Daylily's wilderness adventure 2

Feb 1st, 2017
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  1. >You sprint into a gallop towards the bog-timber wolves as the three fly-able stallions follow suit
  2. “Everypony spread on my mark!”
  3. >Just as you are about to run into them you take a sharp turn left, aided by your healthy wing, and the stallions go each into random directions as well
  4. >You look back as you run and find that 3 of the wolves came after you and for some reason Butterknife and Lockpick ended up going in the same direction, all 5 of the wolves going after the two with Sneak flying in pursuit to help his friends
  5. >You just hope they’ll think of something or manage to hold out long enough, you’ve got your hooves full avoiding the wooden maws and claws of these three wolves
  6. >Or so you thought, is it just you or is this super easy?
  7. >You keep hopping around dodging any attack that comes at you with ease
  8. >And now you’re feeling confident enough to do what you do next, quickly flipping onto your back, hitting the ground with a grunt as the wolves run straight over you, unable to react in time to this sudden move you pulled
  9. >but just as the last one of the three passes over you you kick it as hard as you can, sending it off of its balance and flying straight at the other two
  10. >One of them manages to dodge but the other one is not so lucky, and the two wolves scatter into a pile of wood, leaving only one wolf left that’s after you
  11. >With only one left you don’t feel the need to run away and simply keep dodging it while trying to come up with a way to deal with it
  12. >This wolf has nothing on you, you’re able to dodge it with such easy that you don’t feel threatened at all
  13. >but you’re soon proved wrong as the wolf manages to catch you off guard and hit you, sending you flying against a big rock
  14. >Now aching all over and cursing yourself from getting too cocky you quickly try to get up on time, but fail to do so as the wolf suddenly jumps on top of you, pinning you to the ground and holding you there while trying to grab your head with its mouth
  15. >But then you feel something that makes your mind run blank for a few seconds, there’s something...poking at you! Down there!
  16. >You manage to glance behind you and find a piece of wood sticking out, like a big piece of branch
  17. >They...that’s just a random piece of wood that’s sticking out from a weird place right? Since they are made out of random pieces of wood, and it’s not an they even have one?
  18. >And even if they did would they really try to use it on a pony out of all things?
  19. >W-well it is on top of you in such a manner and it keeps poking at your special place, not the special place but a special place none the less and near said thing
  20. >You focus more back to dodging the bites instead of the possibility of hot wooden wolf cock
  21. >Yeah, it’s just wood, it would not be trying to bite your head off if it was trying to mate with you, but it keeps poking you more and more with that stick and-
  22. >Suddenly said stick digs in very deep, not slide inside but still dig in deep none the less, making you break your train of thought and even forget all about the dodging as your eyes go wide as saucers and your face goes red
  23. >And the wolf grabbing the back of your neck in a manner you hate to admit makes you feel a shiver or two is the last straw and you snap
  24. >You quickly get away from under the wolf and hop on top of it, now at least figuratively pinning it to the ground as you sink your fangs into the back of its neck, pressing your crotch into the wooden area that would most likely be its backside
  25. “How do you like that huh? Not so much fun anymore is it!”
  26. >But with your mouth full of bad tasting bog wood it comes out more as a hwwf dff yhh lkhhh thhhht hhhhh? And similar muffled gibberish
  27. >The glowing eyes of the wolf are the ones now going wide and after the initial shock of what you did wears off it starts to move like it was going to shake you off of its back, so you bite harder and dig your general crotch area more forcefully against the random bits of wood making up its wolf butt
  28. >The wolf stops and now just stays still, kind of like it was either scared for its life and possibly the sanctity of its anus if it indeed has one, or like it just discovered something new about itself that it is not very proud of
  29. >You just keep holding its neck in your mouth, panting against the wood as adrenaline rushes through your bo...
  30. >You suddenly find yourself wide eyed and locking eyes with equally wide eyed and surprised Lockpick, Butterknife and Sneak who are all gathered up on top of a single fallen down timber wolf, hitting it with rocks
  31. >They stop smashing the wolf and stare
  32. >You let go of the wolf’s neck and stare back
  33. >Staring goes on for a brief while
  34. “I mean, take this!”
  35. >You quickly hop off of the wolf and bodyslam it against the rock that you was send flying against earlier, making it too fall apart into pieces of wood
  36. >You squee while giving your friends an awkward smile, and they look at one another, shrug, and get back to hitting the wolf with rocks
  37. >And the wolf jumps back up and sends the stallions flying all over the place but they quickly fly to stand beside you
  38. “What happened to the other wolves?”
