Vice - Canterlot Vice 2: Love Interests of a Vice Cop

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >You are driving with Rico on your way to pick up celestia and Luna.
  2. "Say Rico, Think Luna will like what I'm wearing?"
  3. >You are wearing a white sports jacket with a blue polo underneath, while Dockers and a pair of white moccasins, with a tag heuer watch.
  4. >"Of course she will, you know what they say opposites attract."
  5. >Rico took the coupe because it can take 4 people, Rico and you arrive at the two lovely ladies house.
  6. >They both walk out looking stunning.
  7. >Luna wearing a midnight blue dress gown with a crescent moon on the thigh.
  8. >Celestia is wearing a white dinner dress with full sun on the shoulder.
  9. >Luna walks up to you and plants a big kiss on your cheek to which then she hugs you.
  10. >Celestia kisses Rico on the lips and smiles at him, you both open the corresponding door to where you are going to sit and let them in.
  11. >They both oblige and sit in the car.
  12. >You sit next to Luna while Celestia sits next to Rico in the front seat.
  13. >"So what do you two do for a living?"
  14. >Luna asks quickly before Rico drives to the Restaurant.
  15. "Well beautiful we are vice cops, we tail down drug dealers, prostitution rings, gang all that stuff."
  16. >"Sure do, just a few days ago we busted a crack house down the street from the school."
  17. >"We heard about that, we also heard that Anon here comforted a family whose father was shot and killed by a drug dealer, is this true?"
  18. >You say nothing for a little bit then confess.
  19. "Yeah I did, it was the same shooter as the one who killed Flash and who invaded the school."
  20. >"He's dead now, he shot 4 officers before he died, a damn shame we lost good men.".
  21. >The group arrives at the restaurant.
  22. >"The Big steak."
  23. >"Fanciest restaurant in canterlot, is this true? girls?"
  24. >They look at each other and respond.
  25. >"Yes it is."
  26. "perfect for you too then
  27. [YouTube] Miami Vice Theme HD
  29. >You walk in with your dates with crosses elbows.
  30. >"Hey valet? Don't ruin the car."
  31. >The kid nods and runs off.
  32. >"Do you have a reservation? Sir."
  33. "Of course I do, four for Anon."
  34. >"Right this way my guests."
  35. >He leads you over to booth, luxury leather and mahogany table, perfect."
  36. >You sit next to Luna and across from Rico, while Rico does the same, sits next to Celestia and across from you.
  37. >The waiter comes by and hands the group 4 menus.
  38. >"Can I get you each started with a drink?"
  39. >The girls order specialty wines, while Rico and you order Cuban rum.
  40. "So Luna what do you do at the school?"
  41. >"I am the vice principal I take care of everything else that needs to be done."
  42. >You smile, and try to avoid saying something extremely cheesy, so you take another sip of your rum.
  43. >Rico chuckles a bit after looking at your awkward smile.
  44. >It comes out you say something extremely cheesy.
  45. "Well your no vice principal to me, you're the full principal."
  46. >Rico gets up.
  47. >"I'll be right back I just have to go wash up."
  48. "I have to go too."
  49. >You follow Rico to the restroom and enter behind him.
  50. >You take a leak and wash up but before leaving you have a talk with Rico.
  51. "What the hell was I going to say man? I've lost my touch."
  52. >"Don't worry man I'm here for you. If you need any help I got you."
  53. >You look out at the table, THE GIRLS ARE GONE, the table is a mess it looks like a kidnapping.
  55. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Evan - (Miami Vice)
  57. >You rush out of the bathroom, no wonder nobody was here, and you were given a free reservation.
  58. >They weren't even really open, it was just for you and them, it was a trap.
  59. >Rico pulls out his gun as 4 thugs run off with the girls in their van.
  60. "C'mon Rico, we need to get our dates back."
  61. >He follows you out to the car.
  62. "I'm driving."
  63. >The valet hands you the keys, you start the car and floor it following the van.
  64. >Rico fires his pistol at the van's tires.
  65. >"No luck man bullet proof tires."
  66. "Shit, let's just follow them until they stop."
  67. >You follow them in a high speed chase and follow them into a back alley, where they exit and enter a building.
  68. >You get a phone call.
  69. >"Hello Anon, we have your lovely ladies, and I bet you want to see them again...."
  70. "Put them on the goddamn phone you scumbag."
