Apr 11th, 2016
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  1. >You couldn’t sleep.
  2. >For two years you have worked towards this.
  3. >Three years have already went by.
  4. >But now the day has come.
  5. >All you wanna do is hide under a rock.
  6. >You stand up again.
  7. >And turn to the small desk in your cell
  8. >your breakfast lies besides a lot of unopened letters
  9. >you cant eat today
  10. >and those letters which normally give you strength...
  11. >you lift your hoof and push them down to the floor
  12. >you cant open them, not today
  13. >you already know whats written there anyway
  14. >how you changed everything...
  15. >how thankful they are...
  16. >under those letters rests it
  17. >the book
  18. >you take a look at the clock 7:23 am
  19. >a few hours left
  20. >you walk towards the small window and look through the bars
  21. >there are people gathered in front of the main gate already
  22. >Ponies and humans
  23. >you turn back to the desk
  24. >and carefully open the first page
  26. >Day 01
  27. Dear Diary, you won't believe it!
  28. School was boring as usual, but after i came home Mom and Dad said they had a surprise for me.
  29. At first i thought it would be the dog i wished for since Christmas.
  30. But it was even better!
  31. I followed them into my room and there was it. A animal carrier.
  32. I looked inside but I couldn’t really see what it was.
  33. So i opened it and after a few moments something stepped out.
  34. A blue pony! With wings! And its mane was in all the colors of a rainbow!
  35. I have never seen anything like it!
  36. It was so awesome!
  37. I had a thousand questions but it only told me its name. Rainbow Dash.
  38. It seemed scared.
  39. Mom and Dad said i should give her some rest because she just got here.
  40. I can't wait for tomorrow when i see her again!
  41. That's it for today!
  44. >You can remember it as clear as day
  45. >It was shortly after the auction
  46. >All your friends were sold off to some weirdos
  47. >And you were so happy that the people who bought you looked like decent people
  48. >You were a mess back then, everything was...
  49. >You were so afraid after what happened to you and your friends in the camps
  50. >And so afraid after they split you apart
  51. >You can still hear Rarity crying when they took her
  52. >But when that little fellow opened your box
  53. >His bright smile, his large sparkling eyes
  54. >Looking at you in awe
  55. >No hostility, just innocence
  56. >A smile creeps its way on your face
  57. >He was so exited, hugging his dad, his mom and you
  58. >You could barely breathe
  59. >His parents had to pull him away from you
  60. >You chuckle
  61. >Anon with his curiosity
  62. >All these questions, when you barely knew where you were
  63. >The first decent meal in your new home
  64. >Your own comfortable bed
  66. >Day 02
  67. Dear diary,
  68. This morning I overslept because I couldn’t sleep all night.
  69. I had to run to the school bus and forgot my breakfast at home.
  70. I couldn’t focus all day, and the teacher called me to the blackboard in math.
  71. I didn’t even know what exercise we were supposed to solve.
  72. It was so embarrassing! Everybody laughed at me!
  73. But the school went by in a flash.
  74. I couldn’t wait to get home.
  75. I told all my classmates about my new pet! I’m sure they are all jealous!
  76. When i was at home mom said i have to do my homework before i can play with her.
  77. That’s was so unfair!
  78. After lunch I did my homework as fast as i could.
  79. Rainbow Dash is still a little shy but i showed her all my toys!
  80. I promised her she can play with all of them.
  81. That made her relax a little bit.
  82. Dad said i cant take her outside to play until we know that she will behave herself.
  83. So we spend the whole afternoon in my room and played games.
  84. She is from a different land named Equistea.
  85. She is so smart! I bet she can help me with my homework too.
  86. But she didn’t want to fly in my room.
  87. And she doesn’t like to be touched at her wings.
  88. Anyway i have to go to bed.
  90. >You start to laugh
  91. >That promise
  92. >How he told you that you can play with everything
  93. >proudly smiling from ear to ear
  94. >as if it would have made you feel any better
  95. >Asking you again and again to fly
  96. >Touching your sensitive wings without permission
  97. >all these questions about your home
  98. >fun times
  99. >His dad treated you well while he was busy doing his homework
  100. >Telling you that if you behave yourself, you would would gain more privileges
  101. >His serious tone, to be careful not to hurt his son
  102. >It was so strange
  103. >after everything went down, the camps, the auction
  104. >it was a human child who gave you hope again
  105. >hope for better times
  106. >but this little fella, he sure was a handful
  109. >Day 5
  110. I cant believe it!
  111. While i was at school Rainbow Dash messed up my entire room!
  112. She even broke my model of the red baron!
  113. It took me ages to get it right!
  114. I hate her!
  115. I was busy the whole afternoon with homework and cleaning up my room.
  116. ...