  39. >”Butterknife tripped in the air and plummeted into one of them like some kind of a living bomb, somehow managing to start a chain reaction that ended with four of the wolves all running into one another, making them fall into pieces”
  40. >You turn your attention from Lockpcik to Butterknife
  41. “How did you manage to trip in the air?”
  42. >Butterknife goes red faced
  43. >”S-shut up my wings got jumbled up into the air currents and stuff”
  44. >Sneak points at the wolf
  45. >”Uhh the wolf? We’re going to get eatened”
  46. >The wolf looks a bit beat down from being hat with rocks, but still opposing enough
  47. >but there’s 4 of you now
  48. “Everypony rush into it at the same time!”
  49. >You quickly start running with Sneak running beside you
  50. >”Choo choo here comes the bat train!”
  51. >Lockpick and Butterknife both decided to do their tackles by flying and are humming the ride of the valkyries while closing in on the wolf
  52. >The wolf seems to realize it is outnumbered and you can swear you are able to see its expression turn from angry and threatening to one of fear in slow mo
  53. >And with a combined war cry the four of you slam your bodies into the wolf at the same time, breaking it apart and sending pieces of wood flying all over the place
  54. >You collapse to the ground and so do the other three, two of them of course after landing, instead of just falling from the air and into the ground to rest
  55. >That...that was a rush! You’re breathing hard and your heart is beating wildly but you feel so tingly all over like you’d been electrocuted!
  56. >”I never want to do that again!”
  57. >You chuckle as Sneak lets out other groaning sounds next to you, completely out of breath
  58. >”That was so intense, I mean 8 of them, I was about to pee myself when they just kept rising from the bog one after another”
  59. >Butterknife laughs happily from managing to survive such a situation
  60. >But Lockpick says something completely different
  61. >”Hey Daylily why were you humping that timber wolf?”
  62. >Now all heads are turned towards you as you scrunch your mouth
  63. “I wasn’t humping, I was trying to get it to fall down, so it would be down...”
  64. >”Oh ok, it looked like something completely different from where I was looking”
  65. >Sneak and Butterknife join in on the chuckling and agree with Lockpick
  66. >Suddenly you notice that one of the pieces of timber wolf is shaking and moving
  67. >You sit up and find that all other pieces are doing so too, and suddenly as the four of you get up all the pieces start to fly around, gathering up into one single place and forming...
  68. >“Oh come on!”
  69. >Sneak throws his hooves into the air as the last few pieces of timber attach to the now humongous single timber wolf, giant in size
  70. >It smiles sadistically and prepares to...wait why is it sinking
  71. >It suddenly goes wide eyes and looks down to see its lower body quickly sinking into the bog hole it is standing on, and then it starts to flail around in panic and whimpering as it quickly sinks
  72. >All the while the four of you just stand there, mouths in scrunch, staring at the wolf as it goes down
  73. >And then just stand there for a while, listening to the quiet sounds of the bog
  74. >...does not look like it is coming back up anymore...
  75. “Victory is ours...I guess?”
  76. >Butterknife meekly and slowly lifts his hoof into the air
  77. >”Yaaaaay?”
  78. >You shrug, Sneak shakes his head and Lockpick nods his head
  79. >Butterknife just stares emptily at the rest of you while seemingly trying to figure out which one of those to go with
  80. >And then simply does nothing and turns to stare at the bog hole in silence
  81. >Suddenly you begin to feel a bit woozy and fall to the ground
  82. >You’re feeling very light headed and sweaty, and you can hear something about burning up, fever and other random words as you find yourself falling unconscious and into the embrace of sweet nothing
  85. >Your ears twitch as they pick up sounds of old wood creaking, howling wind and like somepony was moving empty tin cans around
  86. >You open up your eyes and sit up, finding yourself on a very beat up looking bed with a straw mattress, inside what appears to be a run down shack of sorts
  87. >You feel sick and woozy
  88. >”You’re up, here drink this”
  89. >You now take notice of Butterknife who’s handing you a rust covered can
  90. >You take it and sniff the contents, finding it to smell fruity and good
  91. >You sip some of the juice to see if it’s safe, and then all of it as you taste the sweet pear flavor and find nothing wrong with it
  92. >After emptying the can of juice you hand the empty can back to Butterknife before wiping your mouth into your hoof
  93. “What is this place?”