  71. >He obliges and puts them on.
  72. >"Please Anon! help us."
  73. "Don't worry Luna We'll get you."
  74. >He takes the phone back.
  75. >"You'll get your dates back, all we want is immunity from the police for drug smuggling."
  76. "Fine, done deal, I'll put the call in right away."
  77. >You get off the phone and the girls are released from the building.
  78. >Luna runs out and hugs you tightly she is scared.
  79. >Celestia is calm but she is also somewhat scared.
  80. >"Are you insane Anon you can't just do that."
  81. >The kidnappers come out and start laughing.
  82. "What's so funny?"
  83. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Clues (Miami Vice)
  85. >He pulls out a shotgun.
  86. >"Make the call now or be killed."
  87. >You make a move for your phone and set your gun down.
  88. >You dial the number for the Vice offices.
  89. "Hey matt we need a little favor, send in the immunity squad."
  90. >"Got it anon."
  91. >The kidnapper smirks and laughs again.
  92. >"Looks like we got the deal done, but you aren't coming home alive tonight."
  93. >At that moment you go for your pistol, draw it and fire at the kidnappers.
  94. "Girls get behind the car, NOW!!"
  95. >The 2 run behind the car and duck down, as the shootout ensues, Rico and You also find cover.
  97. >The squad arrives exits their cars and each pullout with a 40mm S&W (TM)
  98. "Rico go in, I'll be right behind you."
  100. >The kidnappers stop in their tracks and surrender, you also come in and arrest them.
  101. >The immunity squad takes them to the police station.
  102. >The girls are traumatized, you comfort Luna in the back of the car, and Rico heads home to your house where you cook them dinner and treat them with a good night.
  103. "Listen Luna we're sorry this happened tonight."
  104. >"It's fine, it was actually invigorating to have someone save us."
  105. >She smiles and is also embarrassed.
  106. >You give her a soft kiss on the forehead.
  107. >Rico and Celestia have run off to their home, Celestia seemed extremely happy, and really in love.
  108. >It's just you and Luna now, you start to love this night and even so does Luna.
  109. "Do you want to go to my room Luna?"
  110. >"Yes that would be nice."
  111. >She gives you a seductive look, and you both head to your room.
  112. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Marina (Miami Vice)
  114. >When the two of you arrive at your room you open the door for Luna, let yourself in and shut the door behind you.
  115. >Luna jumps on the bed with joy and seduction.
  116. >You jump on next to her.
  117. "They say not to have sex on the first date."
  118. >You smirk, she giggles.
  119. >"Well then they didn't account for us."
  120. >She winks and starts to take of your shirt, you get her comfortable by taking off her dress, reveling a sexy lingerie bra and pair of panties.
  121. >Your body tired from a long day at the office are rejuvenated by a kiss, on your abs.
  122. >She unbuttons your pants and pulls them down, as you unstrapped her bra and took it off.
  123. >Perfect tits, not to big not too small.
  124. "You are just so beautiful, my lovely."
  125. >She giggles just a bit and kisses you on the lips.
  126. >She gets on top of you and takes off her panties as your dick starts to poke through your underwear.
  127. >"Why don't you let me take those off?"
  128. >She slowly pulls them off to reveal an erection, to then she grabs and strokes a bit, before placing her wet pussy over.
  129. >She moans as her body wiggles in your hands, perfect contours and curves, the perfect woman in bed.
  130. "I love you."
  131. >She stops and looks at you confused.
  132. "It's been so long since I've felt a woman's touch."
  133. >She places her fingers on your lips.
  134. >"Shhhhh, It's all about you tonight honey."
  135. >You shut up and enjoy the sex, damn she is good you think to yourself.
  136. >"Give me more."
  137. >You start pumping harder and faster.
  138. >"Give me your love."
  139. >You do after another 20 minutes you finally cum.
  140. >You haven't lost your stamina what so ever.
  141. >After you are complete she is fast asleep, passing out from the rush.
  142. >You tuck her in and turn off the light, it's time to sleep.
  144. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Angelina Flashback (Miami Vice)
  146. "Freeze mother fucker."
  147. >The gunshot goes off into Luna's back, as you shoot the kidnappers in the head.
  148. "NOOOOOO, how could I let this happen?"
  149. >You get down on both knees and start getting mad, really mad, to the point where you pull the gun to your head and pull the trigger.
