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a letter from the rare pepe scientists

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Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Rare Pepe Foundation
  2. Official Letterhead
  4. A Letter from the Scientists:
  6. Since Rare Pepes were first discovered on the bitcoin block chain in September 2016, we have worked tirelessly to verify both rareness and dankness for the Rare Pepe trading community. Over the last 18 months, we have certified nearly 1,800 pepes as rare and have listed each one and its likeness in the Rare Pepe Directory. Today, we are hanging up our lab coats and closing the book on future submissions to the Rare Pepe Directory.
  8. It's been a fantastic journey honing our craft and discovering and cataloguing new Rare Pepes. We have no doubt that Rare Pepe trading will continue to thrive with every existing pepe becoming more rare as time moves forward. The Rare Pepe Directory and Rare Pepe Wallet will continue to be maintained as an homage to this brief moment in time in internet history.
  10. Your friends,
  12. The Rare Pepe Scientists
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