  94. >Butterknife tosses the can somewhere and shrugs
  95. >”Some kind of an abandoned shack of sorts, we found it while carrying you around”
  96. >You touch your head and wince as you find a sore bump on it
  97. “What happened to me?”
  98. >”You suddenly got fever, the bump you got when we sort of accidentally dropped you on your head while trying to carry you and fly at the same time”
  99. “Wait you dropped me? Where are the other two anyway?”
  100. >Butterknife places a hoof on your head
  101. >”They’re out looking for water, this place is full of canned fruit but there’s no water. Looks like you still have a fever...maybe, I don’t know, are you usually this hot?”
  102. “Am I looking much more sexually attractive to you than usually?”
  103. >”I mean like body heat”
  104. >Now you scrunch your mouth at misunderstanding what he meant...yeah, you definitely must still have a fever going for that to happen
  105. >Not to mention you do feel sick like you had a cold, your whole body feels sweaty and icky
  106. “How did you three find this place?”
  107. >”Well after you collapsed we tried to get back to the cave but we sort of got lost in the mist and came out in a completely new place, and saw this shack. Turned out to be abandoned, but full of canned goods, thank Luna for those survivalist types of ponies who end up hoarding all kinds of supplies all over the place”
  108. >You shiver a bit, which Butterknife seems to take notice of
  109. >”Want me to put the fire on? There’s a working fireplace, since there’s no blankets of any kind and all that”
  110. >You smile
  111. “That would be nice, and here I was thinking you’d offer to warm me up with your body heat or something”
  112. >”Oh man I forgot all about that, guess I better go make that fire...”
  113. >He hangs his head while making his way to the fireplace and throwing random stuff in there as you close your eyes and rest
  114. >Soon enough you can hear the old wood cracking in the fireplace and fall asleep again
  115. >The next time you wake up all three of them are inside the shack, playing cards
  116. >You feel a bit woozy but also very hungry, so you groggily get up and wobble over to them
  117. “Got anything to eat?”
  118. >The look up from their game, surprised by you since they were so focused they did not see or hear you get up
  119. >”Yeah, there’s cans over there in that shelf, no idea what’s in them since they are so rusty on the outside but so far all we’ve gotten has been fruits and in good condition, we already ate some about an hour or two ago”
  120. >You look in the direction where Lockpick is pointing and then go over and grab a random can and the can opener off the table near the shelf
  121. >”There’s some water in that bucket, you can use one of those empty cans as a glass”
  122. >you go over to the bucket and have a quick drink before joining the guys at the table
  123. >Looks like Sneak won with all fours
  124. >You struggle for a little while with the can opener before Sneak offers to open it up for you and soon enough you have an open can of peach halves in juice before you
  125. >Hungrily you wolf down the delicious juicy fruits and drink up all of the juice
  126. >Even if not healthy you do feel a bit better after having eaten
  127. >”How are you feeling, Butterknife told us you woke up so it’s not something really serious right?”
  128. >You shake your head
  129. “No I think it’s just fatigue and a common cold, and I am feeling a it better now having rested a long have I been out?”
  130. >Lockpick scratches his chin
  131. >”We got to the cabin by night, and then we decided to wait and see how critical your condition was”
  132. >Sneak interrupts Lockpick and says something that makes his and Butterknife’s cheeks turn a bit red
  133. >”Some of us did that, some of us panicked hysterically”
  134. >Butterknife and Lockpick both give Sneak a dirty look before Lockpick continues
  135. >”We spend half of the night getting familiar with the cabin and looking over you, and then me and Sneak set out to look for water, while you woke up, and once we got back to the cabin as the night was ending you had already gone back to sleep and we did that soon after, and you’ve slept through the day and half of this night too”
  136. >That’s a lot of sleeping, no wonder you felt so hungry
  137. >Lockpick finishes shuffling the cards and starts to deal them to the four of you
  138. >Now you also remember your greasy mane and sweaty coat again
  139. “There’s no shower in this shack by any chance is there?”
  140. >The three shake their heads at the same time, but then Butterknife seems to figure something out, judging by the look on his face that screams I got an idea
  141. >”You could use wet rags to sort of wash yourself, and if not that we still have Sneak’s comb”
  142. >You discard some of your cards and take new ones from the deck, and so do the other three
  143. “I’ll probably only get myself feeling cold again if I get myself wet, can I borrow the comb?”