  118. >oh Celestia, he was so pissed when he came to his room
  119. >yelling and close to tears
  120. >you were bored all day and you had the brilliant idea of trying to fly inside of his room
  121. >your room
  122. >it was the first time you flew in a long time
  123. >you tried to get the room tidy before he got home but you made to much of a mess
  124. >you had such a guilty conscience
  125. >the next day when he was at school you tried to repair his favorite model
  126. >you tried your best, but your hooves and mouth are not very precise tools
  127. >the stench of the adhesives
  128. >i looked like crap but the gesture counts
  130. >you continue to browse through the pages
  131. >you have read each and everyone a million times
  132. >and this one is one of your favorites
  134. >Day 21
  135. Dear Diary,
  136. Rainbow can be so mean sometimes!
  137. After school i had an appointment at the eye doctor, and afterwards i got some glasses.
  138. When i came home Dashie burst into laughter!
  139. She called me egghead all the time.
  140. Even dad got mad and grumbled
  141. ...
  143. >just remembering it lets you burst into laughter again
  144. >lil' Anon with his glasses
  145. >when he came home he didn’t want to meet you at first
  146. "Dashie, i will come in but please don’t laugh..."
  147. >Those were his words
  148. >it was hilarious!
  149. >but his father got really angry and you didn’t get dinner that day, like you were a child too
  150. >Anon smuggled some of his into his room, despite your behavior that day
  152. >you continue to browse through the diary
  153. >the first day you were allowed in the garden
  154. >the first day you were allowed to fly without the shock collar
  155. >and the day you met spitfire again
  156. >she had gained the trust of her new masters as well
  157. "We have to start a rebellion. We have to fight for our freedom."
  158. >Words that inspired you, even though you hesitated
  159. >you had a decent place to live and a ...friend
  161. >Day 1XX
  162. Dear Diary,
  163. I’m so worried!
  164. Dashie sneaks out, every single night!
  165. She is tired every morning, and when i asked her about it she won't tell me.
  166. I haven’t told mom and dad about it.
  167. I don’t want them to get angry.
  168. She returns every morning and i pretend i don’t wake up, but i know something is wrong.
  169. She seems to be lost in thought sometimes.
  170. Its as if she drifts away from me.
  171. I know she had a difficult past, and i want to help her, but i cant if she wont tell me anything.
  172. Tomorrow is the big parade and dad allowed me to see it with her, maybe this will cheer her up.
  173. ...
  175. >they day before the parade
  176. >the day before your rebellion
  177. >the rattling of keys catches your attention
  178. >you close the the book
  179. "I guess its time..."
  180. >i was the last page anyway
  181. >"Prisoner 1R5XS-Rainbow Dash lay down on the floor and spread out your legs"
  182. >you do as you are told
  183. >the door to your cell opens and a guard enters the room
  184. >shackles are put on your legs
  185. >"Stand up."
  186. >this is the part you hate
  187. >the straps around your wings
  188. >normally you’d make a scene, give the guards hell
  189. >but today you just let it happen
  191. >a few moments later you are in the prisoner bus
  192. >you are the only prisoner inside
  193. >the driver, a few guards and you
  194. >the atmosphere is stifling
  195. >the gates open and the bus starts moving
  196. >you see the mob of people that are outside of the prison
  197. >you hear their cheers
  198. >you turn your head away
  199. >would you do it the same way given the opportunity again?
  200. >after that fateful day things changed for the better
  201. >for most of the people
  202. >after the riots cooled down there are no slaves anymore
  203. >during the trip you cant really focus your thoughts on anything anymore
  204. >its as if your mind is completely frozen
  205. >the trees move in the distance
  206. >this drive takes forever
  208. >you arrive at your destination
  209. >the doors open and you step outside
  210. >you can her the gravel crunch under your hooves
  211. >the ground seems to siphon the life of you with every step you take
  212. >there they are
  213. >you haven’t seen them in ages
  214. >both wear black
  215. >she is holding flowers
  216. >he holds a small box
  217. >you and the four guards to stop in front of them
  218. >You went have gone through it hundreds of times in your mind
  219. >But now you cant find the words
  220. >There is no anger in their faces, not anymore
  221. >Tears start to well up
  222. "I... I'm so Sorry!"
  223. >"Lets go, Rainbow Dash"
  224. >his voice is filled with sadness
  225. >if he would decide to beat you to death right here and now, you wouldn’t even resist
  226. >but all he does is to turn around
  227. >"he is waiting..."
