Halloween Login Bonus Story (Day 1 - 5)

Oct 26th, 2018
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  1. ==================================
  2. We Invite You to a Delightful Halloween!
  3. Halloween Login Bonus 2018 Story
  4. Day 1
  5. ==================================
  7. Kako: HAAAAAH!!
  8. Witch: ...!!
  9. Kako: Now, Emiri-san!
  10. Emiri: Oh yeah! How's this--!?
  12. >Witch dodges
  14. Emiri: Nuaaah! It dodged!?
  15. Witch: ...!!!!
  16. Emiri: WAAAAH!?
  18. Kako: Emiri-saaaan!!
  22. Emiri: ...
  23. Karin: Whew... That was easy. It is my job to defend the weak. Where there are people seeking help, Magical Karin will be there! Nanoda! Haaaahahaha! [1]
  24. Emiri: ..........Th...
  25. Karin: W, What's wrong...?
  26. Kako: Emiri-san! Are you okay!?
  27. Karin: ...Oh! Don't tell me, were you hurt!?
  28. Emiri: was great!!
  29. Karin: ...Eh?
  30. Emiri: Aren't you just incredible!? Like, wow!
  31. Karin: Eheheh...
  32. Emiri: You saved us right when we were in a tight spot, like, thanks! Geez, are you God or something!? I'm Emiri! Hey, what's your name? Do you go by Magical Karin?
  33. Karin: Ah...u, uh...
  34. Emiri: Hey, hey! MagiKari! How long've you been doing this rescue stuff? You said "Trick and Treat" but does that mean you're into Halloween!? Now that I've got a good look at you, that outfit totally seems Halloweeny!
  35. Karin: Uuu.... You're...You're being too pushy~~!
  36. Emiri: Ah! Hey, wait!
  37. Kako: Eh... Um, who was that just now...?
  38. Emiri: Gunuuuu~~~... She got away... MagiKari... We'll definitely have another chat again sometime!
  40. ==================================
  41. Day 2
  42. ==================================
  44. >Kako: Emiri-san said that she wanted to talk to "MagiKari"-san, the one who saved us when we were in a pinch, once again no matter what. And so we...
  47. Emiri: I...will take part in the Hallow Tes!
  50. >Kako: The Hallow Tes Emiri-san is talking about is a Halloween contest that the stores in the shopping district decided to host at the same time as its Getsumatsu City. It's an event where people compete by wearing their own handmade costumes, and they decide who feels the most like Halloween out of those people, but...
  53. Emiri: If I compete in a Halloween event, then I'm sure I'll meet her again!
  54. Kako: I see... Emiri-san, you're also going to dress up in a costume and wait for her...!
  55. Emiri: Hm--mm? I'm going to take part as a judge! Alrighty! I'm gonna go ask the shopping district's guy!
  56. Kako: Ah, hey...! ........ ...Fufuu, geez, that's our Emiri-san...!
  60. Natsuki: Huh, a contest, huh...!
  61. Kako: I'm thinking about participating myself.
  62. Natsuki: Yeah, yeah. You need to aim for first place. After all, this is a contest we're talking about, right? Goooo goooo Kako! Go Fight Win!
  63. Kako: N, No! I'm not really aiming for first place or anything...
  64. Natsuki: Ehh? You're not...?
  65. Kako: I just thought that if there are more participants and everyone gets excited, then maybe, the shopping district's Getsumatsu City will also be more successful...
  66. Natsuki: ... I get it, so that's why you decided to participate too.
  67. Kako: Yes...! Even if there's one more person, it might not change the situation that much, but...
  68. Natsuki: Fufuu! It's okay! When it's your turn to come out, Kako, I'll liven things up with an extra loud cheer!
  69. Kako: .......Um, Natsuki-san!
  70. Natsuki: Huh?
  71. Kako: Natsuki-san, could you participate in the contest too!?
  72. Natsuki: ...Eeeeeh?
  73. Kako: I do think that your idea of getting people excited with cheers is really good too, but...
  74. Natsuki: If there are more participants, then the competition itself will also heat up and it'll definitely liven things up...!
