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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. There are 3 types of people in the ou room.
  3. 1) Angry 10 year old cro-magnons who just started the game yesterday, think that 1100 is a high elo, and believe they already know everything about the metagame. These peanut-brained subhumans will attempt to rate teams or make ridiculous claims about mons and then defend them against the onslaught of 1400s baboons (see #2). They make chat cringey and toxic. Around 45% of chat consists of these hellspawn. Everyone with more than a few IQ will immediately ejaculate all over themselves after reading a conversation from #1s because it makes them feel like the Albert Einstein of mons.
  5. 2) These are the Einsteins, the mad geniuses of the 14 and 1500s. They have a very basic knowledge of the meta and aren't very good at the game, but that doesn't stop them from trying to show off by correcting all the mistakes the #1s make or stating incredibly obvious facts ([16:40:21] TheNewBrends11: Medicham-Mega is a Fighting and Psychic Type attacker). They build networks of "friends" with other #2s so in case one of them says something retarded, which is often, they can gang up on anyone who calls them out and spout ad hominems at them. This is about 50% of chat.
  7. 3) Auth/Better Players make up the remaining 5%. When they grace chat with their presence, it's usually to beef with other good players, fake/joke beef with other good players, or pretend they're drunk. Legend says if you do #3 well enough you get room owner.
  9. OU chat is a shithole infested with little kids scrambling over each other to prove they have the most mons knowledge, although most people that chat actively have little to none. The auth have given up moderating altogether so don't expect any wholesome conversation or actual discussion.
  11. Now wipe yourself off, put your dick back in your pants, and carry on talking about how great mega audino is.
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