Rivlandian Internship

Jan 21st, 2018
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  1. It was a nice day out. The sun was at a nice midday height, and I still had a McChicken to get through - but right now, I was more concerned with checking on the latest news on my Futura.
  3. Klump said another thing - how shocking.
  5. Anyways, I was in Manathanburgh today for a very important task; I was going to get my first internship, and it was going to be for TVM. More accurately, I would help the managers for auditions for Rivland's Got Talent - not a good start, but it could help in the long run.
  7. I checked the time on my Futura - almost 1 O'clock. That meant that I would need to get there fast - the auditions started at 1:15. Thankfully, I wasn't too far from the area where they'd happen - a quick travel through the metro, and I was there.
  9. "Where were you? I've already told the rest of the interns about their jobs", said my boss.
  11. "Sorry, sorry. Got distracted by the news."
  12. "Whatever. I need to get the rules by you, so listen. Ok?"
  14. I nodded in agreement. This guy didn't seem like someone to argue with.
  16. "Ok, so what I want you to do is help the floor managers find the most entertaining people. We're shooting for ratings, so find some really entertaining people, even if all they can do is juggle Solo cups. Ok?"
  18. I, again, nodded.
  20. "Now go find Manager Number... 316."
  22. "Uh, I never got your name, what was it?"
  24. "David! Now go and find #316!"
  26. So I went off on my quest - official lanyard on my neck and a nametag saying "MY NAME IS JACOB EVANS AND I WORK FOR TVM". Y'know, usual shit.
  28. I didn't really know how to spot the difference between managers and the actual auditionees - although I assume the managers were the ones wearing polos with the Rivland's Got Talent logo on one sleeve and the TVM logo on the other. 3 bars; everyone said it was an M. I just saw 3 bars, although I did get what they were going for.
  30. I kept asking; "Where's Manager #316?". I kept getting redirected. I think I ended up crossing the bredth of an Atlansian football field before I finally found Manager #316. He was a short guy, balding hair, kind of excitable. I liked him; he seemed to be the kind of guy that people just end up liking.
  32. "Ok, so what do we do?", I asked him?
  34. "Well, did you hear from David?"
  36. "Yes, I did."
  38. "Then you know what we're here to do; find the most interesting and entertaining acts to put on stage."
  40. "Say, why do we NEED to do that?"
  42. "Well, last year in the ratings we got kicked every way to Sunday by Slash, so the bosses won't let that happen again - and so here we are."
  44. Some time passed. We found a belly dancer, but 316 told me not to even think about it; "We had one last year. Wasn't that interesting."
  46. I checked my phone; it was 2:00. When would the job be over? But then again, seeing as it WAS only 2:00...
  48. "What's your name?", I asked to 316.
  50. "Oh, I'm Stuart, but everyone calls me Stu. You're Jacob, yeah?"
  52. "Yeah, that's my name."
  54. We shook hands and then stood around for a bit.
  56. "Has anything happened in your life recently?", I asked. It might have been a bit impersonal, but it was a slow day, and I really wanted to get to know this guy.
  58. "Oh, I was an army man for a bit - RAF."
  60. "Royal Air Force? You worked for Anglosaw?"
  62. "No, Rivlandian Armed Forces. Shocked everyone confuses the two", he said with a bit of sarcasm dripping off that final statement.
  64. "So what does that mean? Did you travel because of it?"
  66. "I got put up in a UR Army base up in Delifornia; Fort Berwin, I think it was called. Nice place, pretty sandy outside of it, but I managed to get out on leave sometimes. Saw some nice towns."
  68. "Have you been anywhere else?"
  70. "Oh, that's like asking if I eat. Cheyenne, Hisquaida, Hokusei; I worked at the DMZ between East and West Yenginsai for a time, too - very stressful. Kid, if you ever go into the army - never, and I mean NEVER take any job that involves that DMZ."
  72. I nodded at him. I felt that I'd got to know this guy a lot better. 2:30 - The job ended at 6 sharp, so about 3 hours 30 were left. We decided to stop talking and get to work.
  74. At the end of the day, we got some good guys for the judges. We got a guy who juggled chainsaws on fire; "very important change there - plus he seems as if he can handle them better than the guy last year."; we got a guy who had a routine involving various doors; "visual tricks like this always amaze the viewers"; and we got a guy who could sing popular songs in Kalandian; "We've gotta fill the ethnic quota SOMEHOW."; and we got a few more in as well.
  76. At the end of the day, me and Stu had gotten the most odd/entertaining people onto the stage. As a reward, David said that me and him would be teamed up tomorrow as well.
  78. I was excited - The stories I had heard today were very interesting.
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