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Apr 6th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to Clearity Temple!
  2. Rules:
  3. -No cheating or exploiting
  4. -No blatant racism/sexism or harassment
  5. -No delaying rounds
  6. -No teaming with an opponent team
  8. Plugins:
  9. -Death Nade - Drop a live grenade when killed.
  10. -914 Item Hold - SCP-914 upgrades your items within your inventory
  11. -Later Join - If you are maximum 30 seconds late in joining a new round, you will spawn.
  12. -Serpent's Hand - A new class, under name tutorial. A team of SH have a chance of spawning
  13. instead of Chaos Insurgency. Your objective is to work together with SCP subjects
  14. and kill all others for an SCP win. FF is off for SCP's and class SH.
  16. More in the future
  18. Have fun!
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