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  1. Its time you knew how much I hurt
  2. For months I've been heartbroken. Tis the reason for my sarcasm and moodiness. I've been avoiding telling you this b/c I was afraid of the outcome.
  4. I told you I loved you unconditionally, which is true, but you're killing me. I took this relationship very seriously, at the beginning. I used to think you were the one. I imagined being your wife, having your children, growing old together... but that's all changed now b/c I no longer trust you.
  6. When you're not with me you act like you're single. You talk about how you love this chick and how you'd fuck that chick but my name is never mentioned. Its like I don't even exist. Its no wonder your friends don't acknowledge me. You have this little tight-knit family but Desiree is shut out.
  8. Its was all good until Julie came along. Then things changed. You started paying alot of attention to her. I tried as hard as I could to just ignore the flirting and the all-nighters until I got a couple messages saying, "Oh you're Flame's gf? I thought he was dating that Julie chick." That really got to me so I decided it was time to do some investigating.
  10. So back in March/April I stalked your xat for a couple weeks. Was absolutely sickened by what I saw. I wish I hadn't seen what I seen. I cried for weeks.
  12. You had a little talk with Arch about flirting with me but yet its ok for you to do it? Kinda unfair don't ya think?
  14. Seems you were obsessed with Julie after all b/c you were all.. "Where's Julie? I miss Julie : (" and then Julie would get on and you'd be like..."JULIE! FUCK YES!" and you guys would heart each other and call each other babe n shit. Someone asked you to go on TC and you said "Julie isn't on. I only go on TC for Julie" Then you tell Julie "You know that voice you did on TC? Hot. So um... God totally said I could fuck you. You down?" Her reply... "Obviously". </3
  16. Then one day Will said, "I wonder what would happen if we all met in real life." Your response was, "It would be awkward... and I'd try to rape Julie." A link was put up. I'm assuming it was porn. Again your response was, "I'd like to be doin that to Julie."
  18. Another time you were tryin to shove your dick down Julie's throat and telling her to swallow coz you taste good coz your diet consists mainly of fruit. You're probably laughing right now. I don't find it very funny.
  20. You and her were still playing the "who can stay up the longest game". You would tell her to go to sleep and when she said no you offered to read her a bedtime story on TC. Something you've never offered to do for me </3
  22. Sims said, "This happens every night?" You said "pretty much". Then she said "its like couples who don't wanna hang up. No youuu hang up. No youuu hang up". You said, "Funny that's the second time someone's said that". Gee I wonder why.
  24. Then outa the blue Julie says, " How the hell do you have a girlfriend?" You said "Idfk. She's like obsessed with me" and I'm like O_o until I realized I wasn't the gf you were talking about. You were talkin about your rl gf. Sims asked you if she was hot. You showed them a pic. Again </3
  26. I caught the end of one convo where Julie said to you "I'm done with this. I love you too much" You said "No you don't. You don't even look me in the eye during sex anymore" </3 No wonder ppl think you're dating.
  28. Then you said things like "I want an Asian girlfriend. Chinese in particular. I gotta marry a Chinese woman"......well I'm sorry I'm not Asian.
  30. "All my girlfriends give head" ....All your girlfriends? How many do you have?
  32. "Show me yo tittays. That line always works on Omegle" Proof that you do go on vid chat lookin for tittays. Idec but at least be honest.
  34. "I just need somebody to loooooove". You just need somebody to love? What about me? : (
  37. You told Julie there was something you needed to go to Butler for and take care of. Wondering what that could be. Must have something to do with you changing your location to Butler NJ. Planning a visit?
  39. She constantly talks about how much she loves you. No wonder considering all the flirting that goes on. She clings to you like glue. She thinks you love her. Where do I stand?
  41. Why do you think I quit the forum. Why do think I quit going to your xat? How could I possibly show myself knowing what's gone on behind my back. You're friends are probably laughing their asses off at me. I feel so ashamed.
  43. So you don't think I meant for this relationship to be serious? At first I did, but after seeing all that how can I possibly think that you meant for this relationship to be serious? Please tell me, if you were me how would you feel. Am I over-reacting?
  45. Idk. Yet I don't blame you for any of this. I only blame myself for not being good enough .
  47. I haven't talked to anyone about this and I'd appreciate it if you did the same and kept this just between us.
  49. ~Your </3 wifey~
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