whole crazy fan thing. That's all I ask..also to keep what my sister told you to yourselves. I mean.."
  91. >You thought of going about this like an old saturday morning cartoon. Maybe if they felt special, they'd have less of a reason to fantasize about you.
  93. "You're all special..heroes really. in your own way. That's what cutie marks are for too, right? Destinies? I mean, think about it. Without teachers, we'd all be pretty stupid. Without builders, we'd all be homeless. Without bakers, we'd have no food and we'd all go hungry. What I'm saying is, even the most boring sounding thing is heroic because it keeps us all going or provides us a service we all want or especially, need. I mean, pegasi are like..the coolest race. They maintain the weather and the seasons. That is much cooler and much more heroic than the stuff I do"
  94. >"Hey, he's right. All the adults up in Cloudsdale do do all that stuff. Oh yeah! without stuff like winter and fall. Or rain and stuff. We'd all be pretty doomed." One of the pegasi foals let out in pride.
  95. >"Yeah, I guess Anon is right. I mean, I'm really good at making bread. My mommy is teaching me to make cakes too. Without food, we'd all be hungry. S-so, I guess I'm a hero too!" A shy filly says in a low voice. wanting acknowledgement without singling herself out.
  96. "Yeah see? So, uhh. Erm...look. Guys, I got something to do. You guys can go and find something else to do right?"
  98. >"I guess we can"
  99. >"Oh! but can we keep all the cool stuff from that other dimension place?"
  100. >ugh, fine. You'd let them have at least that. If it would keep them complacent.
  101. "Ok ok, but put them in places nopony could see ok? please?"
  102. >They agree. And without much else, and a further mention of the urgency of what you were doing. They let you go. Even Snips and Snails. As they all huddle together to discuss what you said. And ways they can become heroes through their destinies. It was actually...really nice.
  103. >Also....hah! you didn't even hesitate to use your charge. And through some saturday morning schlock and forcing them to listen. You managed to talk your way out of the situation while having another charge to use later. Before, you would have hesitated. Perhaps even screwed up by going too far with your horn. Or not have used it at all feeling you didn't need it. Fluttershy was right. You'd hesitate less now that you have two of these bad boys.
  104. >And Chrysalis? Oh ho, you can only feel your resolve strengthen. You actually countered her. Of course, you didn't know why she did such a thing. You'd find out though.
  106. >Oh it felt good. She didn't plan on you just using your horn. She couldn't have expected that. Wait...maybe thats it. She didn't expect you to use your horn. Maybe, she expected you to get annoyed...or even get full of hatred from all the annoying attention that you now didn't want. She wouldn't have done this if you were still accepting praise. It had to be all part of "the game". She wanted you to hate how ponies would react. Well then, looks like you had her in check now.
  107. >And soon? Check mate. If she can put you in a situation where you want to hate ponies. You are going to make damn sure she realizes how much ponies care about her. even if it's her in another form. And when she tries to reason that they only loved a fake? You'd tell her how nice it'd feel if they felt the same feelings towards the real her.
  108. >A little refining here and there...and you were sure you could gain some real ground. Even if the party doesn't convert her. It'll be a huge step in the right direction.
  109. >Oh yeah Anon, This was your day. A few hiccups. But...for once. You were handling it in stride.
  111. >As you continue your trek, Sugarcube Corner comes into view. It wouldn't be long now.
  112. >"Heya Nonny, what ya up to?"
  113. "I'm going over to see Ponk"
  114. >"Oh, that's neat. Is it for super secret hero colt type stuff?"
  115. "What? No..it's...wait..."
  116. >You stop dead in your tracks when you realize Pinkie was suddenly following you. You stop so suddenly she trips over your, falls onto her back, and then looks back at you with a smile "Whoopsie!" She giggled
  117. >When did she?...And did she just.....no
  118. "U-uhhh, Hi Ponk. Are you alright?"
  119. >"Yep, I guess you can say when I saw you, I flipped!" She giggle snorted before getting up and brushing herself off.
  120. >You chuckle nervously, trying to figure out what she meant.
  121. "Cool, cool. Erm, Ponk...did you say "Hero Colt" stuff?"
  122. >She shook her head "Nope!"
  123. >...oh good. What a relief
  124. >"I said "Super Secret Hero Colt Type Stuff". There's a biiiiiiiiig difference," She said with a cheerful smile
  125. >.......oh god no...NONONONO
  126. "Ponk, P-Ponk. W-what exactly do you mean by that?"
  127. >She couldn't possibly mean...
  128. >"I mean your super cool dimensional adventure thing all the foals have been talking about. Your sister was around a little while ago and telling everypony about it. It was a really neat story. Though, I wish she coulda stayed. The moment she noticed me she left. As if she was trying to avoid me. It was weird. It was like she was afraid of me or something. Weird right?" She did seem rather concerned about that. Of course she would be when she wants to throw that party so bad. But goddammit, word already fucking spread.
  129. >Then again...she wasn't acting super surprised. Did she even believe it happened?
  130. "Oh, she's just being shy about that party. Which is why I was looking for you Ponk."
  132. >"Really?! Yeahhhh!" Pinkie hopped up in excitement. "That's great because I have no idea where to start! You wouldn't believe how much trouble I've had Nonny! I don't even know what kind of cake to make for her because she doesn't like..like...any kind of cake."
  133. >Although still nervous, you couldn't help but chuckle as you already felt your plan coming to fruition.