  150. [Bang]
  151. >Suddenly you wake up, stare into space and look at Luna.
  152. >The nightmare woke you up and you can't sleep.
  153. >"Time 2:30 AM."
  154. >You get out of bed and put on some boxers and walkout to the living room, turn on a few dim lights and sit down on the couch.
  155. >You start to contemplate what happened last night.
  156. >4 hours pass and Luna wakes up and walks out to see you sleeping on the couch.
  157. >"Hmm, I wonder what happened last night to him?"
  158. >"I'll make him some breakfast."
  159. >You wake up.
  160. >"BEEP BEEP BEEP!"
  161. >Luna is doing her best impression of an alarm clock, to then when she sees your eyes open she pecks your forehead with a kiss.
  162. "Good morning Luna, did you sleep well?"
  163. >"I most certainly did, what about you my love?"
  164. "Awful, I had this nightmare."
  165. >"Would you like to talk about it?"
  166. "No, not right now, it was a long night for me."
  167. >You smell bacon and eggs.
  168. "Is that breakfast I smell?"
  169. >She smiles.
  170. >"Yes it is."
  171. >You give her a hug and a kiss, the date July 26th, 2015, a Sunday and your son's birthday, who is living with his girlfriend near college, you should call him.
  172. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - The Talk (Miami Vice)
  174. >You start to eat your breakfast, damn she is a good cook.
  175. "Wow , this is amazing Luna, where did you learn to cook so well?"
  176. >She giggles.
  177. >"My mother taught me how to, she was always so good at cooking too."
  178. "That's pretty cool, hey can you grab me the phone? I need to call my son."
  179. >She looks at you kind of annoyed.
  180. >"You have a son?"
  181. "Yeah, sorry I should've mentioned that, well here's the story, he's in college it's his birthday. 5 years ago I was happily married to my wife, but I...."
  182. >You stop and look down and place you hands on your face in frustration.
  183. "She was taking hostage and there was nothing I could do, she was killed by kidnappers, just like you were taken by kidnappers, but you survived. I'm sorry, my son couldn't forgive me after what happened."
  184. >She looks at you with shock.
  185. >Luna comes over and gives you a hug, as you start to cry.
  186. >You try to suck up the tears and give her a kiss on the cheek.
  187. >3 hours later.
  188. >You dial the phone, the phone is answered.
  190. >"Thanks dad, I miss you."
  191. "I miss you too, listen when you come back I want to go on a sailing trip with you, how does that sound?"
  192. >"WOW really that sounds amazing."
  193. "Perfect, son I love you, see you soon."
  194. >"I love you too dad."
  195. >You hang up the phone.
  196. "Hey Luna, do you want me to take you home?"
  197. >"No I want to stay, but let's go to my house so I can get some stuff and get my car."
  198. >You show her to your Testarosa.
  199. >She is awing at it, you open the door for her, and you drive to her house where she grabs some of her stuff and gets into her car.
  200. >She follows your car on the way back, you start to think to yourself
  201. "I finally found a new soul mate I love, who loves me"
  203. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Incoming (Miami Vice)
  205. >You arrive at your house and swing open the door and step out.
  206. >She parks next to your car and also steps, out.
  207. >You help her take in some of her cloths to your room.
  208. >She rewards you with a big kiss and a hug.
  209. >3 weeks passed by from when you went on your first date.
  210. >You can comfortably sleep with her and she can comfortably call you her boyfriend, the same is going on with Rico and Celestia.
  211. >The two have sold their house but still see each other every day.
  212. "So Luna how was work today?"
  213. >"Ugh it was awful, we had a kid today who went crazy and started to throw food in the cafeteria."
  214. "Aw I'm sorry."
  215. >You go up to her and give her a big kiss on the lips, she gets into it.
  216. "Say darling, how about I take you out tonight, just you and me?"
  217. >"That would be great."
  218. >She lets go and starts to get ready.
  219. >You enter the bathroom with her as you put on some cologne and start the shower.
  220. >For some reason she loves taking showers with you, rubbing on your cock in the shower and having sex with you in the shower.
  221. "By the way honey my son is coming home college in a week, we will be going for a sailing trip just me and him for a whole week, I hope you don't mind."
  222. >"Of course I don't mind, you've told me like 4 times in the past week."
