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  1. Key: Killinkyle
  2. Character: Zachary
  3. Apping For: Keyblade T5
  4. Reasoning:
  5.     OOC:
  6.     *me need to get st- In my current state, I cannot, with any certainty, fight my opponent. It's a very rough situation that puts me at odds with the enemy and requires an extra push.
  7.     *I don't want more characters to die.
  8.     *I don't think Keyblade T5 will put me up to strength to fight Pwcca, but at least it'll be a cool reveal moment.
  9.     IC:
  10.     *Zachary needs to protect himself. But more then that, with the recent coming of zombies, he has to protect more then just himself- There are very few officers left after all.
  11.     *Zack feels guilt for the death of his friends. He left them and now he's come back to find multiple people dead. And to top it off, Pwcca has come demanding Keychains or life.
  12.     *Zack has to protect Yue. She's not a combatant. He doesn't care what it takes, he'll protect her no matter the cost.
  13.     *Zack is determined to no longer run from dangers he has to face. He'll headstrong take on whatever is in front of him- Even if it costs him his life. He's staking everything on this- Every bit of his body and soul is going into his Keyblade now. He'll give it everything he has.
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