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Jul 24th, 2019
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  3. Sun Yuchen apologizes ##孙宇晨信信信#
  4. Dear friends, dear friends:
  6. In the past period of time, this period belongs to the dark moment when I am sick and sick. I experienced unprecedented storms, doubts and pains. I stayed up all night, and I deeply reflected on my past words and deeds and over-marketed myself. I am deeply grateful for the hype, and I would like to express my sincere apologies to the public, the media, and the leaders and regulators who care for me!
  8. Buffett’s lunch originated from my love of Ba Lao’s worship and charity. The original intention was good, simple, and also wanted to promote the blockchain industry and my own selfishness, and wanted to fulfill the project responsibility better, but because of My words and deeds are immature, young and prosperous, and my mouth is unobtrusive. It has gradually evolved into a disorderly, stalled, failed over-marketing, which has produced a lot of consequences that I completely did not expect, neglecting social and public responsibilities, and my personal intentions. In the whole process, from the excitement, to the anxiety, to the fear, the regret, the painful thoughts, all of which have had a bad influence on the public, and also caused concern about my concern for my regulatory body. Say again: Sorry!
  10. Caixin is a well-known journal that I have subscribed to and learned from college. I have made great contributions to the overall situation of reform, opening up, and economic development. Ms. Hu Shuli is also a senior teacher whom I respect and admire. Caixin continues to uphold the public interest of social responsibility. Priority, let me see my limitations and smallness, I am sincere and fearful to communicate with Caixin. I am willing to get the best media teachers on our business, industry development, transparent and unreserved exchanges with Caixin. The most authentic and impartial guidance.
  12. Mr. Wang Xiaochuan is also a predecessor in the field of Internet entrepreneurship. I personally admire his achievements and respect his views. Originally because I love jokes, young and energetic personality, I hope to create some hype and marketing gimmicks. In fact, I deeply regret these vulgar hype and marketing behavior, and once again express my sincere apologies to Mr. Wang Xiaochuan. Can get his understanding.
  14. For the elders, leaders and regulators who care about me, I would like to express my sincere apologies to my premature marketing and words and deeds! I am deeply afraid of the adverse effects caused! I am young, not deeply involved in the world, and the blockchain belongs to the emerging industry. I am immature. It is the big pattern of the elders of the regulatory agencies and the great vigilance makes me understand the importance of social responsibility and social influence! The healthy development of the industry is inseparable from the supervision and supervision of supervision. I will also open my heart to the regulators to actively introduce our business structure and industry development, actively cooperate with the regulatory agencies to conduct research and guidance to us, and do our utmost to meet the regulatory agencies. To meet our requirements, to maintain timely response and long-term communication, we always adhere to the overall situation of financial stability and financial security, resolve financial risks, clear the source, and return to blockchain technology research and development.
  16. I liked business in my youth, started my business very early, and I was very fortunate to catch up with the rapid development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in our country's new era, and the development dividend of the global blockchain industry, coupled with the support of many seniors in the industry. With help, I was very fortunate to have achieved some success in the development of the world blockchain industry. As a front-line practitioner active in the blockchain industry, I am very proud to be able to pass on the value of China's blockchain around the world! It can be said that without the care and guidance of the regulatory agencies, there will be no healthy development of the blockchain industry today.
  18. In the future, I will repair the disease for a period of time, reduce the vocalization of Weibo, close the door and thank the guests, reduce the media interviews, and all the research and development from the marketing hype to the blockchain technology. All of them are based on national interests, industry interests, and public interests. They abandon the selfishness of the self, actively rectify and abide by the law, export more positive energy for the development of the blockchain industry, do more in-depth thinking, and establish for the contemporary youth. A better social role model!
  20. Finally, I once again said to the media, elders, leaders, regulatory agencies, and the public who care about me, I sincerely say: Sorry!
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