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  1. Disdain for statistical categories, treat them as deterministic to knock them down. Despite this invalidating many categories, especially in nature because neither evolution nor society's perception of something so broad care about your limited attempts at a consistent abstraction.
  4. Biologists would be humiliated for their lack of due diligence on this subject, prizing their careers over the truth. Publicly they will have to ear their shoes and will be the lucky ones.
  6. Psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, historians, writers, and really anyone not in a sufficiently sequestered area of academia (engineering, physics, mathematics, and some in the natural sciences) will have their personal and professional reputations in tatters, their field's reputation nonexistent, and their research of or from the past 50 years thrown away. Assuming this fuck up doesnt justify gutting academia entirely to the public.
  8. Our society's bureaucrats will only survive by being faceless
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