  75. Kako: Eh...
  76. Natsuki: I get what you're saying, it's the same with sports too! I'm always the one in charge of cheering, but... That's okay, I'll participate too!
  77. Kako: Natsuki-san...! Thank you so much...!
  79. ==================================
  80. Day 3
  81. ==================================
  83. >Kako: And so, Natsuki-san and I decided to participate in the shopping district's Halloween Contest.
  84. >We kind of decided on designs for our own costumes and went to the craft store to buy the materials.
  87. Kako: Wow... there's this many materials...!
  88. Natsuki: I wonder if they have a Halloween corner~...?
  89. Kako: Ah, maybe it's over there? Where that girl is standing right now.
  90. Natsuki: You're right! let's go!
  93. Karin: H---m...I don't see it anywhere... And I thought it would be where the Halloween corner is... I have no choice, I'll have to ask the clerk...! Excuse me... I have something I'd like to ask you!
  94. Clerk: Yes? What's wrong?
  95. Karin: There's several materials I want...I'd like you to look and see if you have the materials I've written down in this!
  96. Clerk: Ah...sure...Um... Sausage, potatoes, cabbage...? Miss, we don't sell food products here but...
  97. Karin: Ahh! That's the wrong one! That's my errand note! Um...ummm...! It's gone... I don't have the note...!? Did I drop it somewhere...?
  100. Natsuki: Looks like that girl is in trouble...
  101. Kako: Yes........ Huh? There's a piece of paper on the ground...
  103. >Flap...
  105. >Note: - An orange ribbon to turn into a pumpkin
  106. - Red and green cloth to use for Halloween clothes
  107. - Black fabric to make the cape
  109. Natsuki: That... might be that girl's notes!
  110. Kako: I'll give it to her!
  113. Clerk: Um...?
  114. Karin: This is bad... If I don't have my notes I can't explain it very well...!
  116. Kako: Excuse me!
  117. Karin: Y, Yes!?
  118. Kako: Um... Is this your note?
  119. Karin: ...Ah! It is! Clerk-san, I'd like these materials!
  120. Clerk: Okay... I see, so you wanted these, correct? I'll guide you to where they are, please follow me.
  122. Kako: Ah... I was looking for the same materials in that note. Do you mind if we go together...?
  123. Karin: Of course!
  124. Kako: Thank you very much...!
  125. Karin: No, I'm the one who should thank you. Seriously, thank you so much!
  127. ==================================
  128. Day 4
  129. ==================================
  131. >Kako: After we finished buying all the material we needed to make our costumes for the Halloween Contest, we started making them right away.
  132. >As your friends helped you with parts that are hard to make yourself and in turn, you helped them with other parts and stuff, eventually our costumes were finally done!
  134. Natsuki: Fufuu, I wonder if this looks okay...?
  135. Natsuki's Brother: Heeey, Natsukiii---
  136. Natsuki: Waaah? Onii-chan! You'll give me a heart attack if you just barge in here like that!
  137. Natsuki's Brother: Ahhh, my bad, sorry. Hey wait, is that for Halloween? Lookin' good--
  138. Natsuki: Really!? Thanks! Onii-chan!
  141. Kako: Dad, look, look! This is the costume I'm going to wear for the upcoming Halloween Contest.
  142. Kako's Dad: It looks really good on you, Kako! But... wasn't that Halloween Contest canceled...?
  143. Kako: Eh...?
  145. >Kako: The Halloween Contest that everyone in the shopping district had been planning out had been canceled because the construction of the stage and preparations couldn't be done in time. On top of that, there weren't enough participants...
  148. Kako: No way... ............... (I absolutely can't let things end like this...Not just for myself, but for the sake of everyone who helped me make this costume...!) ..........Yeah. I'll contact Natsuki-san and Emiri-san...!
