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  1. [20:32] Oath says, "..I need ya' for something."
  2. [20:32] Helos Fengari asks, "Oh jeez, what's up?"
  3. [20:32] Oath says, "Come come.."
  4. [20:32] Helos Fengari says, "Y'know, that answers my question but doesn't at the same time... I respect it."
  5. [20:32] Oath says, "...Oh, Im just testing something...a theory if you will."
  6. [20:33] Helos Fengari says, "Right, right."
  7. [20:34] Oath says, "Er..Dont mind us."
  8. [20:34] Dylerun Grauhimmel says, "Leave my premises, and I won't."
  9. [20:35] Oath says, "Right, Even though..ya arent a cosmic magi you can still help us with a test."
  10. [20:36] Oath says, "Essentually, just breathing in a sense to flow through our celestial taint through me to create the wings of the sealed one."
  11. [20:36] Oath says, "Since you're mage explain to use how you do so."
  12. [20:52] "Huh? OH that shouldn't be t'hard t'explain." The teen flashed one of his usual grins, as he rests folds his arms across his chest, his grey eyes never leaving the archon.
  14. "I just, y'know." Slowly, but surely cyan mana began to seep out from his body, as flashes of mana appeared around him."I just tap int' tha' mana in my circuits, and force it out, until I shroud myself in it.
  16. Like so."
  18. The wisps of energy burst forth, as the cyan mana erupted around him, completely and totally shroud himself in it.
  20. "I'm told there are ways, t'like… Bump it up a bit more? Though I dunno how t'do that."
  22. The teen simply shrugs at that.
  23. (Helos Fengari)
  24. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [21:05] There was a slight tapping from their chin as they let out a deep sigh. But beneath them there was that ever creeping mist that rose from them around the base of the magma ring that garrick had made. Even with the runes surrounding it glowed a visible crimson within the falling night. The true curse of the sealed ones.
  29. "You say that..yet its still foreign to use. Our celestial powers come from our very form and that of the moon. Yet...I tried a different method. With my celestial mana we simply call to it and it comes...instead now its a different style. Now im..going to simply try to contain it within a single cap. you well could guess, very well streamline it elsewhere."
  32. As if on que from what the demon had meant the archon had seemingly pooled their tainted celestial within a single ball. Even afterwards they had seemingly dispursed it. A slightly irritated visage upon their face after all.
  35. "...Any ideas? I still haven't quite figured it out internally simply just control my breathing."
  36. (Oath)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [21:27] Well that was surprising, really, really surprising, to him the concept of just forcing his mana out from his body, and shrouding himself in it was simple to him, and yet for Oath, it wasn't. Weird how that works.
  41. A hand would move from it's spot resting across his chest, and over to his chin, as he pondered what exactly he needed to say to Oath. There's a pause, a long one, before he finally decides to speak up once more.
  43. "Well, controlin' ya' breathin' will probably help, I think..."
  45. There's a shrug, as he moves his hands back to his side, as his grey eyes dart away from Oath, only for a moment, before his gaze returned to the archon.
  47. "Well, hm... Have ya' tried just screamin' real-... wait, no that's a bad idea.
  49. Just... Close your eyes, and imagine your circuits, picture them, and then like... Try to force the thing out? It's kinda just a natural process to me, so who knows?"
  51. A hand would be brought up towards the top of his head, scratching it, before letting out yet another sigh.
  53. "Err... Focus on what drives you, let that fuel your mana, and then use that to like, make it burst forth? S-Sorry, I'm real shit at explaining certain things."
  54. (Helos Fengari)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [21:43] There was a slight hiss of air from the demon as they exhaled briefly only to inhale for a split second. Vermilion eyes that were usually lazily focused upon things seemed to be more focused on something else in the distance. Although there were no words they spoke outloud there was a distant wind that soon lead to the thunderous crowding of whispers that somehow snuck within Helo's head. Yet through all the rampant whisperings of madness a single voice cut clear through it all.
  59. ", That could work for this situation."
  61. And just like that the whispers simply disappeared. Only for them to resurface once more like a creeping mist, only this time they sounded muffled, as if the connection was drifting apart.
  63. "Oh yes, forgive me. I dont use this form of...communication for this very reason."
  65. And once more they vanished like the morning dew as the archon simply sat in the snow. Vermilions eyes slowly darting to and fro through a new light. The very air they seemed to breath began to shift a different color. A dull vermilion spread forth from within it as they worked on their breathing.
  67. For it to simply go on for well over a few hours of simply working upon their breathing after all, to create a new blessing they needed to move step by step after all.
  69. Yet after all that time the archon stood up, exhaling once then halfway staggering forward only to catch themselves. A clear sign it had done more than simply enchance their breathing for a moment.
  71. "....Hm. Its..a painful experiance, but its a work in progress after all."
  72. (Oath)
  73. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75. [21:54] As he floated above the ground, staring at Oath, something strange happened. The cacophony of whispers that already plagued his mind were joined by more, and more, and yet through all of the different voices rebounding through his mind, a single one stuck out.
  77. That voice, being' Oath's.
  79. At first, the teen winced, he was of course used to voices in his head, but something about the way the Archon's voice scrapped at the side of his mind, in a sort of clawing sensation felt all throughout his mind. It wasn't pleasant.
  81. Not in the slightest.
  83. Deep breaths, Helos, deep breaths. The teen forced a smile across his face, as he nodded along to Oath's words. It seems like his advice had proven to be rather useful, or at the very least it gave Oath something to think about.
  85. Which was good, progress was progress after all.
  87. And as the Archon spoke up once more, this time not in his mind, but aloud, the teen would let out a hearty check, as he flashed Oath a thumbs up.
  89. "Practice makes perfect, give it time and I'm sure you'll have it mastered. After all, yer an archon, if ya' can't, who will?"
  90. (Helos Fengari)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [22:03] Another heave of their breath before they coughed slightly before they gave a slight nod. A deep inhale before they let out a deep sigh afterwards. After this? They needed to prepare...and prepare for their church raid after all.
  96. "Right...With this tested out, all I need to do now is to prepare for our raid upon a church..where you'll get your very own material made from our sealed ones image...Though we're going to need a lot of lax essances, healiing elixars..and food for you of course."
  98. A deep shrug before the archon seemed to regain their composure after a while before ushering their acolyite back towards the mountain.
  99. (Oath)
  100. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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