MGE Side III Song of Serenity

Nov 6th, 2020
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  1. The song Lady Asura Mythra inherited from the Great Songstress is “The Song of Serenity”.
  2. As the name suggests, it is a song that brings complete serenity to those that hear it...
  4. Those who listen to this song will feel enveloped with relief as if embraced by their mother, calming their hearts, and bringing them peace...
  5. The anger, fear, panic, envy, anxiety... Their heart will no longer be fooled or go mad from such feelings.
  6. And then, the flow of time will begin to feel very slow, and they can understand and think more deeply about things as they are...
  7. It is a song whose power is suitable for those of us who aspire and work day and night for learning or magic, but Lady Asura Mythra is a very monster-like monster.
  8. She sings it day and night for the sake of the trysts of couples who love this song.
  9. ...However, I am also a monster who enjoys it.
  10. Fufufu... I am a monster after all, so I’ll explain it using a tryst as an example.
  12. For example, are you aware of the monsters of the lamia genus whose homeland is a country to the far east, known as shirohebi?
  13. They are extremely envious, and simply hate it whenever their partner makes contact with a woman other than themselves.
  14. Even if her husband smells a little bit like another woman, from having a rendezvous with one, or lightly bumping into one during a conversation, the shirohebi will have more relentless and thick intercourse with him than usual, overwriting her husband with her own scent and mana, doing her best so that her husband can only see her.
  16. But what about a shirohebi whose heart has been enveloped in peace thanks to this song?
  17. It seems her jealous nature will not be changed. However, like a normal girl, she should be able to understand that the scent of a woman attached to her husband came from light contact within the scope of everyday life.
  18. Then, the serene shirohebi will not be driven mad by jealousy or anxiety, and she will come to realize the fact that even though there are other women around, her husband is not cheating on her, and his lusty gaze is only directed at her.
  19. Fufufu... Such a shirohebi, feeling deep gratitude and a strong renewed lust towards her husband, will have more relentless and thick intercourse with him than usual, and will do her best to make her husband even happier.
  21. Thus, with a serene heart, you will perceive things more deeply... Naturally, the same can be said of the love making of men and women.
  22. Let’s say a couple in love exchange a kiss while my lord is singing.
  24. Slowly, as if time has stopped, their lips meet, and their tongues entwine each other.
  25. They can feel their tongues more clearly than usual, soft, warm, wet, and covered in sweet saliva.
  26. The tip of the tongue, the underside, the cheeks, no matter where their tongues entwine or crawl, it will feel good... That feeling will slowly turn in their heads over and over again, as if thoroughly savoring the taste...
  27. It seems a couple that starts kissing during the song will be sucking on each other’s mouths all day long.
  29. Furthermore, there is no pleasure considered greater than the pleasure created during the intercourse of humans and monsters.
  30. Normally, it runs through the body as momentary pleasure, but if you slowly, slowly ejaculate, the pleasure of the climax will steadily climb from the base of the penis to the tip, as if completing a grueling journey, and while ejaculating, the penis buries its way toward the womb little by little, each and every fold of the vaginal wall being carved with the pleasure of obtaining mana...
  32. This is a city of peace and tranquility...
  33. The city is very quiet, and there are many nights where there isn’t a single sound outside, because my lord’s song prevents anyone from leaving their bedrooms...
  34. ...It seems my lord is often humming the song of serenity, or she’ll start singing it as soon as she gets in a good mood...
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