EG CYOA #6 At the Atelier

May 22nd, 2013
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  1. >You've been hanging out with Rarity more and more these days, after befriending her in an art class
  2. >"This dreck is absolutely dreadful," Rarity says, holding her lunch away from her
  3. >She eyes the food with revulsion before placing it back down onto her tray
  4. >"I cannot see how in the world anyone would eat this willingly, Anon"
  5. >You shrug
  6. >"What choice do you really have, anyways?" you say
  7. >Rarity huffs and crosses her arms
  8. >"I suppose. Anyways, Anon, I wanted to show you more sketches," she says, opening her book to you
  9. >"What do you think?"
  10. >"Oh, hm, let me see."
  11. >You take some of her food off her tray and begin munching on it as you examine her work
  12. >"Well," you say, chewing, "I do like this sketch here. Very spring. I like the variability on where it hugs the body and where it's allowed to hang a bit more"
  13. >"Oh, well, thanks, Anon..." she says anxiously, eyeing you as you eat, looking somewhat repulsed
  14. >"It's not that bad, you know"
  15. >"Oh, well, yes, you're probably right, Anon. But really, I do always like your critiques," she says with a small, but genuine, smile
  16. >You continue to eat as Rarity tries to hide her horror
  17. >You finish, and she gives you a strained smile
  18. >"Well, I have some sketches to show you. I've been trying to learn Renaissance styles of art recently. I do like the realism of it all," you say, drawing a notebook from your pack
  19. >Rarity perks up and leans forwards
  20. >"Oh, I would definitely like to see this," she says. "I must say I'm a fan of the period as well. Modern art has a gotten a bit too pompous for my tastes"
  21. >"Too pompous for you?" you retort
  22. >Rarity laughs and rolls her eyes
  23. >"Okay, well here are some of my sketches," you say, opening up to what you consider your best work
  24. >Rarity's eyebrows raise as she sees them
  25. >"Nudity isn't too... crude, is it?"
  26. >"Oh my, of course not, Anon. It's just... It's incredibly well made. You have a real gift when it comes to the human form, it seems, Anon," she says, looking upon your work intently
  27. >"Flatterer. I feel they're adequate, but there's always room for improvement. The human body is a beautiful thing, and I would love to do it justice. It's just a pity I've not yet had the good fortune to come across a model with your grace"
  28. >Rarity blushes, putting a hand to her mouth to hide a grin
  29. >"Oh, Anon... You truly mean that?"
  30. >You nod
  31. >"I do. I mean every word. Has anyone ever drawn you before?"
  32. >She shakes her head
  33. >"Offered?"
  34. >"No," she giggles
  35. >"It's almost a crime to not put you to the page, if you don't mind my saying," you say
  36. >Her face reddens and she turns her head away from you slightly
  37. >"Well, let it be known that Rarity does not stand in the way of art"
  38. >"Are you sure you're okay with it? I won't mind if you say no," you say
  39. >"Darling, I mean what I say when I say it as well," Rarity says with a smirk
  40. >"If I may ask, where exactly did you do these lovely sketches?"
  41. >"I recently took a trip to France, actually. I found a nice little atelier and drew up most of my sketches there"
  42. >Rarity coos at the mention of France
  43. >"There's actually a nice atelier nearby that I've been using. Not many people go there, so it would be just the two of us"
  44. >Rarity nods, placing a hand on yours
  45. >"I'll meet you straight away once the day ends," she says
  46. >The bell rings, and you each go to your respective classes
  47. >The waiting is agonizing, but eventually school lets out
  48. >You meet Rarity by her locker
  49. >"Anon!"
  50. >"Are you ready to go?" you ask
  51. >"I think I am," she replies
  52. >The two of you walk to the atelier together
  53. >"Shouldn't take very long," you say
  54. >"It would be fine with me if it did," Rarity says with a smile
  55. >As the two of you walk, you enter an older part of town, the buildings showing their age both aesthetically and architecturally
  56. >"I always like coming here," you say
  57. >"As I said before, the sketches you saw we're a bit of a recent development. I used to come here just to sketch the buildings here"
  58. >Rarity looks to you and nods
  59. >"It is quite nice here, I agree. Soothing."
