Pzuu scammer

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  1. This is written as of 4-20-19, so pictures will reflect dates accordingly.
  2. Bt kt/nuzzles/cbf w fakes/cbf w idiots, now currently known as 'pzuu' scammed multiple people. First came across this because 'I Dont Nex' mentioned that he was scammed 800m (, asked another friend about it, who was closer to pzuu than I was and he mentioned I decided to ask pzuu about it, following a conversation in which pzuu denied scamming. Later the same day, pzuu began ghosting and that's when they double changed their rsn to pzuu from cbf w fakes (4-1-19). However, they double name changed back to 'cbf w fakes' to claim comp cape and then double name changed back to 'pzuu' (,, Following this, I also discovered that on the account they used previously to stream on (, all the previous vods, clips, etc were deleted and they made a new twitch account (, in which they started to use a male voice and went by the name of Dylan ( They have deleted the clips on the 'heilaa' channel, but the titles on the pzuu account are pretty much the same ( Also, the keybinds are the same, the 3a sos, barrows seis, barrows longs are all the same, its the same account. (, The starting of this took place on 4-1-19, but I haven't said anything due to pzuu still owing a friend of mine, Cruz, 1b and I didn't want to ruin the chance of him receiving his money. During the time of owing Cruz 1b,  December , pzuu dyed a 3a sos and dual barrows drygores. They would also guilt trip over not trust lending a purple phat . And after making comments in max guild of "or you could pay me back" for a couple days, Cruz was then kicked from her discord, demodded from the Heilaa twitch channel and messaged: . As of now, while having 1b+ cash in their pouch, they still haven't paid Cruz back. Besides the names listed, I have also heard from multiple people that get clues and baboon have been scammed, but I don't know them personally and haven't asked them about it.
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