  144. >Sneak digs out his comb from somewhere and slides it over to you
  145. >”Help yourself, it’s all we have left, all the other stuff got destroyed when the wolves were after us, so your bag, his leather jacket and out mane grease is all gone”
  146. >You put down your cards to the table
  147. “Three sixes, I’m going over to the bed to comb myself a little”
  148. >None of them were able to beat your hand it seems, judging by the sounds those three are making before Butterknife picks up the cards and starts to shuffle
  149. >You start by carefully combing your coat the best you can in your state and with the tool at hoof
  150. >Stretching your hind hoof straight and running he comb down along it a few times, moving up and perking up your butt to properly comb it, arching your back against your will as the comb tickles you, pushing out your chest for easy combing, sitting down and extending your upper hoof forward and carefully running the comb along it...
  151. >You’re completely oblivious tot he fact that the three stallions have stopped playing and are enjoying their free show of some kind
  152. >You grab your tail into your hooves and start to carefully comb it, undoing a few tangles before moving up, a few quick combs on your neck, almost giggling as it tickles, and then finally combing your mane
  153. >Not a shower or a bath, but it’ll have to do for now, you feel like lying down again
  154. >You suddenly notice that you have an audience that quickly gets back to playing cards, almost as if it was trying to make it seem like they were not looking in the first place
  155. > were going to tell them that it would be ok for them to join you on the bed as they go to sleep, instead of sleeping on the floor like you hope they did when you were out cold, but in this situation you feel like it would be a bit awkward
  156. >So instead you simply go back to bed and close your eyes, meaning to just rest a little before doing or saying something, but instead you end up falling asleep once again
  157. >Midnight looking at you, seductively on the big bed where she is sitting with Tulip who also is giving you bedroom eyes
  158. >They’re visibly aroused and wearing similar kind of lewd bedroom accessories you are, sexy socks, naughty corsets, slutty tuft covers...
  159. >You join them on the bed and they start touching you, telling you how much they missed you
  160. >You too start to touch them, enjoying how their warm soft bodies feel
  161. >Tulip moves lower and begins to play and suckle your teats while Midnight Delight nibbles on your neck, teasing you with her fangs
  162. >You grow moist and allow yourself to be pushed to the bed, now both of them between your hooves, Tulip suckling on one teat and Midnight Delight on the other
  163. >You lovingly pet their heads as they keep milking you, drinking up your milk hungrily and making you feel very warm and horny
  164. >Suddenly Lockpick, Butterknife and Sneak appear from somewhere, all of them wearing collars and with horsecocks fully erect
  165. >You’re a bit weirded out by this but Midnight Delight tells you that they are going to be flesh dildos for the three of you for this magical night, and they climb onto the bed with their huge throbbing cocks leaking precum as they start inching more and more towards your face, twitching and throbbing and-
  166. >You suddenly wake up, breathing heavy and feeling very warm
  167. >You...did you just dream that?
  168. >You feel embarrassed as you realize you can feel just a hint of arousal in your nether region
  169. >Time to wait for this feeling to pass while looking around, you’re not going to do anything about it in this situation and company
  170. >You look around, finding that it’s the day and the three stallions are snoring quietly, sleeping on the floor near your bed
  171. >And wow how can it be so chilly even with the sun up?
  172. >you look back at your companions, they seem cold, sleeping all curled up in their own wings and shivering every now and then
  173. > feel a bit bad for them, they must be doing this out of courtesy for you, or just not wanting to get sick themselves maybe...but you like to think that they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart
  174. >so you decide to do something about it
  175. >You get out of the bed and silently, one by one, lift up the stallions and get them onto the bed next to one another
  176. >They are sleeping so deep they do not wake up and automatically start to seek out each others bodily heat in their sleep
  177. >You too join them on the bed and go back to sleep, finding it much more easier and comfortable now with them providing cushioning and warmth
  178. >This time you have a weird dream about not having any wings but still being able to somehow telepathically fly, and flying around in a sunny Hollow Shades under the blue skies, shooting fire out of your mouth and setting buildings on fire for no reason
  179. >Once again you wake up as you feel movement next to you
  180. >You open up your eyes and find that the stallions are also in the process of waking up
  181. >Sneak is the first one to fully wake up and he’s taken by surprise on where he wakes up
  182. >”What the?”
  183. >The other two also now take notice of this, Butterknife just looking absolutely confused
  184. >”How’d we get here?”