  134. "Oh, that's because she likes cheesefilled coffee crumb cake"
  135. >".....OF COURSE!" Pinkie tensed up before springing up in excitement "Of course Nymy would like Cheese filled Coffee Crumb Cake, There's so many Cs in it that nopony could resist it's yummy goodness!" Pinkie rubs her hooves together like some evil villain before looking to you with spritely cheeriness "Thank you so much Nonny! Now I know where to begin and-"
  136. >You interrupt her. You didn't want her to suddenly go zipping off. If she knew about the whole dimensional thing then you wanted to know what she knew. Because you found it strange she wasn't asking more about it. Then you'd move on to party planning.
  137. "Woah woah. Ponk slow down. There's more to my sister than just cake. Look, I'll help you plan out certain things for her. Because trust me, she isn't like anypony you have ever hosted a party for before. But before we get to that....Can I get a little more detail on that thing you mentioned about me saving another dimension?"
  138. >"Huh? Why? Wouldn't you know everything about that Nonny? I mean, it is true isn't it? Twilight thought so after she looked at all that cool stuff."
  140. >D-dammit Chrysalis
  141. "N-no, I mean. I-I thought you'd be asking more questions about it and stuff. And be super amazed."
  143. >"Huh? Well...It is super neat. But you've always seemed like a nice colt to me Nonny, and considering your Discord's kid. Yep, seemed normal to me. But Twilight? She was all like "WHAT?! HOW COULD DISCORD BE SO RECKLESS!" or something like that. I dunno. I would think your dad wouldn't REALLY put you in super dangerous danger. Right?" Pinkie looked to you with a sort of soft worry. As if she suddenly realized that maybe, it could be serious.
  144. "Huh? Oh..nah. I was never really in any danger...e-erm. Well..what did Twilight do after she found out?"
  145. >"Oh, she went over to Fluttershy's. But I guess she was out because Twilight never came back. She's probably there waiting or something." Pinkie informed you
  146. >Oh no...That's where Discord and Fluttershy were at right now. Holy fuck. Even if Discord wanted to one up Twilight. There would be no way Fluttershy would be ok with this. There was going to be trouble.
  147. >But then there was the party...dammit. DAMMIT. If you leave now, you wouldn't get another shot if Pinkie went to plan things on her own.
  148. >So many obstacles. So much fucking garbage. You could feel your head splitting.
  149. >Should you go now? Maybe, with your horn..you could...
  150. "NO!"
  151. >Pinkie jumped back in surprise as you yelled out in frustration "N-nonny? A-are you ok?"
  152. >You had to take a moment. You were breathing. When you looked at Pinkie. the expression on your face was of frustration and anger.
  153. >"N-nonny?"
  155. >....If Chrysalis did want you to get angry at ponies just being aggravating. Right now, she was doing a good job. Or was, because there before you stood Ponk. Who cared not for your exploits. She only cared about her friends, you, and giving Chrysalis a good time. It was ponies that were like that. Like Starlight, DT, the CMC...Fluttershy...yeah.
  156. >Just go with your plan. You can't let Chrysalis have this. Just stick with it, you knew in the end. It would be worth it.
  157. >Your mind was still burning. And even though you barely knew Pinkie personally. You knew she cared. You knew from the show just how much of a big heart she had. If anything...you were glad she was the one who told you rather than Twilight. You may have not been able to reel back as easily. Even if Fluttershy was there, She probably wouldn't have been in a good mood. Hell, she probably isn't right now.
  158. >Yeah, just stick with it, then deal with it as it goes along.
  159. >You put on a big smile and wink at Pinkie.
  160. "Gotcha...pretty realistic huh? Been working on my act to trick badguys."
  161. >".....wooooah. That was really really good!" Pinkie smiled and clapped "You really got me Nonny, I thought something bad happened."
  162. "No Ponk, just wanted to try something out on you. Was it really that good?"
  163. >Of course you were lying. But you didn't want her to worry.
  164. >"Perferific!" She cheered "If I was a badguy, I would have thought something was really bothering you."
  165. "Yeah...so...The party. Let's get back to that real quick. So besides the cake, do you think you could make it a super secret party? Like...one she could never EVER see coming?"
  166. >"Yeah...but why? Your Aunt told me....hehe" she giggled to herself "I called Fluttershy "Your Aunt"...that feels silly...but yeah. She told me Nymy was pretty shy and stuff. Do you think that's a good idea?"
  167. >Oh yeah...super yes.
  169. "Totally, just imagine how happy she'll be when she gets to talk and meet all the new friends she is going to have. And the fact she won't see it coming? It'll just be ridiculous. She won't know what to do with herself because she'll be so happy."
  170. >"Well, she is your sister. If that's what you think is best then I'll make it happen! How does tomorrow night at Twilight's castle sound?" Pinkie asked
  171. >....tomorrow? That quick?
  172. "You can make it happen that fast?"
  173. >"Yup, It didn't even take me a day to set up the party for Twilight. Trust me, when it comes to parties. I'm your gal!" She pointed to herself with pride "Especially surprise parties."
  174. >Good...good..yes! There was some hope after all. But, your worry for about what was going on at the cottage was growing by the second. You had to wrap this up.
  175. "Ok ok, good. Then I can bring her to the castle no problem. Oh, and if my Aunt is telling you how frail she is. Then, well...you gotta invite her last. Ok? I think my aunt might try to tell her there's a party if she knew sooner than later. I mean, it's my aunt being nice and all. But, sometimes...it needs to stay a surprise. You know what I'm saying?"
