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Jan 17th, 2014
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  1. >I heard this is AV appearance
  2. >Body odor
  3. >Yamakan
  4. >Began abruptly
  5. >Side crotch! [TN: Pretty sure they're saying armpit, google]
  6. >Unfinished OP
  7. >JK panties
  8. >This is terrible
  9. >Stop it
  10. >AV kita
  11. >Hot pants w
  12. >AV shooting
  13. >Too vulgar
  14. >This is terrible
  15. >Do not come out in underwear
  16. >It's like a movie theater of body odor
  17. >This is the rumored entertainment scene violating the Child Welfare Law?
  18. >Banquet companion
  19. >You're going to be erotic banquet
  20. >Rip-off story from anime
  21. >Old man is drawn strangely carefully
  22. >I like eroge NTR
  23. >You will be gang-raped in hot springs by tourists now
  24. >Butt
  25. >Selling bodies
  26. >This is our real
  27. >This is terrible
  28. >Likely to start orgy
  29. >Child has strangely red skin
  30. >Become hot in another sense
  31. >Working girl
  32. >Have you seen this kind of AV
  33. >WORKING!
  34. >※Also 13 years old.
  35. >Stand up (sexually)
  36. >This is what Yamakan wanted to do?
  37. >Blew old man
  38. >That's really vulgar
  39. >What depressing anime
  40. >Yamakan just wanted to make a hentai
  41. >President!!
  42. >Too incompetent!
  43. >It'll go even farther
  44. >Do you not read contract!
  45. >That's really incompetent manager
  46. >Bukkake!
  47. >Lolicon's order
  48. >It's reputational damage level in Sendai!
  49. >A contract worse than Kyubey
  50. >"These are your moe pigs" -Yamakan
  51. >They are bar girls
  52. >Entertainment law violation
  53. >※They are all minors
  54. >Terrible the worst anything
  55. >Yamakan wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  56. >No dreams or hope
  57. >Yamakan really incompetent
  58. >BGM also terrible ...
  59. >※This is everyday life in Sendai
  60. >He'll get caught because she is a minor
  61. >Yamakan...
  62. >Wow I would never want to live in Sendai
  63. >Nostalgic Nyaruko
  65. >I think Sendai citizens are angry
  66. >※ serious reputational damage has spread to Sendai
  67. >"Hey Japan, this is Sendai."
  68. >Manager too stupid
  69. >Manager that can't manage...
  70. >Shit no good manager is useless
  71. >President kitaaaaa
  72. >Too real ...
  73. >There, BBA is the cutest
  74. >Moe pigs! This is a real idol anime
  75. >Wow this guy is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. >I want to beat president and manager with brass knuckles
  77. >You're an adult, take responsibility!
  78. >Too cruel president
  79. >The maid cafe (deep meaning)
  80. >This anime is what I want to do embezzlement and minor fornication
  81. >Already over 1000 posts w
  82. >(」・ω・)」うー! (/・ω・)/にゃー!
  83. >Rip-off of Nyaruko!!!
  84. >Yamakan-san please stop
  85. >How do you feel now Sendai?
  86. >My semen is also warm
  87. >Corner-cutting ED
  88. >30 minutes stolen from me
  89. >Sendai pity
  90. >Sendai citizens will win if they sue
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