  228. >you hear his voice cracking and he moves his hand to his face
  229. >your group moves in silence through the paths of the yard
  230. >the graves on either side of the way don’t have any meaning to you
  231. >but when you turn into the narrow path with the smaller graves you can barely breathe anymore
  232. >"we are here"
  233. "Hello, Anon i have missed you."
  234. >His mom lays down the flowers
  235. >"Rainbow i have something for you, he would want you to have it"
  236. >He places the box in front of you
  237. >you carefully open it
  238. >there is a model of a biplane, and its assembled terrible
  239. >it is painted blue, your cutie mark is painted on the wings, by a child’s hands
  240. >you look at it for a moment, and then at his grave
  241. "T-thank y-you, Anon, my friend!
  242. >you start to cry like you have never done before
  244. Fin.
  282. Reading further is not recommended!
  283. >you are in front of Anon's grave
  284. >you cry as the repressed memories work their way into you consciousness
  285. >the day 3 years ago...
  287. >you open your eyes and give a yawn
  288. >the room is still dark
  289. >you stand up and stretch yourself and look over to anons bed
  290. >its empty
  291. >there is a glimmer of light on the sides of the blinds
  292. >sneaky anon...
  293. >you have been a light sleeper every since the conflict
  294. >and he still manages to get out of the room without waking you
  295. >well your nocturnal activities may also play a part
  296. >you pull up the blinds
  297. >its a bright day
  298. >its going down today
  299. >you wont see them again for quite some time
  300. >maybe you should leave a note
  301. >if things get messy you might never see them again
  302. >you take a look around the bright room. Anon's room. Your room.
  303. >a sigh escapes your lips
  304. "I'll miss you."
  305. >your gaze wanders and you try to memorize the room
  306. >suddenly the door is opened
  307. >"Dashy! Wake up!"
  308. "I’m already awake."
  309. >"I got a surprise! We are going to the parade today!"
  310. >guess there is no need for a note anymore...
  311. >he is so exited about it
  312. "Cool, egghead."
  313. >you force a smile
  314. >it has to be done
  315. >"And Mom and Dad said the two of us can go alone! Come, we are going!"
  316. >as soon as he is completed his sentence he rushes off
  317. >you get a sense of foreboding
  318. >this is not right
  319. >you step out of the room
  320. >His dad is already waiting for you
  321. >"Rainbow, i want to talk to you for a moment."
  322. >good
  323. "Yes, sir."
  324. >"As the older one, for today you are responsible for Anon, i trust that you will watch over him today."
  325. >your stomach is turning upside down
  326. "I'm honored, sir, but i don't feel up to the task."
  327. >"Look, I don’t know what happened between you two, but Anon BEGGED me, to let the two of you go."
  328. >this is so wrong...
  329. "Sir, I really..."
  330. >"Rainbow Dash!"
  331. >His tone almost makes you think you are talking to your dad
  332. >But he isn’t YOUR dad, he is your master and you are his slave.
  333. >No amount of trust, sympathy or privilege can change that.
  334. >A bird in a golden cage is still a bird in a cage...
  335. >you have to object!
  336. "I..."
  337. >he cuts you off with a soft voice
  338. >"Rainbow, you are family to him, and he is worried sick because of you, please do me the favor and enjoy the parade together with him."
  339. >why do they have to make this so hard on you?
  340. >you hang your head
  341. "Yes, Sir..."
  342. >you'll manage somehow
  343. >you turn around and head for the front door, where Anon is already waiting
  344. >he is wearing his favorite cap. its blue...
  345. >"Dash, i trust you."
  346. >its the first time Anon's Dad doesn’t call you Rainbow or by your full name
  347. >you don't turn around. you just whisper
  348. "I, know. Goodbye."
  352. >you two arrive at the parade
  353. >its easy for the two of you to reach the front row
  354. >"This is sooo amazing, Dashie!"
  355. >its loud and so crowded that you don’t have much room to move
  356. >when you were just a filly you were amazed too
  357. "Yeah, it sure is."
  358. >you could cry but you force a smile
  359. >its almost time
  360. >"Thank you for coming with me today!"
  361. "Sure"
  362. >Anon sure is enjoying himself
  363. >but from time to time he looks at you and the happy smile fades from his lips
  364. >"Dashie, i don’t know what makes you worry all the time but please promise me that you you won't sneak anymore. I'm getting worried too."
  365. "I won't sneak out anymore, i promise."
  366. >its the truth
  367. >suddenly you are hugged
  368. >"Thank you!"
  369. >you don’t move until you see Spitfire flying above the parade
  370. >it starts now
  371. >you hug Anon back, and shed a tear
  372. "Go home, Anon!"
