GE3 Controls

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  1. Square: Light Attack (Melee Form)/Fire Bullet 1 (Gun Form)
  2. Triangle: Heavy Attack (Melee Form)/Fire Bullet 2 (Gun Form)
  3. O: Dash (Melee Form)/Roll (Gun Form)
  4. X: Jump
  5. R1: Switch between Melee or Gun Form
  6. Hold L1: Lock On/Aiming Reticle (Some gun types can lock on after bringing up the reticle)
  7. Tilt R3: Swap Lock On Targets
  9. Hold Triangle: Charge Devour (Melee Only)
  10. R1 + Triangle: Quick/Air Devour (Melee Only)
  11. R1 + O: Guard (Melee Only)
  12. R1 + Square: Special Melee Action (Melee Only)
  13. R1 + X: Melee to Gun Action (Melee Only)
  14. *The type of action can be changed in the Options menu
  15. R1 + O: Special Gun Action (Gun Only)
  16. R1 + Triangle: Fire Link Burst Shot (Gun Only)
  17. R2 + X: Dive
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