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  1. Greetings Citizens, we are @AnonymousGlobo
  3. "We fight for freedom, equality and justice. And due to that, we remind that free speech isn't freedom of oppression.
  5. The people's genocide doesn't happen only through violent police incursions and the frequent murders promoted by the government in poor places. It happens in subjective ways, like in cultural genocides, media representation and prejudice.
  7. When society accepts racism, violence against people and their homes, and allows people to be arrested without proof or rights for a defense, the justice shows its ideological and partial side.
  9. It's a symptom and ideological. Protest against Ku Klux Klan is, symbolically, stand against the ideology that causes death and suffering.
  11. Along with the economical crisis, this seems to strike particularly the most fragile portions of society (economically, socially and emotionally), as the youth. They lack perspective, they lack belief in a future with many opportunities, and the emptiness of sense creates favorable space to arise the radical behavior, such as racism, fanaticism, exclusion and authoritarianism.‏"
  13. You can Join Us
  15. #OpKKK IRC Channel
  17. channel: #OpKKK
  19. #AntiSec
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