  223. >As she grabs your dick in the show she starts to suck it.
  224. >You wonder how she got so good at pleasuring you and if Celestia is this good.
  225. >Why are you thinking about Celestia?
  226. >Probably because she reminds you of your wife.
  227. >You've kept having nightmares of Luna getting killed just like your wife was.
  228. "Keep sucking, make me cum, my princess."
  229. >She giggles.
  230. >You cum and she swallows, she stands up and lets you suck her nipples.
  231. >You suck them enough where you start to taste the lactate.
  232. >When you are done you start to use soap and wash up.
  233. >After the shower is done you shave, gel your hair and get dressed.
  234. >"Race you to the car, whoever wins drives."
  235. "Sure sounds good."
  236. [YouTube] Lionel Richie - All Night Long (All Night)
  238. >You start racing, on your way there you grab her purse and other personals along with your phone and wallet and literally pick her up.
  239. >"Whoa what are you doing?"
  240. >She is starting to laugh, a lot.
  241. >You arrive at the Testarosa and set her down.
  242. "Looks like you win."
  243. >"Anon, you're the sweetest man I've ever known."
  244. >To that she kisses you on the lips as you open the driver side door for her.
  245. >You hand her the key, she slides it in and turns it clockwise.
  246. >With a sudden burst the car roars, [Vruuum].
  247. >She jumps.
  248. "Whoa."
  249. >You chuckle a bit as she hits the clutch and changes it to reverse.
  250. >You've been teaching her how to drive stick, she has gotten very good.
  251. >She backs out of the driveway, changes to first gear to turn to the left and go forward and speeds off changing gears every time she feels like it is necessary.
  252. "You've gotten good, really good."
  253. >"Wow really anon?"
  254. "Hell yeah, just need a little more work, you should be able to change gears quick."
  255. >"Where did you learn that?"
  256. "Oh just an old friend of mine."
  257. >You have a great night out on the town with her, a few days pass by and your love with her is getting very strong, you have really grown close with her, but then your son comes home.
  258. >The day your son comes home.
  259. "Hey son."
  260. >He stands there quietly.
  261. >You help him unload his car and more, an old pickup truck 1973 ford.
  262. "Listen there is someone I would like you to meet."
  263. >his ears perk up.
  264. >"Who would that be Dad?"
  265. >You go up to him and give him a hug.
  266. >You start to sob.
  267. >"What wrong?"
  268. >He looks you dead in the eyes and says.
  269. >"I already know who it is, you don't have to hide it from me, I'm cool with her, just let me help you, I miss mom as much as you do, but she would of wanted to be replaced by someone whom loves you like she did."
  270. "But I got her killed, I keep having those same nightmares, it was my fault."
  272. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme [HD]
  274. >"No it wasn't dad, I understand you don't want to lose this one now, you need to relax, you need to retire."
  275. >You look at him with a concerning look and finally concede.
  276. "I think you're right son, it's time to give it up, I'll give it some thought."
  277. >He hugs you hard, squeezing tight, and you whisper in his ear.
  278. "I don't want to lose you either."
  279. >Luna walks out and see's your son Jake.
  280. >"Hello you must be Jake, he talks a lot about you."
  281. >You become embarrassed.
  282. >"That's good he's always keeping me in his head, anyways I'm going to head into my room."
  283. "Sounds good son, you should get your cloths cleaned, we are leaving in a few days."
  284. >"Got it dad."
  285. >She comes over by you.
  286. >"I can see you are very happy about having your son home, just don't forget about me."
  287. "How could I? I love you more than you think, just don't forget our love isn't platonic."
  288. >You give her a peck on the lips.
  289. >"Should I get dinner ready darlings?"
  290. "That would be great."
  291. >The night goes well so do the few days, so you head off to work and greet Rico.
  292. "Hey Rico."
  293. >"Hey anon, how was your night?"
  294. "Rough. More nightmares, but my son finally came home, what about you bud?"
  295. >"Amazing Celestia made this traditional Colombian dish that was just absolutely outstanding."
  296. "That sounds great."
  297. >"What's wrong anon."
  298. "I don't know."
  299. >"I told you anon, nothing would go that well with your son."
  300. "Yeah you sure told me, you know the next time I need advice from you I'll come."
  301. >You storm off, angered.
  302. >"Anon come on, you know that's not what I meant."