  185. >And Lockpick quickly turning to look at you
  186. >”I’m sorry if we climbed in here in our sleep Daylily”
  187. >You shake your head
  188. “I was the one who lifted you all onto the bed with me”
  189. > that you put it into words it sounds a bit more awkward than you had imagined...
  190. >Sneak seems confused
  191. >”Umm...why? We did know, miss out on anything did we? I at least slept like a log, if you two had some fun and did not wake me up I swear-”
  192. >Locpick shakes his head
  193. >”No I did nothing but sleep as well...”
  194. >They slowly turn their heads towards Butterknife, narrowing their eyes
  195. >Butterknife simply goes wide eyed and points at you
  196. >”Well I didn’t fuck her if that’s what you were asking”
  197. >You look at the three with an unimpressed expression on your face like you were silently judging them
  198. “Nopony fucked me, calm down or I’ll make you calm down”
  199. >Well, you almost fucked yourself...when you wiped away any excess moisture from your...thing, before making the bat pile, not wanting to take the chance of having your scent like that to rub on any of them
  200. >They gulp and try to appear innocent
  201. >”Oh yeah I knew that”
  202. >That was Butterknife
  203. >”Of course that’s not what I was thinking at all!”
  204. >Sneakster
  205. >”Yeah, I just went with the flow of these two idiots, I wouldn’t think that little of you”
  206. >Lockpickeroo
  207. >You keep staring at them with the same expression for a little while before answering, making them feel uncomfortable
  208. “I lifted you up and onto the bed because I woke up during the day and you three looked like you were cold”
  209. >They make an unison “Oh” while you get up and flex your wing
  210. >They keep apologizing as you give it a few test flaps
  211. “No it’s fine, you were just being yourselves again”
  212. >Now they look depressed so you quickly add
  213. “I still like you guys”
  214. >They smile, even if they are trying their hardest not to
  215. >You carefully try to-no you manage to take flight, not only are you feeling much better, not sick at all, but your wing seems to have cured itself as well!
  216. “I can fly again!”
  217. >They give you a little clap as you land back down and your stomach grumbles
  218. >Sneak puts his hoof on your shoulder
  219. >“We’ve got just enough old cans for a breakfast”
  220. >He holds his hoof there until you simply pick it up and put it away, making the two other stallions snicker silently
  221. “We should eat first and then head out and finally get out of here”
  222. >You hope you’ll reach Hollow Shades soon, so that Tulip and Midnight Delight don’t have to worry any more
  224. >The four of you look around outside, well mostly just you since you have no idea what waits outside this shack
  225. >So this is what the area outside the shack is like...surrounded by mist on all sides, stuck in the middle of stones and rocks with very little vegetation growing anywhere sans some wet moss
  226. >It’s not the night yet, but just dark outside with all the grey clouds covering the sky
  227. >All of you ended up waking early, it’s about afternoon or so, definitely not the evening yet
  228. >Now with a belly full of canned fruit and a healed wing you’re back in full strength
  229. >”Which direction are we going to go?”
  230. >Lockpick points least you think it’s east, hard to tell with mist surrounding this area
  231. >”Because that’s where from we came and in there”
  232. >He points north...maybe? You are not sure where is where after all
  233. >”is only some kind of a spring after going through the mist for a little while”
  234. >You turn around and look at the shack, and so do the other three
  235. “Goodbye shack, you were a lifesaver, and I hope you-“
  236. >It suddenly bursts into flames
  237. “...did anypony remember to put the fire out?”
  238. >Lockpick, Sneak and Butterknife all shake their heads and you scrunch your mouth
  239. “Goodbye shack, rest in ashes...we’re sorry...”
  240. >You and the other three hang your heads and have a moment of silence while the whole shack crumbles into a big bonfire
  241. >You turn your attention to the two possible choices on where to go
  242. >it’s pretty much wither go left or right from the shack
  243. >”Do you have some kind of a survival trick to help us choose?”
  244. “Eeny meeny miny moe...”
  245. >Sneak scrunches his mouth
  246. >”Or not it seems”
  247. >You end up with the right choice, not because it’s correct but it’s the right one
  248. >The one on the right, not the left...who cares
  249. “Everypony form a line and grab each others tails in your mouth, we don’t want to get lost in this mist so fly slowly!”
