Child Sex Slavery

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  1.     The second inimical image of the Eastern Jew, the white slave trader, took up the old cliche of the Jewish seducer. On the other hand, around 1900 there were indeed a number of criminal cases in which Eastern Jews were implicated. Contrary to the anti-Semitic stereotype, however, these incidents were not about seduction of “blonde,” Christian girls, but the trade with poor Jewish women from the Eastern European shtetls (‘towns’ in Yiddish), some of them from Galicia.
  2.     The white slaves traders always employed the same methods: the well-dressed, obviously well-to-do trader appeared in the shtetl, approached a poor family with many children, acted like the future son-in-law, and married the girl, who was still a child (the Talmud says Jewish girls can marry at the age of three), in a Jewish rite. To the joy of her parents, he refused to accept a dowry and took “his wife” along with him, offering her a supposedly nicer life. This method could be used any number of times, because a ritual wedding was not legally binding. Another method was to take advantage of the desolate situation of those young women whose husbands were itinerant beggars and had been missing. These women were indigent but were not allowed to remarry, inasmuch as they were not divorced. If they let themselves be seduced and were thus “disgraced,” the white slave traders could easily take them along.
  3.     In particularly poor families with many children there were even instances of child trading. Typically the girls and women were illiterate, spoke only Yiddish, and were completely at the criminals’ mercy, especially because they were emotionally bound in their marriage. Before they realized what was happening to them, they ended up in Hamburg brothels–usually via Serbia–which were called “girl export depots” or on a ship heading overseas. Prices in Odessa ranged from five hundred to two thousand rubles rubel (sic) per girl; in Hamburg the going rate was fifteen hundred marks. In Buenos Aires, for example, the girls were typically sold to brothel owners right at the landing dock for prices between three thousand and six thousand francs. There the girls from Galicia, called “Austrícas,” represented the third-largest group of prostitutes after the natives and the Russians. The traders–among them women–constantly changed their names and carried forged documents of British or Turkish passports. A great deal of bribe money was paid to civil servants during these transactions.
  4.     In 1913, that of thirty-nine white slave traders in Galicia, thirty-eight were Jewish, Austrian zionists admitted.
  5.     – Dr. Brigitte Hamadan, German-Austrian historian, Hitler’s Vienna: A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man, 1999
  7.     The Georgians concern themselves little with commerce; they are unacquainted with figures and arithmetic, few of them being able to count a hundred. The principle species of their traffic is that from uncorrupted human nature recoils; they consider their children as transferable property, in common with the beasts of the field; these they inhumanely expose to sale, and are ready to sacrifice to the lust of the highest bidder, or to gratify the avarice or flatter the ambition of the unfeeling authors of their existence.
  8.     The beauty of the Georgian and Circassian females renders them desirable objects for the purchase of those who are employed to supply the harems of the great either at Constantinople or other large towns of the Turkish empire. Their usual agents on such occasions are Jews, who traverse whole provinces, culling the fairest flowers they can find, at almost any price that is demanded for them. Nor is the sale of the human species confined to the female part of it only; the male youths who are educated in the seraglio of the Grand Signor and fitted for public offices are mostly purchased in this country; and Christian parents, for the sake of gain, part with their infant sons to be instructed int he religion of Mahomet and to be brought up in every species of immorality.
  9.     – A System of Modern Geography. Or, The Natural and Political History of the Present State of the World, Volume II, 1811, segment on Turkey, p. 772
  11.     The day before I left Constantinople I went, in the company with Dr. N. and his son, and attended by Paul, to visit the slave-market; crossing over to Stamboul, we picked up a Jew in the bazars, who conducted us through a perfect labyrinth of narrow streets to quarter of the city from which it would have been utterly impossible for me to extricate myself alone…
  12.     The bazar forms a hollow square, with little chambers about fifteen feet each way around it, in which the slaves belonging to the different dealers are kept…
  13.     I expected to see but a remnant of the ancient traffic, supposing that I should find but a few slaves, and those only black; but, to my surprise, found twenty or thirty white women. …The women were from the Circassia and the regions of the Caucasus…
  14.     The slave-dealers are principally Jews, who buy children when young, and, if they have beauty, train up the girls in such accomplishments as may fascinate the Turks.
  15.     – John Lloyd Stephens, American writer, explorer, and diplomat, Incidents of Travel: Greece, Turkey, Russia, & Poland, Chapter XIII, 1835
  17.     Beginning with the year 1918 (says the report [produced at the end of 1920] of the League for the Protection of Children), juvenile destitution began to assume catastrophic proportions. The percentage of uncared-for children in Moscow, which in 1917 amounted to more than 1 or 2%, in the summer of 1920, reached 25 to 30%. In reality, however, the number of uncared-or children is much higher even than this, for the Soviet departments dealing with children’s welfare possess no adequate apparatus for registration.
  18.     A special conference on children held in 1920 revealed the fact that juvenile prostitution has increased tenfold of 1,000% since 1917. The interpelation of 5,300 girls of or about 15 years of age showed that no fewer than 4,100, that is 88%, indulge in prostitution. Sailors, Red soldiers, and the vast class of profiteering speculators to which the Communist regime has given birth provide custom for these girls’ earnings. The Bolshevist Commissariat of Public Health admits that while in 1917 in hospitals for social diseases there were 12% of children to 88% adults, there are now 60% children to 40% adults.
  19.     – Sir Paul Dukes, British espionagist, Sovietism’s Effect on Russia’s Young, The New York Times, July 17, 1920
  21.     Now, of all the misery in Russia that might he misreported, excused, or explained away, there remains that worst, that torturing fact which defies all manipulation: the existence of hordes of homeless children of all ages and both sexes who come and go incessantly across the whole country–famine and civil war, orphans, fugitives, and abandoned waifs most of whom know nothing of their parents’ whereabouts. Most girls from the age of ten are prostitutes. Nearly all the girls and boys are thieves; a goodly percentage are drug addicts and have venereal diseases. They are clothed in rags, and lodge in boilers, sewers, asphalt kettles, etc…
  22.     –Elna Varneck, Soviet Extravagance & Poverty, The American Review of Reviews: An International Magazine, September 1926, Vol. LXXIV No. 3, p. 279
  24.     In Constantinople there is a market for slaves of both sexes, and the Jews are the principal merchants, who bring them to be sold: there are a great number of girls brought from Hungary, Greece, Candia, Circassian, Mingrelia, and Georgia for the Turks, who buy them for their seraglios (harems).
  25.     – John Walker, Elements of Geography & of Natural & Civil History, 1797, p. 216
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