  60. >You point to a building on the other side of the street
  61. >"This is what always gets me. You see that building there? It has a very distinctly French look to it, and yet nearly every other building here shares characteristics with that of German architecture. Almost Bavarian."
  62. >"Ha, you're right. It sticks out quite a bit," she says
  63. >"I'd always wondered to what would go on here way back when. The one Frenchman setting up shop in the heart of a small village of German immigrants. But now I'm rambling," you say, shaking your head
  64. >"Well, I find it interesting, Anon," Rarity says smiling
  65. >"This part of town is just so beautiful. Interesting. A real gem that I'm lucky to have stumbled upon, much like yourself," you say coyly
  66. >Rarity blushes
  67. >"Well, here we are," you say, opening the door to the atelier
  68. >The two of you enter the building together
  69. >As usual, the atelier is empty
  70. >You guide Rarity over to a nearby couch
  71. >"There's no rush, Rarity. If you would like to start off with something else, that would be fine by me," you say
  72. >"No, it's fine, Anon. As you said, it would be a crime against art, and I am no criminal," she says jovially
  73. >She begins unbuttoning her shirt, and slowly removes it from herself, revealing her elegant form
  74. >Rarity begins to shimmy her skirt downwards, and lets it fall to the floor
  75. >It feels as if the breath had left your body, Rarity's body nothing short of perfect
  76. >She pauses
  77. >"We could leave the undergarments on for now, if you'd like," you say, collecting yourself
  78. >"I don't know... I am a lady of my word," she says
  79. >You get up and go to an old gramaphone in the atelier
  80. >"I think I have an idea," you say. "I hope you're fine with some French orchestral music. Though, you wouldn't have much of a choice."
  81. >"I would rather like that," she says
  82. >You stroll on back to her and take her hand as the music starts, and the other on her side
  83. >"You're a real gentleman, aren't you Anon?" she says as the two of you move across the floor of the Atelier
  84. >"Where did you learn to dance like this, Anon?"
  85. >You chuckle
  86. >"France"
  87. >"How wonderful it must have been to be there. The culture, the music, the food. Everything," she says, bright eyed, almost falling into day dream
  88. >"It was quite wonderful. I'd have to say that the first sight of Paris was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen, second only to you"
  89. >"You're quite the flatterer, Anon."
  90. >The music fades out, and the two of you come to a stop, standing in each others arms
  91. >"Feeling more comfortable?" you ask
  92. >"I do believe so, yes."
  93. >"Would it make you more comfortable if I took my clothes off as well?" you say jokingly
  94. >"Anon!" Rarity says, lightly pushing you with her hand, giggling
  95. >"You wouldn't mind if we got Magic Johnson involved here, would you?"
  96. >Rarity looks at you oddly, somewhat taken aback
  97. >"Nevermind, dumb joke. I'm just nervous. I'm not sure I can do you justice..."
  98. >Rarity smiles
  99. >"I believe in you, Anon," she says, unclasping her bra
  100. >With all your might, you stop yourself from having your eyes widen, too much at least, as she exposes her supple breasts
  101. >Gently, she removes her last undergarment and it falls to the floor at her feet
  102. >Rarity lies her lithe body onto the couch, striking a pose
  103. >"How does this look?" she asks
  104. >"Simply breathtaking," you say
  105. >Rarity's face goes flush
  106. >"Now, I'll be right back," you say, getting up
  107. >You go turn down the thermostat a few degrees before returning
  108. >Taking your pencil, you begin to sketch Rarity's form, outlining her perfect curvature first
  109. >"I'm really quite not sure as to my ability to bring such perfection to the page. I hope you won't object to the finished product"
  110. >"Judging by your other work," Rarity says, "I have no doubt, and you shouldn't doubt yourself either."