  250. >You position yourself at the front, and after a brief tussle about who gets to be the one behind you, that you broke off by just picking one of them at random out of the tussling bat pile, Sneak takes his place behind you and happily grabs your tail in his mouth while the ones behind him do the same with less enthusiasm
  251. >And with that the bat convoy is on its way, slowly flying forward through the mist and close to the ground
  252. >it turns from stone and rocks to tall grass
  253. >The air turns from moist to slightly chilly again with some drizzle, but at least it’s not that windy, just a gentle little wind blowing every now and then
  254. >Soon enough you come out from the dense fog and find yourself in a grass field, spreading out as far as the eye can see, but yet again surrounded by mist in all direction
  255. >Wait, there’s something in the middle of this field there, it looks like a pony!
  256. >You point at the pony so the others take notice of it too
  257. “Let’s go, we might get some directions!”
  258. >As you land down before the pony you find him standing next to a box of sorts, and drumming a little drum
  259. >”Come right up, step right up, come take a look...”
  260. >The elderly stallion wearing some kind of a rain cloak sounds tired, yet very calm
  261. “Hi, we-“
  262. >Suddenly he speaks up again, interrupting you
  263. >”The evening theater is about to begin...come right up, step right up, come take a look...”
  264. >Once again he pounds his little drum three times, making a hollow sound
  265. “We’re lost and-“
  266. >Suddenly he pulls on a rope attached to the wooden box and the curtains on it open up to reveal a puppet theater as the pony quickly disappears behind it
  267. >”Maybe we can ask him after he’s done with this show?”
  268. >You find that Butterknife has already gotten seated on the ground next to you and seems to be looking forward to the show
  269. >You roll your eyes and sit down as well, and so do Lockpick and Sneak
  270. >This seems to please the puppeteer pony as he starts to tell a story
  271. >His hoof appears from behind the theater box and puts on a record to play, but the vinyl is beat up so it makes the otherwise happy carnival-like music creepy, scratchy in tone, skipping randomly and also speeding up and slowing down randomly as well
  272. >it feels unnerving for some reason
  273. >It stop soon after and a single puppet pops up and appears to be becoming to listen like it was about to whisper something
  274. >”This isn’t real”
  275. >Suddenly the puppet disappears and a sing saying the end drops down from above while the record play a very quick ending credits song
  276. >You stare at the puppet theater for a few seconds before tilting your head in confusion
  277. “Wait what?”
  278. >Lockpick gets up and goes over to the puppet theater and peeks behind it
  279. >”Hey the pony is gone!”
  280. >”He’s what?”
  281. >Sneak gets up too as do you and goes over tot he box, but accidentally bumps against it and makes it fall to the ground as a one dimensional cardboard cutout modeled to look three dimensional
  282. >You pause, that does not make any sense it was three dimensional just a while ago!
  283. >Butterknife takes a few steps closer to you
  284. >”I’m scared...”
  285. >Sneak and Lockpick pick up the piece of printed cardboard and hold it back up
  286. >But...the puppet was moving for sure and-
  287. >Suddenly the voice of the pony is heard from right behind you, spooking you and Butterknife
  288. >”Boo!”
  289. >You quickly spin around while Butterknife quickly hops over to Sneak and Lockpick
  290. >The elderly pony takes off his hood, revealing himself to be a unicorn
  291. “Why did you do that?”
  292. >The unicorn points into the mist
  293. >”You young rascals burned down my shack!”
  294. “Oh...”
  295. >His horn flares up and the piece of cardboard disappears
  296. >”Lucky for you ponies I was looking to get it demolished anyway before I’d be slapped with a fine about it, but still it’s not nice to burn down things that belong to other ponies.”
  297. >”Well it was not like we did it on purpose...”
  298. >you cut Cockpick off with your hoo-did you just call him Cockpick?
  299. >You shake your head before speaking, now a bit red faced which the elderly stallion seems to notice
  300. >”Hey you are not one of those deviant mares who get all horny and moist when spooked? Keep away form me you creep”
  301. >You huff in annoyance
  302. “No I am not!”
  303. >And then shoot a glare at Sneak, Lockpick and Butterknife who have begun whispering something to one another
  304. “Please, we woke up in this weird place and are lost, we need to get back to Hollow Shades”
  305. >Sneak suddenly joins your side
  306. >”She has a kid you know so it’s real important and stuff”
  307. >You give him a look as he keeps pointing at you with his hoof
  308. >The elderly pony scoffs
  309. >”Well why didn’t you say so, just go in that direction”
  310. >He points to somewhere and as you turn your head to look you can hear a magical poof and he’s gone
  311. “Great”
  312. >Butterknife shrugs
  313. >”You have to admit he did spook us so it was a pretty good show after all...what?”
