ClockQuest Complete Logs (Pt. 7)

May 11th, 2017
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  5. _____Epilogue_____
  6. <DrEvilKitteh> Although this humble narrator cannot accurately attest to all that happens to the majority of the party after this adventure's conclusion, there are plenty of others' stories that can be told.
  7. <DrEvilKitteh> Sigmund is immediately brought to Valentina's Clinic for healing and recuperation. In time, he's released into Walter's care, and the two head out into the Overcity with the intent to help mend the damage the Alchemist had wrought. And perhaps even investigate into the matter of the Nine, as well...
  8. <DrEvilKitteh> The Magical Girls that the Alchemist had experimented upon suffered few physical aftereffects. The mental and emotional scars, on the other hand, were much harder to heal. Although there's only so much Valentina could do, each of the six are now in more healthy and stable positions than they were before. Two immediately decided to retire from a life of adventure and danger, three are still on the fence about it, and Morgan and one other decide to get cracking and continue fighting the good fight.
  9. <DrEvilKitteh> The sundial is kept safe. Regardless of whether Lin holds onto it until the present day, or it's secreted away inside a vault somewhere inside a Beacon base or another secure location, to the party's knowledge, no one has yet attempted to come looking for it. Even if Lin is slain again, the sundial is completely passed over by the being(s) that killed her, and it's found by her fairly easily once she returns to life.
  10. <DrEvilKitteh> Seo-Hyun went off and did her own thing, likely returning to her own world for a while, if not for good. If she continued to attend Harmony Academy, she probably kept a low profile.
  11. <DrEvilKitteh> Rosemary had at least one harsh lecture born of worry waiting for her, courtesy of Iris, and she likely got another from Natasha. Iris, at least, was quite happy to have her sister back.
  12. <DrEvilKitteh> Amelia and Alexa found a nice, quiet spot for that break of theirs. And who knows? Maybe they'll decide to make it a permanent retirement. Anything after that is anyone's guess.
  13. <DrEvilKitteh> One thing's a constant for everyone involved: Outside of nightmares and memories, the Alchemist is never seen or heard from again. It seems he truly has been completely and utterly destroyed. The clockwork army he built is in shambles, and no one can be hurt by him again.
  17. ~Fin~
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