  111. >"It seems to be a tad cold in here, Anon," she says, exhaling
  112. >Her nipples begin to harden in the cold air, and her face reddens
  113. >"Looks like I'm going to have to redraw that part, Rarity. Try not to move so much," you say in jest
  114. >Rarity giggles as her face reddens once more
  115. >You keep sketching, putting all of your focus into the page, trying to emulate her body as well as you can
  116. >Rarity, slowly but surely, springs to life on your page
  117. >Every curl of her hair is drawn in attentive detail
  118. >With some finishing touches, you gaze upon your work with a sense of fulfillment
  119. >"I think I may have actually done it. Putting perfection to the page," you say
  120. >"Ever the charmer, Anon" she says
  121. >"I am being serious, Rarity. Nothing I have ever done, or will ever do, can compare to this" you say, rustling through your bag
  122. >"This used to be my 'masterpiece'," you say, holding up a drawing
  123. >"The old French building in a see of German architecture. But to compare it to your elegance, why, that would truly be a crime."
  124. >Her body shivered, and she wrapped her arms around herself
  125. >"It is getting rather cold in here..."
  126. >"Well, I could always warm you up," you say playfully
  127. >You walk over to Rarity's reclining body, and she sits herself up as you approach
  128. >Sitting yourself down next to her, you embrace her, letting your hand rub along her side
  129. >Rarity giggles
  130. >"I-I'm a bit ticklish..." she says
  131. >"Oh? How ticklish?" you say, a devious look on your face
  132. >"Wait. Did I say ticklish? I mea-" Rarity stops mid sentence, bursting into laughter as you tickle her sides
  133. >She falls back onto the couch, laughing, trying to push you away
  134. >"A-Anon! S-Stop!" she says, unable to contain her laughter
  135. >You finally relent, leaving your hands still on her sides
  136. >Rarity breathes a sigh of relief, and smiles at you
  137. >"I guess that's one way to get warmer," she smirks
  138. >You lay yourself down facing her
  139. >Rarity puts her arms around you, and you return the embrace, hugging your bodies together
  140. >She beams at you and sighs, holding you tighter
  141. >Her soft bosom presses against your chest as the two of you lay intertwined
  142. >Gently, you brush aside hair from her face with your fingers
  143. >She looks up into your eyes and blushes
  144. >You close your eyes and lean in, turning your head slightly
  145. >Your lips meet, hers ever so soft against yours as you lightly run a hand along her side
  146. >Pounding in your chest, your heart gallops, seemingly missing a beat
  147. >Breaking away from the kiss, you open your eyes
  148. >Rarity nuzzles her head against your chest, drawing you in with her arms
  149. >The two of you simply lay together in each others arms, until Rarity breaks the silence
  150. >"So, Anon, did you learn French while you were in Paris?"
  151. >"I didn't know it when I went, but I learn quickly. A bit of a cunning linguist if I do say so myself," you say with a smirk, running your hand along her thigh
  152. >Rarity giggles
  153. >Slowly, you move yourself down, tenderly spreading Rarity's legs apart
  154. >"Anon..." she says, blushing
  155. >You give the inside of her leg small, soft pecks with your lips, slowly rubbing your hands over her thighs
  156. >"Oh, Anon~"
  157. >You inch yourself further and further inwards, taking a long kiss just on the edge of her lips
  158. >Rarity coos, squirming in anticipation
  159. >Lightly flitting your tongue up and down, she brings her legs in on you
  160. >"Oh~"
  161. >You bring your focus upwards
  162. >Rarity gasps as you let your tongue run in circles between her legs
  163. >You pick up the pace
  164. >Your tongue dances about her lips as you go down on her more aggressively
  165. >Rarity moans, writhing against you
  166. >"A-Anon~"
  167. >You can feel her arousal intensify as she warms up, juices dripping between her legs
  168. >Its sweetness only increasing your fervor
  169. >Your hands rub against her nubile body, Rarity's moans echoing throughout the atelier
  170. >You hear the door to the atelier open up, though Rarity doesn't seem to notice
  171. >Fluttershy walks in, a large stack of art supplies in her hands, looking quite precarious
  172. >She turns towards you and Rarity, and drops her things the second she spots you
  173. >"Oh... Oh my... R-Rarity, I'm sorry for i-in..."
