Goodbye Developing..?

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  1. Hey! I've beenn developing for a while now. I haven't been in studio much recently. I've shifted 99% of my focus to animating. Will I still develop? Well, I'll be finishing any project before maybe wrapping up developing completely. Developing and animating is to much. I can't multitask the that extent. I can do both but that would slow down both processes even more than doing one at a time. Will I come back to developing in the future? Possibly, I started really bad at building and slowly got better. I finally reached my peek and was really happy with what I would come out with. Then I started building less and less and got worse and worse. The chances of me coming back to developing are pretty fair. 25% chance of me coming back. Animation is something I have always wanted to do. That being said, I hope I can continue to entertain you all with animations. It's time to start a new chapter. Thank you all for this amazing journey. - LongPoopci❤️❤️
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