  176. >"I getcha Nonny. For the sake of maximum fun,smiles,and friendship" Pinkie saluted, with a serious look on her face, like a soldier "You can count on this pink party planner to plan this party with perfect perfection!"
  177. >...Pinkie. She cares so damn much. She doesn't know who Nymous truly is. But she didn't need to. She saw her as a pony who needed a smile. And that's exactly what she'd try to give her.
  178. >And so, you had to make sure she had no ways of escaping it. With two charges? It'd be no problem.
  179. >...Ponk...
  181. >You give her a big hug and thank her. Really,without her cheeriness and her not giving a shit about your herodom. You may have snapped.
  182. >Pinkie may have not understood what you were truly feeling. But if she could help you smile. Then thats all she cared about. As she hugged you, she assured you that everything would go according to plan. And she would work hard on making sure your sister left with a big smile on her face. All you had to do was bring her just after sunset.
  183. >Well, this was a lot easier to set up than you thought it'd be.
  184. >So, you went off to Fluttershy's...well...you almost did. Until Pinkie stopped you for one thing.
  185. >"oh! Oh! Nonny! Can I ask you oonnnneee thing? Please please please?" She was hopping about. Whatever question she had. It must have been important.
  186. "Yeah, Ponk?"
  187. >"I just wanna know. Was there another me in that other Equestria? If there was, What did she do? I'm realllly curious!"
  188. >Oh..oh right...ok. Yeah, it would be a bad thing if you told her what she was BEFORE you rescued her...so
  189. "You were this rich owner of this party place."
  190. >"Wooooah! that's neato! hrnnnn..." Pinkie sat there as she thought about it "I wonder if I'd give myself a discount..."
  191. >You giggle at that. That's pretty cute
  192. "I'm pretty sure you would Ponk. Super sure."
  193. >You really were.
  194. >With another hug, you went your seperate ways. You had to get to that cottage the fastest way possible. Of course, that just meant jumping through puddles.
  195. >In fact....
  197. >As you hop into your room. The X-captain was still outside the window. Waiting for you.
  199. >And then you shut the door of your portal door after setting it to the cottage
  200. >"E...e-.......REEEEEEE! WHY DOES NOPONY TAKE ME SERIOUSLY?!" He screams out, alone in the void.
  201. >You really hope Twilight wasn't going off the handle. You didn't need this shit.
  203. >Unfortunately, as you appear before the door of the cottage. It seems the argument was already underway.
  204. >"PARENTING CLASSES!" You hear Discord shout from the other side of the door
  205. >Ewwghhh...probably best to scope things out before entering. So you go by the window and peer inside.
  206. >Discord looked pretty frustrated.
  207. >Fluttershy and Twilight were sitting on the sofa. Both of them giving him a stern look. Poor guy, looks like he couldn't manipulate the situation to his advantage this time.
  208. >"Yes Discord, parenting classes. Do you not understand why? Even after we explained it to you?!" Twilight seemed exasperated with him already
  209. >"Pfft, how can I understand it when it's so ridiculous. Fluttershy...my dear Fluttershy." Discord slinks over to her and holds her by her hoof as he gives her huge puppy dog eyes. "You know I'm a good father, don't you?"
  210. >"I do" Fluttershy, despite saying that. Still was giving him the tough stern expression.
  211. >Discord looks to Twilight and sticks his tongue out to taunt her "See? Utterly ridiculous"
  212. >Fluttershy then pulls her hoof away. "Discord, I said that you're a good father, But that doesn't mean what you did or even doing is right. You know what happened to Anon today. It's because of the things that goes on behind our back that causes ponies like that no good Good News to come and bother Anon. Do you know how terrifying it was to see him unable to move? Didn't you feel scared that something happened to him?"
  213. >"I..." Discord slowly backed off, trying to resist some of the now apparent consequences of both your actions. "I...was scared...but come on. He's the hero colt! Are you saying it's bad that he saved an entire world? Albiet not this one, but still. He received praise from Princess Celestia herself...from that world....look, the point is he's a hero. How could you berate me after giving him that chance? He had fun, he's proud of it. What gives?""
  215. >"Discord...." Twilight took a moment to compose herself, she didn't seem to want to get too angry. She wanted to keep a cool head. "We're not saying we're not proud of him. What Anon did? That's amazing, and I mean it. Enough for me to want to do a study on, because well..Another Equestria?" She chuckled, getting a little nerdy "How could I not follow up on that?"
  216. >"Twilight..." Fluttershy was definitely in no nonsense mode. Both towards Discord and Twilight.
  217. >"Ahrm right. As I was saying. We're proud of Anon. But that doesn't excuse you putting his life in danger. And from the sounds of it, he was in danger for a lot of the time he was there. Discord, you seem to treat him like he was a friend that you spend time with instead of your son who you need to guide and nurture. There's nothing wrong with a little fun. But he's too young for things like that, and the kind of attention he gets for it isn't good at all. That's why you need to go to parenting classes. We are trying to be reasonable here. Can't you see that?" Twilight felt she knew that Discord had been doing a good job for the most part. And despite dimension travel being a big deal. She was trying to see him as a friend. She was doing her best to get him to see reason.
  218. >"Reasonable? Hmph...I refuse. It's not like you can do anything about it. He's MY son" Discord wasn't budging
  219. >"...mmnngh, Discord" Twilight was getting aggravated with his resistance. "I'm doing my best here. but it's either that or you give him up to Fluttershy. And that would mean all you can do is visit him...thats it. You would not be allowed to do anything else but visit and talk."