  152. >Kako: Emiri-san, Natsuki-san and I split up and went around the shops in the shopping district to ask that they cooperate and support Halloween.
  155. Guy: ...I see, so that's what this stamp is for.
  156. Kako: Yes! Can I count on you to...?
  157. Guy: Sure! Since you're the one asking, Kako-chan.
  158. Kako: Thank you very much...!!
  161. Natsuki: If customers come dressed up in costumes, I want you to give them candy! You don't have to give them the expensive kinds, just small candies or chocolates...
  162. Old lady A: Sure. I can't do much, but if that's all I have to do, then I'll help too.
  163. Natsuki: Thank you soo much!
  166. Emiri: Ahhhh, if MagiKari shows up, then let me know!
  167. Old lady B: Who's that? Um... that MagiKari girl you're talking about?
  168. Emiri: Uhhh, she's like a super uber Halloween tier sparkling girl~~...
  169. Old lady B: Sparkling...?
  172. >Kako: We got everyone in the shopping district to promise that they'd help out. And finally, tomorrow's Halloween itself...!
  174. ==================================
  175. Day 5
  176. ==================================
  178. >Kako: Finally, today's the shopping district's Getsumatsu City & Halloween...! [2]
  181. Natsuki: Yaaaay! Happy Halloweeeeen! Thanks for coming to Getsumatsu City! For those of you who are wearing costumes, they're handing out ca---ndy in the shopping district!
  182. Kako: There's also a stamp rally going on for those who aren't wearing costumes! Collect all the stamps and receive an assortment box of candies!
  184. Old Lady A: My, that sounds like fun.
  185. Boy A: Mom! I wanna try that!
  186. Boy's Mom: Sure, let's go visit.
  189. >Crowd: Zawazawa...zawa...
  192. Kako: I didn't expect this many costumers to come...
  193. Natsuki: Yeah...! It's a good thing everyone in the shopping district decided to help out!
  194. Kako: Yes!
  197. >Kako: The Halloween Contest was cancelled but...
  200. Emiri: Are you ready? I'm about to tell you all about how cool MagiKari is, okay? Here I go... this is... what it truly feels like to be Halloweeny! "Trick and Treat"!
  202. Girl A: Owwww!? Onee-chan, don't throw candy!
  203. Boy B: Wowwww... Coooool...!
  205. Natsuki: Ah, you came dressed in a costume, didn't you? Here, you'll get some candy if you visit the shops.
  206. Girl A: But...but...
  207. Natsuki: Nn? Are you embarrassed...? It's okay! Your costume's cute and it looks good on you, so have some confidence in yourself! You - Can - Do - It!
  209. >Kako: We also had the full cooperation of the shopping district, so Getsumatsu City was a huge success! I'm really glad that the costumers also enjoyed Halloween...!
  211. Karin: ...? What's with this crowd of people...? Everyone looks like they're really having fun...!
  213. >???: HAPPY HALLOWEEEN!
  215. Karin: Hyaaah?
  216. Kako: Ah, you're the one from before...!
  217. Karin: Y, You're...! ...And... that outfit...
  218. Kako: Yes... This outfit is very important to me because I made it with help from everyone...!
  219. Karin: Yeah...! That's a very nice costume...!
  220. Kako: Eheheh... Thank you very much....!
  222. >Kako: I hope everyone will have a very fun Halloween next year too...!
  224. ==================================
  225. [1] = As usual, Karin ends most if not all of her sentences with "nano" or "nanoda". She does in fact say "nanoda" by itself here, so I left it untranslated.
  226. [2] = Took me five days to realize "Getsumatsu City" is actually likely the name of the event in the shopping district. By the way, Getsumatsu means "end of month". Hence, this is an event that takes place at the end of the month and Halloween just happens to be going on at the same time, so they combined the two events here. Sorry for the mistake and any triggering inconveniences.
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