Half-Moon in Equestria 36

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  1. It's been less than an hour since Anonymous left for Canterlot, and yet you can feel that something terrible has happened. You, Cadence and Trixie are back at the hospital, along with spike who suddenly burps up a letter.
  2. You immediately rip off the seal and open it.
  4. *To: Twilight, Trixie, Cadence and Shining Armor.*
  6. Reading this, you start reading aloud. "I wish I could say there was good news, but their isn't. The princesses don't know anything about it, and whats worse, we stumbled upon the fact the essence of Chaos left behind by Discord has been released. Under orders, the Elements re to be worn at all times, and you all are requested to keep an eye out for chaotic happenings. I will be remaining here for a time, so take care.
  7. From Anonymmous."
  8. Attached to the letter are a few pages outlining a basic training schedule gor both you and Trixie, as well as the guards. There is even a schedule for your brother, and you roll it all up. "Trixie? Could you go and get Applejack, fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity? Have them meet me at my home while I get the elements."
  9. She sighs "Since Anon requested it, I suppose..." before vanishing with a teleport. Teleporting back to your house, you start sifting through the books on the shelfs, searching for the one that contains the Elements of Harmony.
  10. Pinkie comes bouncing in just as you locate the book. "Twilight! Hey guess whats happening! Its super duper fun and sweetandtastyand..."
  11. "Pinkie!" You exclaim "Now is not the time  for this. Discords Chaos got loose and we have to stop it."
  12. "But Twilight..."
  13. "No, Pinkie. We have to wait for the others and then put on the elements."
  14. She turns away from you "Fine then, more cotton candy clouds for me."
  15. "Pinkie... Did you just say cotton candy clouds?"
  16. "YEAH! ISN'T IT GREAT! And whats even better is they are floating on the ground and raining up!!"
  17. You immediately stow the Elements in a saddlebag, grab a notepad and follow Pinkie outside. Cotton candy clouds float everywhere, and many a pony are eating them. Prodding one reveals they are slightly spongey, much how they are normally for pegasii.
  18. Pinkie takes a chomp out of it, and it releases a small squirt of chocolate milk, which she catches in her mouth. Trixie appears beside you, lacking the usual cloud of purple smoke, and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy come flying in. Applejack and Rarity arrive soon after, and you levitate each of them their Element.
  19. "As you can see, chaos has gotten loose, but the problem is, it doesn't have a host." You say, setting your tiara on your head. "Its our job to track it down and deal with it while Anon is at Canterlot getting something dealt with." Pulling out a bunch of notebooks, you pass them out along with ink pots and quills. "We need to spread out and record what chaos we find, and where we found it. With that information, we should be able to find it easily."
  20. Everyone splits up, and you start writing a reply to Celestia and Anonymous.
  23. Twilight and Trixie sit across the table from you, a wonderful meal laid out between you. "Go ahead Anon, we made it for you." Trixie says, gesturing out at the food.
  24. As you start loading your plate, Twilight says "We realy want to appologize. Our behaviour has been apaling, and we want this to be our first step in changing."
  25. A warm smile appears on your face, and you reach over the table and scratch each of them behind the ear. "I'm glad, though the problem is partly my fault." Sitting back, you take a sip of wine. "When I offered to take Trixie as a student, I knew all about your little encounter. I chose her on purpose because rivalries often help alchemists push themselves to new heights. What I didn't expect was for your dislike to run so deep, causing all these problems."
  26. They share a glance, before sighing. "Actually, we don't dislike eachother all that much." Twilight says.
  27. "Truthfully, we found about eachothers feelings for you, and we kind of started fighting for your affections, and it just escalated from there." Trixie finishes.
  28. Standing, you step around the table and wrap your arms around both of them. "Maybe instead of fighting for my affections, maybe you should have been paying attention to them." Kissing each of them on the forhead, they find themselves blushing and leaning up for more, when everything shoots to blackness.
  31. A scream of pain startles dozens of guards across Canterlot castle, and for good reason.
  32. Luna's magic holding it closed, a three inch strip of flesh vanished from your right shoulder. Half of it is filled with the expected void, but the other half, part of your shoulder that wasn't lost already is just a hole in your flesh.
  33. This is the third piece to vanish, but the first not to entirely be on your arm. Within moments, Celestia is in the room, trying to heal the injury. It takes a while, but muscle and skin fill the hole, but not the void, and Celestia plops down tired. "If it was daytime, that would have been easier."
  34. "Thank you Celestia, and you as well Luna. If you weren't here..." You shake your head to help clear your thoughts. "It seems this is worse than I thought. I should head back to ponyville, see if stopping the essence of Chaos will stop the decay."
  35. Luna immediately replies "NO! Its far too risky. If something like this was to happen again..."
  36. "I agree with my sister." Celestia says, staggering to her feet "We are the only ones with enough skill to heal you. You needn't fear our studens skills. She will track down the essence and contain it."
  37. From the look on their faces, you realize arguing is useless, and you say "As you wish. I dow, however wan to be kept up to date with the search."
  38. "We wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would Twilight." Celestia says, and then an embarassed look comes over her face. "With this new... development, we are going to have to have a unicorn watching you all the time. In addition, you may not wear clothes, as if it appears somewher else, we can't have delays.
  39. You sigh "Despite how much my mind and body say no, I agree. If possible, I would prefer a male unicorn to watch me, And I would recomend to, one for days and one, nights."
  40. "I believe I understand your reasoning, and it will be arranged by morning." Celestia says "For tonight though, Luna, do you feel up to watching him?" When Luna nods, she yawns, before teleporting away, leaving you and Luna alone.
  41. Removing the last of your clothes, you climb back into bed and ask "Do you think you could pick up the dream where we left off?"
  42. You've already drifted to sleep by the time she responds, and the dream comes shortly after.
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