  220. >"......" Discord was silent. At first you thought it was weird. You thought he would explode at such an ultimatum. But he seemed scared. Frightened. Could he do nothing?...or rather..would he not do anything to Fluttershy to get you back.
  222. >"Discord..." Fluttershy walked over to him and gave him a gentle hug "I know you want Anon to be free and have fun. But you need to set limits for him. You need to guide him. You can't let him do whatever he wants. And you can't take him to such dangerous places. It really is amazing that he managed to save a world. I'm very very proud of him. But...after today.." Fluttershy sighed "I'd really rather he just do normal things like any normal colt would. I don't want to take him from you Discord. I just want you to do what Twilight is asking. I want you to be father and son." She looks up into his eyes, she was sad. She agreed with Twilight, but she didn't want to hurt him either. She didn't want to be mad at him. She hoped he wouldn't give her a reason to. "I know you can do it. It's not as if you have to stop doing what you do with him...we just don't want you doing dangerous things with him, that's all."
  223. >Discord was shaking. What could you do? You missed when this travesty started and going in now would just cause more problems. You could only watch as he buckles to Fluttershy's pleas. Deep inside, you wondered who he was more angry with. Twilight or Chrysalis.
  224. >"Discord, I think we're being more than fair. If you care about Anon. If you care about Nymous. You'll take the classes. All you need to do is pass and thats it. I feel that once you pass, you'll understand what it means to be a father as well as a friend to Anon and Nymous." Fluttershy nuzzles into his side "Please...?" She looks up at him with big sad eyes.
  226. >Discord was gripping his paws and talons tightly. Oh yeah, the burning in his eyes? He probably wanted Chrysalis's head on a pike. You could see him get more visibly angry with each mention of "Nymous". But even then, he couldn't shout out the truth of it. Or get angry at Fluttershy...or even Twilight. He gave up, and fell back on the chair. defeated. "....Ok, for you Fluttershy. I'll take these classes. But..." He looks over to Twilight. Twilight stood at the ready. She wouldn't falter. And Discord could most definitely see it. "I still reserve the right to at least have some fun within this dimension with my son....and daughter."
  227. >"Discord, you do know that depends right? Things like what happened at the school are things I can't allow. As Princess, I can't just let you rum amok like that" Twilight told him. Holding her ground.
  228. >"Oh, I figured you'd say something like that Twilight my dear. I suppose me agreeing to these classes simply isn't enough for you. But you see, you seem to forget what my son's cutie mark is. Chaos is his destiny, it's what his very mark is telling him. In fact, given his current streak, It's safe to say that, as much as I don't really care for it too much, that his brand of chaos might be beneficial to pony kind. No, actually..I retract that statement. IT IS beneficial to ponykind. He's helped and saved ponies who were in trouble or was in need. Selflessly, no matter the danger, even if the danger found him first. That being said, you at least must compromise on the fact that learning to fully understand his cutie mark is a must. And that would mean that some of my...more unorthodox methods of being a parent is important." Discord's final gambit. He was trying to gain some ground on this battle.
  229. >"...." Fluttershy stopped for a moment to think about that "Well, a-as much as I don't like him being in danger. It's true that sometimes it does just happen..."
  231. >"Are you saying you want to help him find his way?" Twilight felt something about this was off. But it was hard for her to argue it when sometimes danger did just happen. And your cutie mark? How could she argue against a cutie mark that she couldn't begin to understand? Still, there was a limit.
  232. >"Exactly" Discord started to feel a little more confident now. Discord magically made a ball of clay and started to mold it into a stallion version of you "I just want to raise Anon to be the best that he can be...." He holds the sculpture out on his paw and grins "Nymous? Well, I can perfectly comply with her. Chaos isn't in her genes and I think I've been doing a good job with her despite us not being together long. But Anon and I? We have this special bond. It may not look it to you Twilight, but if faced with having the choice of him or conquering Equestria. I'd choose him. And that's why I'll comply. But...I still am going to do what I think is best. But, interdimensional travel won't be one of them."
  233. >"But you won't overdo it...right Discord? As in, what you have planned will be safe from now on?" Fluttershy didn't want Twilight to get angry. She wanted to hear this from him.
  234. >"O-oh, of course. I only got overzealous before because of how skilled he turned out to be. Chaos can be safe too you know. That's why you wanted him to have that second use of his horn, correct? So he can defend himself in a more consistent and safe manner." Discord put his paw on Fluttershy's head and gave it a rub. To assure her things were fine. She nodded to his question.
  235. >"Hmmmmmm...well, I think we're done here then. I'm sure you'll have more of an understanding of being a parent when you actually attend the classes. But just remember, you need to pass them too. And if you don't, you'll have to retake them until you do." Twilight told him, utterly serious about it.
  237. >"Yes yes.....fine, I'll even sign up for them tomorrow morning if you want." Discord crossed his arms, annoyed that she was pressing him that much.
  238. >"That's fine Discord. And..thank you for understanding. We just want what's best for Anon and for you. That's all" Twilight tried to explain this to him.
  239. >But Discord just rolled his eyes and let out a silent "..Sure you are"
  240. >Fluttershy gave him a gentle hug to help calm his nerves and show that she cared "Don't worry Discord, it won't be as bad as you think, and we'll all be there as a family. It's not something you have to do alone."
  241. >...as a family? All four of you..Chrysalis too? Stuck....in a class...
  242. >ooohhh.....oh wait.