  174. >Rarity grasps for her blouse, sitting herself upright, trying to cover herself up
  175. >"Oh, Fluttershy, darling, I... This..."
  176. >Fluttershy stands awkwardly at the threshold, frozen
  177. >"Uh, I was just... Having rarity model. For me." you say nervously
  178. >"Oh, yes, that's right. He was sketching me. I got a bit cold so, he was just... Warming me up," Rarity says, trying to sound convincing
  179. >"Why don't you join us, Fluttershy? Just, modeling and the like"
  180. >"Well... If you want me to..." Fluttershy says, approaching the two of you
  181. >She begins to disrobe, pulling off her shirt
  182. >"Oh, Fluttershy, you don't have to..."
  183. >"But we're in atelier. Isn't that what this is for?" she responds as she begins pulling down her skirt
  184. >"Oh, yes, you're right, Fluttershy."
  185. >As you take in Fluttershy's petite form, you begin to think
  186. >You will never have two such beautiful and perfect bodies of which to draw ever again
  187. >"Would you two... Pose together? I must draw you," you say, once again taking up your notebook
  188. >"Anon..." Rarity pouts
  189. >"...Pose how?" Fluttershy asks
  190. >"You know... Like... Sexually?"
  191. >Rarity gasps
  192. >"Anon! You... You're lucky you even have us here. We're friends... I didn't take you for a scoundrel."
  193. >"It's... I will never have the chance to draw something so bold again. What happened to Rarity doesn't get in the way of art? I didn't take you for a prude."
  194. >Tears well up in Rarity's eyes, and she stares through you with contempt
  195. >"Fine, be that way," she says as she dresses
  196. >"I really thought we had something... Special. Did you just bring me out here to get in my pants? Was the Anon who talked about the beauty of art and architecture just a ruse?" she says through gasps and tears
  197. >Rarity runs for the door, tears blotting the floor as they fall from her face
  198. >Fluttershy shrinks into the couch, hiding her head in her knees
  199. >"Damn it!" you yell out, throwing your chair to the ground
  200. >You fall to your knees
  201. >"Damn it... Why... Why am I so stupid! Fluttershy... I'm sorry for getting you wrapped up in all this..."
  202. >Fluttershy murmurs, nodding her head
  203. >You get up, and run through the atelier door
  204. >Night has fallen, and the streets are lit by the lamps and beams of pale moonlight
  205. >You pick a direction and run, run hoping to find Rarity
  206. >Finally, you spot her, sprawled against the wall of one of the old buildings, crying
  207. >"Rarity, look-"
  208. >"Go away, Anon! Just leave me be..."
  209. >"I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. Something came over me and I thought I could make beautiful art out of you two," you say
  210. >"I only want you, not her. She was just a potential portrait to me"
  211. >Rarity turns to you, mascara running down her face
  212. >"Anon..."
  213. >You try to come closer, but she pushes you away
  214. >"Anon, you... I... Why? I fall for you one minute, and the next you're trying to do... something so uncouth. I just don't know, Anon..."
  215. >"I'm sorry."
  216. >She stares at you solemnly
  217. >"Please come back with me to the Atelier. I'm sorry. I can't say that enough."
  218. >You extend your hand to her
  219. >Rarity sniffles, nodding as she takes your hand
  220. >The two of you reenter the atelier, Fluttershy nowhere to be seen
  221. >You both sit back down onto the couch, and you hold her in your arms
  222. >She meekly places her hands on yours and sighs, still trembling
  223. >Taking her sleeve, she wipes off her face
  224. >"I'm sorry, Anon..."
  225. >"Sorry for what? I'm the one who messed this up."
  226. >"I'm just sorry. Sorry I ran away. Sorry that I assumed the worst of you... Called you a scoundrel," she says
  227. >"It's fine."
