Over QMR 15 pt. 2 [Typeset]

Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. Over QMR 15 Translation
  2. From
  4. 1st part -
  5. (P. 11)
  6. >[Aren't you going to call the Admiral Papa?]
  7. >[Why would I?!]
  9. >[For the Admiral...this some kind of secret gadget?]
  11. >Pardon me
  12. >Admiral, there's a package for you here | Ara?
  13. >Admiral, is it just you today?
  14. >And here I thought KTKM-san would be here.
  15. >Ah, Ooichi, you're here.
  17. >'sup?
  18. >Admiral, thanks for the bath. | Ah, are you two busy?
  19. >What have you done to KTKM-san, you horrible Admiral?!
  20. >C-c-c-c-c-could it be?!
  22. >Ah, that, the Destroyers just toppled a huge glass of coffee and soaked me, so I went to take a bath.
  23. >Speaking of which, right now the Destroyer are at the washing machine praying that there won't be any stains on my clothes (note: your clothes are vaguely coffee-colored anyway innit).
  24. >I-is that so?
  25. >Aohh?!
  26. >What was that, Ooichi? >Nothing, the Admiral just bit me just now. Eh-------
  27. >[where'd he bite you?]
  29. >Ahhhhh, KTKM-san, you're so brazen~ AH?!
  30. >[Goldfish in the sky....]
  31. >You two sure get along well.
  32. >Please don't stain please don't stain please don't stain poi please don't stain don't be stainin' yo
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