  243. >...maybe, for what you were trying to do. That wouldn't be so bad.
  244. >...oh yes...the gears..they were a turnin'.
  245. >Maybe you could take advantage of this to further show Chrysalis the importance of the magic of friendship.
  246. >"I appreciate it Fluttershy, I really do...but.." He gives her a gentle hug and puts her down "I must be off now. I need some time to....process....what has gone on here. Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be fine, I just need to rework my schedule is all. Very time consuming work."
  247. >"Discord...please don't be angry." She could sense his frustration and anger.
  248. >"Angry? Oh hoho, I'm not angry. Why would I be angry? Everything is just fine. I agreed to it didn't I? I don't mind it. And in fact, I can't wait. So angry?..oh no, I'm just....fine."
  249. >Fluttershy didn't respond to that. She didn't know what to say...she just wanted him to understand. She felt, that most likely, he didn't.
  250. >But Discord would stick around no loner. He bid them both adieu and left through the front door before even Twilight could say something.
  252. >Discord, he stood there at the front of the door for a moment, his whole body tensing up as he mumbled "Parenting classes..puh..what for? I'm the lord of chaos. The LORD of chaos. I'm above such things...why did she have to come tell Fluttershy about it anyway?...grrrr..that Chrysssssiiii"
  253. >Discord then snapped his fingers. And before you knew it. You went from behind the window to in front of him. Floating in mid air....head down.
  254. >You fell onto the ground, smacked onto your head, and rolled onto your back.
  255. >"...Anon, glad you could make it. We need to have a little chat...privately"
  256. >He snapped his talons again. Making you both appear in Cheerilee's classroom. It was empty. No teacher, no student.
  257. >Discord had you appear at a seat as he appeared on a chair behind the teacher's desk, his legs up on the table. "Anon, don't think I didn't notice you at the window. Eavesdropping? Well..." Discord chuckled "I'm actually glad you did. Because if you hadn't realized it by now. Our buggy little roommate just made a biiiiig mistake..and so..." Discord points to the blackboard. Making the letters "REVENGE TIME" Appear.
  258. >"I'm looking for any and all suggestions on showing her what's what. And please...don't defend her. I'm sooooo not in the mood for it right now. And do take your time, you have plenty of it before you need to arrive at Fluttershy's" Discord was looking pretty serious about this.
  259. >After seeing Discord having to suffer due to Chrysalis's little power move. You couldn't blame him for wanting to exact some vengeance. And maybe....through your cunning and knowing of how cartoons typically work. You could work this into your grandmaster plan. Seeing Discord taken down by Chrysalis' power move made you feel for the guy. You wanted to hep him exact revenge. And you think you knew exactly how.
  261. >You take a moment to make yourself comfortable on your seat and think about what you're going to say. Chrysalis, she really had gone too far this time.
  262. "Revenge plan, Revenge...plan. Discord, You know what I'm trying to do with Chrysalis, right?"
  263. >Discord groaned, displeased by that statement "Oh, don't tell me that little "game" you're playing is preventing you from exacting vengeance. Anon, did you see what happened?! Fluttershy didn't agree with me! That's the most heinous act there can ever be in this world!"
  264. >You hold out your hoof to signal to stop where he was. He was jumping to conclusions.
  265. "Now hold on. I didn't say I want revenge. Revenge will definitely happen. But, it has to be in a way that will help speed things along for me. I need her to reform Discord, and pissing her off just to piss her off isn't going to help me."
  266. >"Revenge, and yet you want it mixed with reforming her." Discord appears in a scientist's coat as he mixes two liquids into a beaker. causing a small nuclear explosion that burns off his entire head. His body then shrugs as his skull slowly reforms. "It doesn't work like that Anon. It just doesn't mix right"
  267. >You chuckle, then smirk arrogantly at him.
  268. "No, ok. Get this oh doubtful god of yucks. Pinkie is throwing her a "Welcome to Ponyville" party tomorrow. A party I'm going to lure her into and then lock her inside to experience every second of it. See where I'm going with this?"
  269. >Discord's skin fully reforms into an unamused stoic look. "....no"
  270. >ugh, of course. He wasn't well versed in cartoons as you were. despite essentially being one.
  272. "Look, Chrysalis is a villain who is one dimensional in a lot of places. She especially..ESPECIALLY...hates the kindness of ponies despite needing it to feed. She'll used underhoofed tactics and try to stay away from the main event as long as possible while hyping everypony else up for it before going in for the love feast. Buut. What if she couldn't stay away from the main event? What if she had to endure every second, every agonizing moment, with the ponies that celebrate love,cheer, and good will? Look, I'm hoping that all actually rubs off on her. But, I also think we can use it to have a little fun with her too. Get what I'm saying? Since it would make sense you'd be invited. You could pull off subtle, yet highly deliciously annoying tricks of your own while I make sure she stays put. Pretty good eh?"
  273. >Discord put the flats of his talons and paws together as he pondered, then pointed towards you with a serious look on his face. "And how can I pull this off? With everypony there, I'd think my shenanigans would be noticed at some point."
  274. >Your grin becomes more of a cute, innocent smile.
  275. "Not if yer wuving son helps out..."
  276. >You sigh, and look at Discord with a softer and happier grin.
  277. "Look, I'll get your back if you don't overdo it. And, I'll speak out for you. I'll do a whole speech in front of everypony about how great a dad you are. Because Discord, you're one of the best."