  303. >You get in your car and go driving, and you start to contemplate.
  304. >Your phone starts to ring, it your home phone.
  305. "Hey?"
  306. "Dad help!!!!!!"
  307. "Hang on son I'll be there hang on."
  308. [YouTube] Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)
  310. >What is going on, you hang up the phone and speed off towards home.
  311. >You heard a gunshot before you hung up.
  312. >You arrive in front a black car is hanging out in front also.
  313. >You call for backup.
  314. >You exit the car and run to the front door with your pistol in your hands.
  315. >You can hear chatter.
  316. >You kick open the door and point the guns at the thugs hanging out in the living room.
  317. >Where is Luna, you saw her car when you arrived.
  318. >Your son is there, screaming for help.
  319. >The thugs see you and aim their guns at you.
  320. >Before they can fire you shoot 2 of them in the head and duck behind cover.
  321. >Luna comes out with the pistol you keep in the dresser and takes out the other 2 that were there.
  322. >You run to comfort your son.
  323. "I'm so sorry Jake, I put this on you, I'm so sorry."
  324. >He is just sitting there doing nothing but hugging you back.
  325. >"It's not your fault dad, I promise you, I love you so much."
  326. "I love you so much son."
  327. >Luna looks un amused and storms out
  328. >You break the hug and chase her.
  329. >"Why is it always about your son, what about me? I still need your love."
  330. "I love you don't get me wrong, but my son needs me more than ever, you've gotten so much love from me I need to start sharing it with my son, and you need to accept that too."
  331. >You give her a hug and a kiss.
  332. "I still love you."
  333. >"I love you too darling, but I need you to love me for as long as you still can.
  334. "You know I will."
  335. >You get her into a deep loving kiss.
  336. >You let her go and then go back to your son.
  337. "Listen bud how can I make this up to you?"
  338. >"Leave the force."
  340. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - The Trial And The Search (Miami Vice)
  342. >"Yes."
  343. >The next day you eat breakfast have a coffee, and drive to the department.
  344. >You enter the building and go to Rico.
  345. "I'm quitting."
  346. >"What you can't do that now, we got a big bust here."
  347. "My family was just attacked by a bunch of thugs, what the hell should I do?"
  348. >"Give it one last bust, and then I'll quit with you, Celestia has been urging me to do the same."
  349. "My son told me to do it."
  350. >"Well the last bust is the biggest one we have ever gotten, the FBI is becoming corrupt with taking bribes on Drugs that have been getting into the city and they aren't allowing us to get to it."
  351. "Holy shit, well then it's time to get it done."
  352. >You go over the plans with your family they agree that you can do this last bust.
  353. >You get everything ready for the bust, and in a few days you are ready
  354. >"Are you ready anon, we are meeting the bust squad over at the bridge by where we are dealing.
  355. "This is it bud, it's time to finish off our career."
  356. >You drive to the bridge and meet the squad, you get out and they point their guns at you.
  357. "What the hell is going on?"
  358. >"Don't you know, the FBI is our employers, and we can't have a couple of shitty vice cops make us lose our jobs, after all we have families too."
  359. "What do you want us to do?"
  360. >"Quit the force, and get rid of the warrants for our arrest."
  361. >You look at Rico and back at them, you throw your badges on the ground and they lower their guns.
  362. "How about that you scumbags."
  363. >He laughs.
  364. >"Thank you."
  365. >As soon as they are about to leave, Jesse comes by.
  366. >"Hey boys."
  367. >He picks up your badges and hands them to you.
  368. >"You aren't leaving just yet."
  369. "Sorry Jesse, we made up our minds."
  370. >You keep the badges and drive off to the marina, where your boat is settled.
  371. >Rico and you exit the car.
  372. "It was a good run, wasn't It Rico?"
  373. >"It sure was."
  374. >You both throw your badges into the water and go your separate ways.
  375. "Hey Rico, keep in contact with me, you are my best friend."
  377. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Last Flight (Miami Vice)
  379. >You smile at each other and he walks off to his car.
  380. >A few years have passed by, you quit the force and got married to Luna, Rico got married to Celestia.
  381. >You took your son on the sailing trip like you promised.
  382. >Things have gone well since you left, and your life is finally complete. You job now is being a father, because you have another kid.
  383. [YouTube] Jan Hammer - Rico's Blues (Miami Vice)
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