love letter #2 (twi, cringe/autism)

Feb 3rd, 2018
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  1. >>hurr u jus want to fuk her!
  3. And you don't?
  5. I think you're missing the point, sex is important but is only a part of the relationship I want
  7. I want to pat her head and ruffle her mane
  8. I want to pick her up and hug her
  9. I want to kiss her, on the cheeks, on the forehead, on the neck, on the lips, and everywhere else
  10. I want to push my face inside of her mane and inhale deeply and tell her how much I love her scent
  11. And I want to lower my nose to her neck and smell her coat to prove her I'm not just talking about her shampoo
  12. I want to hold her hooves, to caress them, to bring them to my lips so I can pepper them in kisses
  13. I want her to sit on my lap, at home, in public, anywhere, just to feel her close to me
  14. I want to tease her when she tells nerdy jokes no one gets and tease her about her big butt
  15. And I want her to tease me in return
  16. I want to feel her press more and more against me and hear her breathing slow down as she falls asleep as we're lying on the couch together after a long day of adventure
  17. I want to look at her sleeping form for what seems like hours and pass my fingers through her mane and down her back, making sure not to wake her up, and marvel at the way her ears twitch and her tail swish
  18. I want to wake up before her just so I can see her eyes fluttering open and hear the cute yawn she gives as she stretches the tiredness away, and I want to see her smile growing as her eyes adjust to the luminosity and realizes that I'm here, awake, watching her
  19. I want to tell her she's the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen, the most beautiful thing that's happened to me
  20. I want to see her roll her eyes and tell me how cheesy and corny my compliments are, even though she's blushing
  21. I want to tell her I love her, and I want to hear her tell me she loves me
  23. I want to be there when she feels down, when one of her friends do something stupid or when she requires advices on anything
  24. Even if I'd always start out by telling her that I'm certainly not the most fitted to help her then, I'd still try
  25. I want to side with Celestia or with her parents (or rather, her mom) when they're teasing her
  26. I want to piss her off, her to get mad at me whenever I feel like I deserve it
  27. And I want to defuse the situation everytime, to tell her what I really thing, how I really feel, and I want to make up by cuddling with her
  28. Or by making love to her
  29. I want to marry her
  30. I want to prepare my proposal for months, asking advices from all the other girls, and even the CMC while we're at it, to try and make it perfect
  31. And I want her to somehow find out about it, and I want her to beat me to it, to propose to me instead
  32. I want her to do it in public, and in front of all our friends and family, just so I get all flustered and maybe even start crying as I tell her how much I love her
  33. I want her to bear my children
  34. How many? However many she wants
  35. I'd still try to convince her to make more if she wants any less than 3 though
  36. And at least one daughter
  37. And I want to see her body change throughout the pregnancy
  38. I want to cuddle her and caress her belly every single days, I want to see it start to bulge out with life
  39. I want to kiss it and speak to the little one and tell him or her how much I already love him or her, before Twilight starts messing with me and telling me that there's no way a 2 months old embryo could understand, or even hear me speak
  40. I want to see her teats swell with milk too, I want to caress them and tell her how good they look on her if she starts feeling self conscious
  41. And I want to worship them, and not just sexually
  42. I want to massage them if they start aching
  43. I want to rub her little hooves too after she'd had to go through ponyville for whatever stupid shit the mayor would need a princess to do
  44. I want to preen her wings since pregnancy would make it an ordeal
  45. I want to argue about a good name for hours with her
  47. I want to feel sick and maybe even pass out as she gives birth
  48. I want to sweat bullets as AJ or Ponka tries to reassure me and tell me that everything's gonna be fine
  49. I want to see the fragile little thing and hear it crying for the first time, and I want to be there to see it open its eyes for the first time, I want to see what he sees
  50. I want to watch them, watch her tenderly looking at the baby, our baby, our daughter or son, and I want to hear her coo as she realizes it has my eyes
  51. I want to cuddle with her, with them, on the bed and simply look silently, even as they fall asleep
  52. I want to tell Dash to shut the fuck up, twice, first time when she'd say that the baby was ugly, second time when she'd be grinning and accusing me of saying a while ago that all babies were ugly
  53. She'd be right, of course, but I'd still tell her to shut up
  54. I want to have to stop myself from telling rarara that she's worst pone as she brings the kid his first clothes, and even force myself to tell her thank you
  56. I want to wake up in the middle of the night, groaning in frustration as Twilight turns to me to sleepily remind me that it's my turn as it starts screeching like an autist not five feet away from our bed, which would somehow reassure me that the little shit is indeed my kid
  57. I want to remind Twilight how beautiful she is and reassure her that the aftermath of her pregnancy don't bother me at all, all the contrary
  58. And I want her to frown at me, saying that the kid is in the same room as us as I make my advances clear
  59. And I wan't to convince her that it's okay and that there's no way it can understand what's happening, and that there's no way it could remember anything at this age anyway
  60. I want to come home from work, mentally and physically exhausted, to find her lying on the sofa and see the little one hungrily nibbling at one of her teats, coaxing it for more of its precious liquid
  61. And I want the sight to remind me how worth it it all is
  63. And I could go on for fucking ever, all the way until I die of old age, holding her close to me until the end and telling the kids that it's gonna be okay, individually telling them how proud of them I am
  64. Or until I somehow find a way to become immortal if she and/or the kids are
  66. Does it mean I don't want to pound her pony pussy completely raw?
  67. Does it mean I don't want to hear her scream and moan my name as I nibble and suckle on her heart shaped pearl for an entire hour?
  68. Does it mean I don't want to wake up completely bound to the bed and find her sucking on my cock?
  69. Does it mean I don't want her to use her magic to make my balls multiply in size so I can literally flood her womb with my baby batter?
  70. Take a fucking guess
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