  278. >Discord flinched from those words. Putting a paw to his heart, a few drips of ice falling from his eyes. "Anon...That's.That really...What I mean is...Oh..Anon....A-..wait" Discord then cocks his eyebrow at you "ONE of the best? Really?"
  279. >Dammit, you just start laughing for a moment
  280. "Yep, and that's all there is to that"
  282. >Discord actually does take a moment to process that. At first, it hurt him. But he quickly began to realize that it shouldn't mean anything. That the only thing it did mean...is that he had a great chaos partner and friend. And so, he grinned, got up, walked over to you and held up his paw. "Anon, I approve. I approve of everything. So, why don't you...as the humans say. "Gimme five" "
  283. >you give a genuine happy smile as you slap your hoof into his paw.
  284. "Yeah!"
  285. >You let out in a prideful and cheerful away
  286. >"So then, we simply trap the bug in a trap of love and happiness. I do have to admit. That is very very annoying. But, I can't say I don't love it. And then perhaps...well, you're willing to listen to my plans. Right?" Oh, he had an insidious grin on. And for once, you liked it.
  287. "Go on my chaos bro."
  288. >"indeed my son of dissonance, So. We also have the parental classes to deal with. I was thinking..and I'd need you to go along with this..But, what if we made things difficult for young "Nymous"..ohhhh" He turns around as he rolls along his paw to emphasize something "I don't know, perhaps...clumsy little accidents on her part."
  289. "Go on"
  290. >Discord chuckled, he did enjoy the fact that you were totally with him on this. "Well, basically. I hate the idea, but Twilight is soooo set on it. As is Fluttershy. So if I have to attend these classes, I'm going to have to have a way to stay awake so I don't fail. So, a little prat fall here. A few happy little hugs there in an overabundance, a few...humiliations. But to be able to do all this, I'd need a little friend to cover my tracks for me. To follow along without needing instruction."
  291. >You lean back on the chair as you chuckle, totally understanding what he meant.
  292. "I got your back. But, you can do it where Nopony, not even Fluttershy will notice?"
  294. >"For this little endeavor, I'm only as good as my partner." Discord gives you a little nod. At this moment, you both felt in sync with eachother, in sync with the very nature of chaos.
  295. >Discord then walks over to the blackboard as it begins to write itself. He gets a yardstick and starts pointing at the words that appear that were spelling out the plan. "Alright class, to review. Tomorrow we shall initiate a plan to both workover Chryssie to the side of good while also making her go bananas. And then, we shall enact my plan later on to make her banana go split. Any questions?"
  296. "Nope, I got this."
  297. >Discord gave you a warm smile as he tossed away the yardstick "I know you do partner...and..I must admit. I am surprised we managed to work this out so well....and" He sighs, his tone becoming more caring and docile "I do hope Chryssie sees, even by a little, what good ponies have to offer. Not that I care about her. It's merely for your sake. Because Anon, I reeeeaaaallly want that vengeance."
  298. "Thanks Discord...and don't worry ok? I got your back. I'll even soften things up with Fluttershy for you when I go see her. How does that sound?"
  299. >"Oh Anon...now you're just trying to make me cry." Discord made a handkerchief appear, with three familiar diamonds on it as he wipes his eyes and blows his nose and makes it poofs away
  300. "...did you just use Rarity's handkerchief to blow your nose?"
  301. >"Is that a problem?"
  302. "Errr...no. But uh, Discord. One last thing...The X-captain guy came back and he's sorta annoying. Can't we do something about him?"
  303. >"Hmm? Oh yes, he did come back..didn't he?" Discord didn't really seem to care either way. He pondered on it for a second then looked towards you, wondering something "Did you try closing the blinds? They cancel noise you know"
  304. "Ahhh fuck man. I didn't know that. Huh, I'll give that a try next time I go into my room"
  305. >"Well, you do. I can assure you, it will work."
  307. "I beleive you. It's just. geez, he just doesn't know when to fuck off. Whatever, if closing the blinds will do it then I'll just do that."
  308. >Witht he plans settled, and you now knowing how to shut out the annoying X-captain. You and Discord give eachother a big hug. Today...today all this chaos that Chrysalis brought to the both of you brought you both together..in fact. It made you think of one more thing.
  309. "...Uhm, you do know we have to act as if we're pissed off about the whole thing right? Because you know she'll want to rub it in our faces."
  310. >"Yes yes, I've feigned my emotions before" Discord says with exasperation
  311. "Juuust checking. Alright then, let's do this!...soon..when it happens"
  312. >Discord chuckles as he raises his talons "Don't worry Anon...ahh wait" He puts them down to ask a question of his own. "Anon, you are smarter than I ever have given you credit for. Why don't you use that knowledge for something, as Fluttershy would say, constructive and beneficial."
  313. "I guess I could, I wonder how Princess Celestia would feel if I asked her about making like..guns. Because I think most of the villains of this world that are really evil could be dealt with with guns."
  314. >Discord's positiveness over your intellect quickly drops. Even he knew that introducing guns in Equestria would be catastrophic in a way even he wouldn't want. "...eh...never mind. Forget I said anything. Just focus your efforts on being my son."
  315. "...was it that bad an idea?"
  317. >"..Do you even need to ask? Or do you really want to see what a cluster of enraged yaks could do with assault rifles?Because they could easily get those if they wanted" Discord just...he really was baffled at how stupid your idea sounded.
  318. "....ok, yeah. I see...what you mean...hehe..huh."
  319. >..ergh...way to fuck up Anon.
