Spice form - @crybabyjoon

Oct 21st, 2016
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  1. RE-BYE
  2. full name – Sakura Fukunaka
  3. nicknames –
  4. –Saku ; members / friends, because it seems cute
  5. –Naka ; family & members, to tease her
  7. birthday – July 3, 1996
  8. age – 20
  10. birthplace – Osaka, Japan
  11. hometown – Tokyo, Japan
  13. language(s) spoken –
  14. –Japanese (100%)
  15. –Korean (100%)
  16. –English (95%)
  19. background – Sakura was born into a rich family, her parents being known amongst Japan as the famous doctor that could make any sick person healthy and the Lawyer that can solve any case. Of course, since her parents are so amazing, Sakura was known to become something even better. Though of her quiet nice personality, she was brought up to believe that money, fame, and growth is everything. When she went to Korea as a family vacation though, she found a new liking into everything in Korea, especially the music. Dropping out of medical school, which she had no want to be in, she moved to Korea shortly after. Even though her parents raised her to become a stingy adult, she still had their love and their attention.
  21. personality – Sakura is very adult like, even when she was younger she was known to be the girl that doesn't fuss and doesn't make a scene. She's quiet and will be so unless asked a question or asked to talk. Though she's quiet, it doesn't mean she doesn't make friends easily. Once getting closer to her, she's still quiet, but will talk much more easily and freely. Sakura is very helpful and is usually the person that people looking for to share their feelings with, she's mature and won't act like a child. Though, she's very emotional by herself, she can easily cry and have her feelings hurt but she won't let it show. She'll put up a front and if she cries in front of others, which is really rare, that means she's reached her point. Letting all her bottled feelings out.
  23. family –
  24. –Aniki Fukunaka / 42 / 79% close / doesn't have that real close relationship, but gets along nicely
  25. –Mei Fukunaka / 40 / 90% close / can talk to her mother about anything but there's a wall between
  26. –Daisuke / 22 / 100% close / is very touchy with each other and are practically best friends
  28. height — 165cm
  29. weight – 40kg
  32. –strawberry candies
  33. –rappers
  34. –action & romance anime
  35. –spicy ramen
  36. –kittens
  37. –being helpful / useful
  38. –Mischeivous Kiss drama
  39. –taller people
  40. –American Horror Story
  41. –meaningful books
  43. dislikes –
  44. –those with high egos
  45. –rude / disrepectful people
  46. –bitter coffee
  47. –too oblivious people
  48. –being forced
  49. –being pampered
  50. –poor writing
  51. –hot weather
  52. –slow internet
  53. –too loud people
  55. hobbies –
  56. –writing lyrics
  57. –learning Korea's slang
  58. –planting flowers / taking care of flowers
  59. –recording her members
  61. trivia –
  62. –complains about not having enough sleep but sleeps late on a daily
  63. –rappers in general are her weakness
  64. –biggest Amber & Jay Park Stan you'll ever meet
  65. –saves a lot of memes onto her phone
  66. –all her social media is @sakuwaku
  67. –had a pet cat named Mona and a pet dog named Lisa
  68. –though a rapper, she's really good in vocals too
  69. –would rather sleep and be by herself than go out and met others
  70. –isn't a huge fan of gore or anything passing happy imagination but she loves AHS
  71. –her social media is mostly anime themed, her being a huge anime fan
  73. high school – yes, studied till her first year in University
  76. slot – The Main Rapper
  77. backup slot – The Leader
  79. face claim – Hani (exid)
  80. backup face claim – Hyeri (girls day)
  82. stage name – Destiny
  84. stage persona – though she's really quiet and reserved, she's loud and energetic on stage. She can be on one place and be at another in 5 seconds top. Gives a lot of attention to the fans and makes sure to make them want to reach out when she gets closer. Known for teasing, winking at the camera and doing her best in the movement.
  86. fan service – Once she sees a fan, she'll hurriedly get closer and take hold of their hands, takes pictures with them and makes so to have a chat. Usually the one that makes the most v app recordings in the group.
  88. idol relations –
  89. –Yuta (Nct 127) ; gets along fairly well with him, sees him like a really close friend and can easily converse with him because of the same language.
  90. –Jamie Park ; enjoys her personality and how she's easily friendly and the amazing jokes. they're like sisters.
  93. love interest – Namjoon
  94. backup love interest – Jin
  96. how did they meet? – Sakura being the sweet person she is, she decided on going to the convenience store to buy instant ramen for her members, tagging along with The Leader. While carrying seven bowls (they weren't ready yet tho) of ramen, she was more intently staring at how to get the bowls to the counter safely than where she was going. Then, she bumped into someone, her forehead bumping into someone's shoulder. "Ah! Sorry, my bad! Aish, the bowls fell." frowning, she reached down to pick the bowls, her hand meeting with the male, looking up she found out it ways one of her favorite artists.
  97. "As an apology, let's be aquintances."
  99. first impressions – He found the girl rather adorable, being of how hard she seemed to be working on getting the ramens to the counter. She thought he was even more amazing up close, happy that she got the chance to touch his fingertips.
  101. How she acts around him — Is accidentally very touchy and all around clumsy. She'll unintentionally put her hand on his arm, nicely gripping it or rests her her head on his shoulder, explaining her day to him. She'll make corny jokes and love it when she gets a reaction.
  103. How he acts around her – He's more show off than usual, happy that he has her around to show that he actually has someone that likes him for him. Won't leave her side at all, either he's always with her or he's always talking about her or messaging her. Tries his best to be his best around her and takes all the chances to touch her.
  105. relationship –
  106. –beginning ; your regular younger to older relationship and older to younger. She'd call him Oppa and act respectfully towards him, making sure to stay in her place as the younger one. He'd call her Saku and get right to the point, though still respectful.
  107. –middle ; this is the peak of their friendship, they start to get along much better and though the honorific words haven't fallen yet, they start to seem inseperable. act like brother and sister with a pinch of awkwardness, always sticking with each other and always talking no matter what.
  108. – end ; now, they're much more closer, the honorifics dropping and the nicknames starting. They share everything from food to secrets, and even have a ship name they made themselves. feelings start showing, making them much more awkward when skin is involved.
  110. suggested scenes –
  111. –the members are practicing, and after a really long time of working hard, they decide to have a night out and go eat.
  112. –woohoo, sleepover, woohoo
  113. –Sakura gets sick, having to be taken care of by her members and love interest~
  116. will you still read? – of course I would! I think the concept is nice and it's Bangtan, why wouldn't I read this. :)
  118. password – J-Hope / Hoseok / Hobie
  120. Note to author – aye, my teachers didn't give a crap if I was on my phone, bless. here's my form, hopefully it's to your likings~
  121. tbh I will still read even if I don't get chosen!! don't force yourself to do this and remember, it's for fun! hopefully you're healthy while doing this because you should be healthy~
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