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20 Questions about.....ZeroDXZ.

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  1. When some people think of the Mega Man X series, the first thing to come to mind is a certain red reploid with long flowing, blonde hair and a beam saber capable of a wide plethora of abilities and attack styles.
  3. Enter this week's interviewee, ZeroDXZ, A high-caliber teenage Prototyper just like ThatOneEnderMan. In fact, as of this pastebin, DXZ is in 15th, with WELL over 25 billion BP to his name.
  5. Like Meta[KirbSter], DXZ has a bit of a bad rap for being a bit of a blabbermouth, especially during Sunday Night Idea Chats, where it's pretty important to stay on topic. But, just like Meta, he means well and tries to get along with most everyone on Prototype.
  7. Community Q's:
  9. Q1. Is there any other non-megaman games you like playing? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  10. DXZ: "Phoenix Wright, the Sonic Series (EVEN '06,...DON'T JUDGE ME!!) and the Metroid Series (although only the GBA Games of the series)."
  12. Q2. Who Motivated you to go far? (I got more…) [MetaKirbSter]
  13. DXZ: "Chun-Li- To believe in myself and express my feelings as i always should. Sonic- To go by my own way,..pave my future BY FORCE! Zero- To fight on,..no matter how hard life gets on you JUST POWER THROUGH YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO!"
  15. Q3. Who do you think would win in a fight, Zero or Shadow (from Sonic)? [BtMan]
  16. DXZ: ".... how about this,...i'll make a video explaining it,..and i'll post it on my discussion thread on the RPG Forums,..will that make you all happy?"
  18. Q4. What was your first Mega Man experience? [TobyJoey]
  19. DXZ: "if you mean classic and not the MMX or MMZ series,..ehh... Mega-Man 10 for the Xbox-360."
  21. Q5. What do you like most about Zero? (Obviously I speak of the game character.) [BtMan]
  22. DXZ: "Listen to this video link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETVPH0qDKLY ... skip to 6:23 of that video,........your welcome,.."
  24. Q6. In your dream team image, you have both Gemini Man and Metal Man. Why those two? [TobyJoey]
  25. DXZ: "Gemini-Man cus of TailsMK4... Metal-Man because HIS STAGE THEME IS ROCKIN'!"
  27. Q7. Which is your favorite MM8 RM? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  28. DXZ: ".... DUUUUOOO!!!!"
  30. Q8. What DOES the DXZ stand for? Destruction Xtraction and Zeal [TobyJoey]
  31. DXZ: "Destruction eXtraction and Zeal,... memorize it, and/or look it up on (wait for it) GOOGLE!"
  33. Q9. Which subseries of Mega Man is your favorite? [Rhythm_BCA]
  34. DXZ: "Personally, it's the Mega-Man Zero series,..i could only beat 3 and 4, 1 and 2 were hard as hell, DON'T PESTER ME!!"
  36. Q10. Favorite movie of all time? [Rhythm_BCA]
  37. DXZ: "They made a game out of EVERY JAMES BOND MOVIE,..which means,..EACH AND EVERY 007 MOVIE!!"
  40. Mikey's Q's:
  42. Q11. What was the first official MM game you played that had Zero in it?
  43. DXZ: "it was MMX. HOWEVER i presumed the 1ST Mega Man Zero game,...yes,..THAT Mega Man Zero game."
  45. Q12. Admit it. The Zero series wasn't that fun at all, was it? :P
  46. DXZ: "Why don't you take those lips,..point them to the nearest Mega Man Zero fan,..and say that,..Mega Man Zero was the first game to introduce me to the Mega Man series ALL TOGETHER!"
  48. Q13. In your opinion, what's the hardest X series game you've played [and why]?
  49. DXZ: "Hardest? ... i haven't played OR completed X7 and X8,..nor Mega Man X Command Mission, but, the hardest game i've player so far for the X Series.... was admitingly X-1, Sigma Form 2. i couldn't beat him and i had to constantly grind for weapons energy life energy and lives."
  51. Q14. So, how do you like Prototype [the game, itself]?
  52. DXZ: "Pretty friggen' SWEET! (btw.., it's all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass,... 'bout that bass,...no treble ;) )"
  54. Q15. What's your opinion of Star Force in general [in Prototype]?
  55. DXZ: "Hate the Tediousness of obtaining it all, love how it's used to power up your bots and WRECK your opponents."
  57. Q16. On a scale of 1-10, how hard was Prototype's storyline [the levels you did before going for all the Starforce]?
  58. DXZ: "....4... definitively a 4!"
  60. Q17. Overall which MM Classic game is the worst, in your opinion, and why?
  61. DXZ:  in my opinion THERE IS NO BAD MEGA-MAN GAME...except for Rock-Man X-over...only released in Japan.
  63. Q18. Tell me 3 things about you that NO ONE on Prototype knows.
  64. DXZ: "1.I LITTERLY am like Zero,...and Phoenix Wright as times. 2.I prefer anime over real-life GET OVER IT! 3.I pilot a Wolfen/Arwing.... (not really)"
  66. Q19. You roleplay a LOT; Why do you have to be Phoenix Wright, so much? :P
  69. Q20. Be honest: Does Guile's theme REALLY go with everything?
  70. DXZ: "....as long as your Bad Arse in what your doing as it plays,..THEN YES!!"
  72. Zero also had some parting words: "but before Mikey decides for this to end,...i say to you.. live life to the fullest,..LIKE A BOSS!!"
  74. 'nuff said. Special thanks to ZeroDXZ for his time, and additional special thanks to BtMan, Meta, Rhythm_BCA, ThatOneEnderMan and TobyJoey for their very good suggestions.
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