  373. >With a quick stroke of your wings you lift yourself into the air
  374. "Goodbye."
  377. >you follow Spitfire
  378. >the plan is pretty simple
  379. >a bunch of ponies will block the parade and demonstrate against slavery
  380. >you see a few other Pegasi join from the crowds
  381. >you land in the middle of the street and block the path
  382. >you are 16 ponies in total
  383. >some of the humans start to shout
  384. >"Get off the damn road!"
  385. >once your crew is settled down its you and spitfire who start to fly again
  386. "We are living beings! We will no longer be treated as objects!"
  387. >"Shut up!"
  388. >>"Get lost!"
  389. "We are sentient like you! You have no right to take our freedom away!"
  390. >it doesnt take long until other ponies join you from the crowd
  391. "We are no longer slaves!"
  392. >a few moments later you see trash flying towards the ponies
  393. >>>"BOOOOOOO!"
  394. >you can see police officers rushing to your camp
  395. >and even a some humans start to join you
  396. "We will not move! We will no longer be your slaves!"
  397. >the amount of demonstrators grows with every passing moment
  398. >the atmosphere is getting heated up
  399. >after a minute you can see bottles being thrown
  400. >and they shatter between the ponies and your human supporters
  401. >the humans get agitated
  402. >the crowd and the supporters start to shout at each other
  403. >the officers rushing to the site have to keep them away from each other
  404. >this is getting out of control
  405. >you see a blue dot in the crowd, moving in your direction
  406. >and the people below you attacking each other
  407. >"oh no..."
  409. >you see anon trying to force his way through the crowd
  410. >"Dash! Dash!"
  411. "Anon! GO HOME!"
  412. >"Dash!"
  413. "ANON GO HOME!"
  414. >he catches you, with tears in his eyes
  415. >"Dashie please lets go home! I’m afraid! Lets go!"
  416. >you have to get him away from here...
  417. >with the the first blows exchanged the protest quickly turns into a turmoil
  418. >without a clear battle line
  419. >the conflict left deep scars on humans and ponies alike
  420. >especially on pegasi
  421. >they are easier to shot than to catch
  422. >you have seen pegai-bodies piled up 5 feet tall
  423. >friends... family... ponies you met in Cloudsdale
  424. >and even with all the noise you can clearly distinguish one sound
  425. >there are screams as the people start to panic
  426. >you yank around and see the limp body of a young pegasus fall to the ground
  427. >next to a officer with a gun in his has hand
  428. >you get angry
  429. >you get furious
  430. >"Dashie PLEASE lets go!"
  431. >you are consumed by RAGE
  432. "LET GO!"
  433. >you give Anon a kick
  434. >you charge at the officer
  437. >he doesn't see you coming and you kick him right to the ground
  438. >you start to smash his face
  439. >again and again
  440. >there are sirens and screams
  441. >people are running around
  442. >there are fights all around you
  443. >ponies against humans
  444. >humans against humans
  445. >you hear teargas shells bouncing on the ground
  446. >you can hear gunshots
  447. >"Dashie! Where are you?"
  448. >the officer doesn't move anymore
  449. >you try to make out the next one through the smoke
  450. >your eyes burn
  451. >"Dashie!"
  452. >you strike another one down
  453. >"dashie..."
  456. >everything is covered in smoke
  457. >there is blood on the street
  458. >a few humans and ponies lie on the ground
  459. >you hear some groans and a familiar voice
  460. >"shie..."
  461. >you look around and see a blue cap on the ground
  462. >your rage is blown away
  463. "Anon?!"
  464. >you walk towards the cap
  465. >"where are you?"
  466. >you follow the voice
  467. >Anon lies on the ground
  468. >his cloths are dirty
  469. >there is blood on his face
  470. >there is blood on his hands
  471. >there is blood on the street
  472. "ANON!"
  473. >"dashie, please lets go home"
  475. >"please. i want to go home"
  476. "Don't worry Anon I’ll get a doctor!"
  477. >Anon grabs your hoof
  478. >"can we please go..."
  479. "Anon!"
  480. >""
  483. >you stand in front of Anons grave
  484. >your chest hurts
  485. >it burns
  486. >your vision is blurry
  487. >tears run down your face
  488. >you were supposed to be the element of loyalty
  489. >but your did forsake your friend
  490. >your family
  491. >your brother
  493. >it was a 10 year old boy who refused to leave without his friend
  494. >even though he was scared and and in pain
  495. >he deserved to be the element of loyalty more then you ever will
  496. >HE was your family
  497. >you could have gotten him to safety
  498. >you could have saved him
  499. >but you choose to fight
  500. >and what you did was to watch him die
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