  228. >She gives you a peck on the cheek and exhales
  229. >"I think I can make it up to you, though," she says, slinking onto her knees at your feet
  230. >She looks up at you as she pulls down your pants
  231. >Gently, she runs her nimble fingers along your cock
  232. >Rarity leans forward, her soft lips pressing lightly on your head
  233. >Opening her mouth wider, she starts to slide your cock into her
  234. >You take your hand, placing it on the back of her head as she bobs up and down
  235. >Forcefully, you push her head onto your cock, letting it slide deep into her throat
  236. >You hold her there momentarily before letting up, your cock sliding out of her mouth as she gasps for air
  237. >"A bit rough, aren't we, Anon," she says, letting out a soft moan
  238. >Quickly, she goes back, downing you voraciously
  239. >She grips your legs firmly with her hands, your cock almost completely enveloped by her mouth
  240. >You push her head again, each time only making her more and more tenacious
  241. >Rarity finally removes your cock from her mouth
  242. >A long strand of saliva runs down her tongue onto your cock as she breathes warm breaths onto your body
  243. >She rips off her skirt and climbs on top of you, sitting herself down onto your cock, slowly letting you slide in
  244. >"Oh~"
  245. >She begins bouncing up and down, moaning loudly as she hold onto your shoulders
  246. >Moving her lips to your ears, she whispers to you
  247. >"S-Slap me, Anon."
  248. >Rarity leans back, going faster
  249. >You slap her across the face with a firm hand, and she gasps
  250. >"Harder!"
  251. >You hit her again, trying not to hurt her
  252. >She moans, and you can feel her wetten as you slide in and out of her
  253. >You rip open Rarity's shirt, revealing her bouncing breasts
  254. >Wrapping your arms around her, you shove your face between them, wriggling about as their soft warmth presses against your cheeks
  255. >As Rarity bounces on your cock, you begin to flit your tongue across her breast, focusing on her nipple
  256. >You let it bat against the hardened nipple, and she moans in response, grasping you more tightly
  257. >You grab her, pulling her towards you as you plant a deep kiss
  258. >Your tongues writhe against each other violently as Rarity continues sliding you in and out of herself
  259. >Without stopping, you stand up off the couch, supporting Rarity in your arms, and push her against a nearby wall
  260. >Aggressively, you turn her about, forcing her arms to the wall with your hands
  261. >You begin to thrust, hard, the sound of your bodies slapping against each other filling the atelier
  262. >"Ngh~"
  263. >Rarity shudders as you pound her, her inner walls tensing against your cock
  264. >"H-Harder, Anon~" she moans
  265. >Your heart beats against your chest, threatening to rend itself free of your body
  266. >You thrust harder and harder, putting everything you have into each one
  267. >"AH~" Rarity cries out
  268. >A tension builds in your body, building up as you continue to slam against Rarity's plump ass
  269. >Your whole body constricts as you reach orgasm
  270. >You shove yourself deep inside of her as you cum
  271. >Rarity moans as your warmth fills her up
  272. >It feels as if you are being completely drained, filling Rarity to the brim
  273. >The two of you collapse onto the floor, panting
  274. >Your load is pushed from Rarity's body, dripping out of her due to the sheer volume of it all
  275. >"A-Anon~" she coos, rolling over to you, slinging an arm on top of your body
  276. >You embrace her sweat covered body and kiss
  277. >As you and Rarity lock lips, you can hear faint moaning coming from somewhere in the atelier
  278. >"What's that noise?" Rarity says
  279. >You stand up, your legs still a bit wobbly
  280. >Making your way towards the atelier's closet, the moaning becomes louder and louder
  281. >You reach out and open the closet door
  282. >Fluttershy's eyes bulge, and she quickly covers herself up
  283. >"H-Hey..." she says meekly, trying to hide in the closet's corner
  284. >You weren't going to make the same mistake again
  285. >Motioning for her to leave, Fluttershy quickly stands up, her face flush with embarrassment
  286. >She runs for the door while pulling up her skirt and leaves
  287. >You return to Rarity, who is lying on the floor waiting for you
  288. >"Now where were we..."
  290. >The next day
  292. >Rarity sits across from you, smiling
  293. >Oh no, I agree, their recent line up is far too gaudy. I wouldn't be caught dead in their new outfits," she says
  294. >"So, do you want to head down to the atelier today?" you ask
  295. >Rarity blushes
  296. >"I think I would like that."
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