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  1. 3 - Physically frail : He is very weak physically, a good punch to his skull can completely shatter it and he is not very fast either. Even a overweight man can keep up with them, fair to say he ain't up for fighting with fist's. Even if you tightly grip his arm or shoulder it can crack the bone and cause him a lot of pain.
  3. 4 - A bit to attatched : He believe's and is obsessed with his religion, he will not force others into it or anything. But lets say harming or destroying an religious item of theirs can make them lash out at you. Not lethally but still even for minor things its a bit much.
  5. 5 - Not great smell or touch : He has bad smell and touch, this seems minor but it can hinder him in some major ways.
  7. 6 - Wind weakness : His body is very easily torn apart. Very strong winds which people could stand up to his skin will slowly start to rip itself apart and shed. ( Side note, this also means that knifes can cut through his entire body even by accident like butter, war hammers, all of the weapons even a butter knife can go through his body like butter. )
  9. 7 - Low mana reserve : He cannot cast much magic unless helped by mana crystals or soul gems.
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