  320. >But Discord doesn't seem to take it too seriously. He gives you an encouraging pat on the head. a Smile. and wishes you good luck as he teleports you to Fluttershy's door. You yourself reassuring him that you'd do everything you could to ease Fluttershy's mind about what just happened.
  322. >You raise your hoof to knock. Only taking a moment to bask in the silence of the dusk before actually knocking.
  323. >The door opens, revealing Fluttershy. At first, she seemed worried. But she quickly put on a smile and greeted you before letting you inside and giving you a hug. Of course. You return it all in kind.
  324. >"How are you doing Anon? Fluttershy asks cheerfully as she walks over to her stove. There was nothing really cooking it seems. She just had the food she was going to serve you on a plate on top of the....oh no...Dinner was that same breakfast shit.
  325. "I'm doing pretty good Aunt Fluttershy. How are you?"
  326. >"Oh..I'm doing fine. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about a few things Anon. But first!" She places the plate on the table and goes to get you a glass of juice "Eat up! You must be hungry. I made more of that healthy food from breakfast for you. I think this is the real thing that helped you recover in the hospital so quickly. So I know that once you eat it all up. Anything left from your sickness or that nasty Cockatrice weed will be out of your system in no time for sure" She was so happy to say that, and ecstatic to know you'd be healthy upon eating it. Though...the problem was eating it.
  327. >But you were a man...A MAN....A.....goddammit it was sooo gross.
  328. >You suck up some air, and holds your breath as you begin to quickly dig in and eat and slurp it all up. The faster, the better, the quicker its gone.
  329. >When Fluttershy notices you devouring the food, she couldn't help but smile, but also be a little motherly as she puts your juice next to the plate and taps your head. "Anon, goodness, you sure were hungry. But you should slow down or you might....oh..it's...all gone. Wow!"
  330. >Death...all you could wish for...was death.
  331. >You quickly grab the glass and scarf down the juice and take a breath of relief...the nightmare was over.
  332. "...N-no p-p-problem Aunt F-fluttershy...i-it's a lot better than I remember i-it"
  334. >"Oh?" Fluttershy didn't expect that. But, she did prepare more for you in case you were still hungry. "If you're still hungry I still have-"
  335. "NOPE! I'M FULL! HAHAHAHAHAH! oh..my tummy..ow"
  336. >You pretend the fall over, and give your tummy a rub. Fluttershy gets stern with you as she walks back up to you to give your tummy a rub "Anon, this is why we don't eat our food so fast." She sighed "Things like this is what your father should be teaching you and preventing from happening....actually Anon, that's a big reason why I want to talk to you..." She continues to rub your tummy as she spoke..it felt so nice that you just sort of tensed for a moment before relaxing. When she noticed you were calm she asked you with a smile "Better?"
  337. "Mhmmm"
  338. >Even if you had the tummy ache. That tummy rub was too good not to answer with anything but yes.
  339. >"Good..I'm glad. But remember, don't eat your food too fast or else you'll just end up getting another tummy ache. And next time, it might not go away so quickly....Anon" She sighed as she moved her hoof to the top of your head and began to gently rub as she became less peppy and more concerned. "...I heard about something interesting today"
  340. >...here it comes.
  341. >you look to her with a false but innocent expression of ignorance
  342. "Does it have to do with that big reason you want to talk to me?"
  343. >You didn't move from laying on your back. you just layed there. staring.
  344. >"Yes" She nods, she was speaking in a soft but concerned tone. She didn't want to upset you or get you riled up. "I heard about you going to another dimension...Another Equestria"
  345. >You had to do this right. You gave Discord your word that you would smooth things out for him.
  346. >So you give her a big cheery smile
  348. "Oh yeah! I remember that. It was fun! And I managed to do a good thing. In the other Equestria, everypony was sad, and Princess Celestia...she was suffering...no"
  349. >You look to the side, looking aimlessly forward, actually the thought of it did make you a little depressed. Which was fine, it helped make it more real.
  350. "Everypony was suffering....even you were Aunt Fluttershy. I...I had to do something. Dad was willing to pull me out at any time...but...I just couldn't"
  351. >Fluttershy only had the details from what Twilight had said. And, she had no idea it was that bad. But still..alone?..another dimension? She now was feeling conflicted. How could she tell you it was dangerous and that Discord was wrong when she hears something like that?
  352. >"E-erm...suffering?" She asked
  353. "Mhmm, there were foals too...they were all slaves. Nopony liked one another and yelled at each other. Princess Celestia was alone, with no family, and only one friend....I was scared for her, she didn't realize some of her friends that she did talk to were all imaginary..."
  354. >"O-oh..." Fluttershy gulped, what could she say now. And the fact you had to witness all that? And yet saved it? She didn't know whether to feel proud or feel that things were taken too far. "Anon..."
  355. "I-is something the matter Aunt Fluttershy?"
  357. >"...." A whole world. A whole world that sounded absolutely dreadful. Saved by her nephew. Discord had somehow managed to raise this colt in such a short time to be brave,bold, and a true protector to pony kind using the power of chaos. And yet, she still had that nagging fear for his safety. She felt all it would take is one slip up...and he'd be gone. But, if she said anything wrong. It would make you thinks he was heartless as to not care for the accomplishment you managed to gain. "Anon...I'm...very proud. I, I didn't know it was like that. I didn't know it was that terrible over there. In my eyes, you really are a hero colt. But...that's just it. You are still a colt. You're still growing. And just like with what happened today. You could find yourself in a situation where you can get hurt...or worse. Anon, I think your father went too far. I think you're too used to trying to be a hero when you're too young to be doing it. It'd be safer if you just tried to lead a normal colt's life. That's why we'll all be going to parenting class soon. So we can all learn to be a proper and functional family. And so your father will be able to guide you to be the pony you were meant to be"
  358. >That's the best she could think of without making your efforts seem worthless.
