Autohotkey Slow Mouse hotkey 2.0 Fixed HD Remix Final

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  1. /*  Slows the mouse down to slowest speed.
  2.     Hold capslock key to slow it, release capslock key to go back to normal speed.
  4.    Only tested with Autohotkey versions 1.0<, not sure if works on newest 1.1 versions.
  5.    It SHOULD work on the new versions.  
  6.    Save as capslocks.ahk, doublw click, enjoy easier mouse editing.
  7.    Works well for drawing, editing spreadsheets, code, 3D modelling and loads of others.
  8.    I use it all the time.
  9.    Also works very well on laptop touchpads!  No more suffering!
  11. */
  13. capslock::
  14. mousemoveprecise:
  15.  if originalMouseSpeed=
  16.     DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", UInt, SPI_GETMOUSESPEED, UInt, 0, UIntP, OriginalMouseSpeed, UInt, 0)
  17.   DllCall("SystemParametersInfo",UInt,0x71,UInt,0,UInt,1,UInt,0)
  18. return
  19. capslock up::
  20. mousemovepreciseEnd:
  21.  DllCall("SystemParametersInfo",UInt,0x71,UInt,0,UInt,originalMouseSpeed,UInt,0)
  22. return
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