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  1. 1. They tried to ruin reputations of several men and women with false accusations, including rape allegations. All proven false in the court of law. The infamous T-shirt sale goes to legal costs and restitution from these suit.
  2. 2. Police is investigating a post on how to kill Korean male customers at café without getting caught. A member suggested anti-freeze, which were upvoted by many members.
  3. 3. A kindergarten teacher was fired after posting her fantasy about raping kids under her care.
  4. 4. This post was followed by a post by another member fantasizing of raping kids playing in the playground in front of her place: "their thing hasn't been used!", she said
  5. 5. They tracked down a gay and forced "outing" because being gay is repulsive to them. His social reputation is ruined.
  6. 6. A member posted pictures from her hidden camera from male public washroom. The pictures were used to demean some of male genital size on display.
  7. 7. Another member posted a picture of her brother's genital without his consent. After making fun of his genital size, she put him up for a rape. There were many volunteers.
  8. 8. All Korean men deserve to die; therefore, whenever there is a reported death of Korean male, there is a celebration in the group.
  9. 9. The only male population deserves to live is Caucasian. They have large genitals and are good in the bed, unlike Koreans.
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