  359. >...But she couldn't be more wrong.
  361. "Aunt Fluttershy...Look. I know that what my Dad does sometimes isn't what a Dad should do. Or maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. But, what I do know is that Dad believes in me. He tells me all the time how great I am and how much I mean to him. He was one of the first to ever believe in me, trust in me, and love me for who I am. I've seen him get scared when I get hurt. And I know that if anything did happen. He would have saved me. But it didn't...because he trusts me. I think he trusts me more than any other pony ever. So, I never want to let him down. Just like, he never wants to let you down or me down. Dad is more than a Dad to me. He's my best friend. And, I'd rather be a brave colt. One who stands for justice and friendship with the power of chaos. Than a colt who just....is. That's how I feel, that's. That's what I feel my Cutie Mark is telling me. I know sometimes it's dangerous. I know I shouldn't be doing it. but if I don't...then who will? I just want to protect everypony, and make everypony happy. Dad taught me that...Dad taught me that the most important thing ever is a world where everypony can be happy and safe."
  362. >Fluttershy couldn't say anything. She just...stared. She couldn't argue it. And it just...was so good and righteous. Why would she? The only thing she could thing to ask was "A-Anon, do you really believe that? Is that all true?"
  363. >You nod with a smile
  364. "Mhmm..I mean, there's a few pranks here and there sometimes. But that's what I honestly believable. It's not about being a hero colt. It's about protecting everypony I care about. And that means you, Dad, and all my friends and everypony inbetween"
  366. >Fluttershy couldn't believe it.For all she knew. That really was what Discord taught you. It was so grand, it was so well meaning. it threw her into a battlefield of conflicted thoughts. How could she dismiss your feelings now? She couldn't tell you you were wrong. What you said was so selfless that it filled her heart with joy. She felt so proud of you. So proud of Discord. And yet...Twilight...what she said. She couldn't just dismiss it...Here she thought that maybe Discord wasn't teaching you the right values. But then, there it was, clear as day that you were the good ittle colt she thought you were. And yet...it was still dangerous
  367. >Fluttershy sat upright. And held her hooves open for you "Anon..come here..."
  368. >Did she understand? did she not? You had to admit. hearing yourself talk. it was putting tears in your eyes. Because, you felt. in your heart. it was true.
  369. >You slowly approach Fluttershy and nestle yourself into her embrace.
  370. "I don't want Dad to change Aunt Fluttershy...I like him, I like what he does for me. He believes in me. And he keeps me safe and happy."
  371. >He did, for the most part. If you asked him. He'd probably get rid of Chrysalis. She was mostly your fault at this point. Discord never really means to put you in real danger. And when he does, he usually gives you enough power or leeway to make it out alive. And of course. There was the fact he cared. He cared deeply about you. for Fluttershy. For what he considered his family.
  373. >You were both silently crying at this point. Emotions were too high. For you, it was the fact that you felt he didn't deserve this. It was Chrysalis's fault. For Fluttershy? It was because in the end. He was a great, very great, awesomely great dad. She could only think of one thing to say. "Anon, t-these classes? They aren't meant to change your father. It's just to help him, to help us. It's just to make things safer for you. That's all. Nopony thinks your father is doing anything bad. I'd just like it if things were safer from now on...that's all. I'm so proud...I'm proud of the both of you. And I know, once your sister gets settled in. That we'll all be one big happy family. You have no idea how much I care about your father. I'm not mad at him. I just don't want anypony else to be mad at him. I already know he's a great father. I just want him to be even greater"
  374. >you'd accept that. But you couldn't stop sobbing. The moment was too much for you. Your words? Your feelings? You were afraid. You were afraid for Discord more than anything else. You didn't want him to be forced to change. to become more orderly. He just couldn't do it. You also didn't want to be torn away from him. Even if it was only just living with Fluttershy. But also, you couldn't let that happen. Because if you went...so did "Nymous". And for all you knew, she could eventually break Discord's curse if he wasn't around to fully maintain it. No..all this? All of this...had to be maintained. For Discord's sake. Maybe he did need a few parenting lessons...but that was it. And surely...Fluttershy understood that now.
  376. >As for Fluttershy. She cried. But tried to hide it as she slowly hovered upwards and went up the stairs holding you. Taking you to bed with her as she nuzzled and cuddled you. And again, opened her wing for you as she adjusted herself to her belly so you could cuddle under and use as a blanket as you set yourself gently pressing along her side. All the while, in her thoughts, happy that any negative thoughts she did have about Discord was all wrong. And that she'd let Twilight know tomorrow how she felt. The lessons would still happen. But only to improve Discord's parenting. Not utterly change it. If he really was that bad a parent. He would have never given you that second charge to defend yourself. She kept that in mind. as she held you close with her wing.
  377. >"I love you Anon...forever and ever" She says in a gentle sweet voice
  378. "I love you too Aunt Fluttershy...thanks..for hearing me out"
  379. >things were going your way. Even if it did get at your heart. This was how it needed to be. You only had one real obstacle left.
  380. >Chrysalis....you knew this wouldn't fully work. But goddammit, it had to be enough to at least push her in the right direction.
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