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  1. P6   EMUI B706 3.0
  2. release notes (Developer Edition)
  4. Fit models:
  5. P6 Telecom customized version (P6-C00)
  6. P6 mobile customized version (P6-T00)
  7. P6 mobile channel version (P6-T00V)
  8. P6 Unicom customized version (P6-U06)
  9. P6 Unicom channel version (P6-U06)
  11. Note: Please before Brush Brush tutorial carefully read and backup personal data , to avoid the risk of the process to bring; this version only applies to the above adaptive models, do not support other models ; in Brush or use of any problems and need help can go to the EM UI forum for support. To ensure system stability, it is recommended not to use a third-party tool to get ROOT privileges! Important: Please check before brush their mobile version, only the following versions can upgrade to this version! Brush the other version of the phone could cause the phone can not start.    
  12. P6-C00 V100R001C92B508SP03    
  13. P6-T00 V100R001C01B508SP02    
  14. P6-U06 V100R001C17B508SP02    
  16. Settings -> About phone -> version number to confirm whether the current version of the phone can brush machine upgrade reminder: back up your data before upgrading the proposal, in order to avoid data loss. After the SD card upgrade, please do restore the factory settings to get new experience. Please refer EMUI2.0 version rollback rollback guidance . Update: [System]
  17. ● Huawei EMUI3.0 version update: Provides a new interface, ease desktop, touch shot, Yuet audiovisual, family care, application market, as well as the Yellow Pages and other new life experience.
  18. ● The new usability detail design, to provide more convenient operating experience. [The new interface]
  19. ● point, line, circle design, fashion magazines like visual enjoyment, translucent, fuzzy, big picture, blank, contrast; flatter, more minimalist elements [free desktop]
  20. ● massive online theme ; move across the screen, easy operation touch [Photos]
  21. ● The camera interface is simple and fresh, rich watermark, super translation [Yuet audiovisual]
  22. ● one million lossless music library, immersive experience, knowledge song songs, lock screen lyrics, desktop lyrics, lyrics tuning, single cloud sync songs, videos [family care]
  23. ● screen sharing, remote assistance application [market]
  24. ● artificial re-examination, a key installation, integration awarding life [Yellow]
  25. ● Contact Card Services, strange numbers mark Life Yellow inquiry
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