  314. >He’s getting a collection of looks from all of you, not very positive ones
  315. >So going into the mist again and flying a little, Sneak stop tugging my tail!
  316. >Soon enough all of you pop out from the dense wall of mist and into a-hey you’ve cleared the mist, you can see far once again!
  317. >You are in some kind of mountainous region of Equestria, barely any vegetation as far as the eye can see and surrounded on all sides by mountains
  318. >Except whatever’s behind you, the wall of mist and all that, can’t see etc
  319. >”Look train tracks!”
  320. >Lockpick points into the distance where there’s some kind of a suspended bridge for a train, it’s pretty far away...but at least now you’ll get home sooner or later!
  321. >The four of you start to fly excitedly towards the tracks, not paying much attention to your surroundings
  322. >But then you come to a halt and noticing this Sneak, Lockpick and Butterknife fly back to you
  323. >Before they can ask why you stopped you tell them what you just remembered
  324. “We have no money to ride the train with!”
  325. >Sneak’s the first one to offer his idea
  326. >”We could sneak in and hide until it reaches somewhere”
  327. >Lockpick and Butterknife agree with this idea but you feel uncertain
  328. “I don’t know...we could do that’s kind of not nice, maybe just tell them what’s happened and maybe they will help?”
  329. >Suddenly you spot something to the right that makes your heart skip
  330. >Guard ponies, and that’s not just any armor, but the royal guard armor!
  331. >You suddenly shoot off towards the two bat ponies wearing armor who are slowly moving towards somewhere
  332. >You take them by surprise by butchering up your landing, from either still being a bit weak, or because you’re so excited to see such an armor close up for the first time!
  333. “Is that the royal guard armor!?”
  334. >The two mares as they turn out to be eye you warily
  335. >”Yeah, what’s it to you?”
  336. >Suddenly Sneak, Butterknife and Lockpick catch up to you and grab onto you to hold you still as Sneak starts talking tot he two guards
  337. >”Excuse our...sister here, she’s a know, special”
  338. >You’re about to say something but your mouth gets covered by Lockpick who quickly whispers into your ear
  339. >”Shh shh Daylily let’s not have a run in with the law it’s never a good thing...”
  340. >Butterknife just makes a dumb face
  341. >”Eehehe me sister and I think your armor is very pretties!”
  342. >You must be a bit under the weather still from being sick as you can’t just throw these three off of you as the guard ponies look at each other and then continue on their journey to somewhere
  343. >”Good work on keeping your sister out of trouble, keep up the good work or something”
  344. >They soon disappear of to somewhere, leaving you feeling a bit sad that you didn’t get a chance to ask them all kinds of things about those cool armors they had, not to mention like a complete fool!
  345. >The three get off of you and you are quick to glare at them
  346. “What was that for?”
  347. >For some reason they appear kind of meek and nervous and you instantly guess what it is about
  348. “Is this about them being guards and you being ex-thieves?”
  349. >They nod
  350. >”That doesn’t leave you so easily, I still get nervous when I see any kind of a guard pony”
  351. >Sneak and Butterknife nod and pat Lockpick on the back
  352. >You on the other hand, you feel really peeved right now
  353. “Well then you ex thieves can just find a thief way to get aboard the train by yourselves, I am going to go there alone and like a normal pony would!”
  354. >You turn around, slapping the closest one, Sneak, on the face with your tail as you do so and then start flying towards the tracks by yourself
  355. “And I am not mentally challenged!”
  356. >You don’t even look behind yourself as you fly and after a while of fuming silently you start reaching the track when you suddenly hear the whistle of a train
  357. >Just as you look towards the source of the noise you find a train coming at you at full speed, so you fly to the side and start picking up speed so that when it goes past you, you can hop aboard
  358. >And you manage to pull it off, flying in from an open window and barreling right onto the floor of what appears to be some kind of a dining cart, taking all the ponies in it by surprise
  359. >Now you suddenly feel extremely self conscious, being as dirty as you are and surrounded by what appears to be upper class ponies enjoying fancy late evening dinners
  360. >A pony from the staff walks over to you
  361. >”And who might you be madam?”
  362. >You smile awkwardly and start to introduce yourself before telling them what has happened to you
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