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  1.  Question 1: Please write a paragraph about yourself
  2. My name is Luca, I am 16 years old and I come from Italy. I have played for years in the Italian community of SAMP and , since the current Italian servers suck, I would like to play on this server. I have been a moderator in the most famous Italian servers and, like I said, I would really love to roleplay here for a change of scenery.
  3.  Question 2: Please write a paragraph about character, including their background etc.
  4. Margaret Blackburn was born at the Crippen Memorial Hospital in Montgomery on 15 March 1993 from the union of Adam Blackburn and Penelope Sheppard, two American entrepreneurs. The family's financial resources allowed Margaret, the only daughter of the family, to live a comfortable life in the residential area of Palomino Creek. A strong interest in writing and creative music also led Margaret to compose several songs and some poems never published. Edward Cox, a friend of the girl, observing the talent and the skills of the girl, decides to put her in touch with some talent scoot from Los Santos. Engaged by the studies and from her new passion for medicine born thanks to her father's pharmaceutical company, Margaret doesn't surprise any of the observers and leaves definitively everything related to theatre or music. The high school she attended in 2008 was the protagonist of a scandal concerning the copious spread of drugs within the school and, in general, among young people. The headmaster, therefore, to counter journalists and public opinion, decided to make obligatory the participation of students in a drug awareness program conducted by some local NGOs. Margaret, even though she has never used drugs, was very impressed by the organizations and decided to find out more about the world of volunteering. Despite the opposition of the family, who believed that the time dedicated to volunteering was wasted, the girl manages to enter a nursing home. She covered many specializations and helped patients in many areas from drug addiction to alcoholism to helping people recovering from sexual violence. Shortly after graduation, Margaret did not immediately devote herself to college to continue working in the nursing home where she had now taken on some more important tasks than she had previously done. In 2013, both of the girl's parents were arrested because of some illegal actions carried out in their companies. This episode is very disturbing for Margaret who in the meantime has been left alone and with no one to support her since she has no source of income. Initially she borrows money from some friends, but, in the long run, she can no longer recover the expenses. Desperately looking for a job related to her abilities and not requiring high levels of education, Margaret tries twice to join the army. The first attempt fails because of her lack of knowledge in recruitment and some episodes of sexism by the recruiters. The girl, therefore, finds herself alone for the second time and without work so she decides to be supported for a short time by her aunt in Los Santos. With strength and determination she enters the army after a few months. The first months in the army are very hard, as for any other recruit, and Margaret is really struggling to integrate because of her sex. After a while, the BCT begins, a hard 10-week training that each cadet must pass before becoming a real soldier. Margaret sends her application to join Unit 68W, the well-known medical division of the U.S. Army. Within the unit, she participates only in some low-risk humanitarian missions to increase the level of healthcare in some African countries. Throughout her stay in the army, Margaret did not fire a single shot out of training and succeeds, along with her unit, in completing her medical task in several third world locations. In 2019, he returned to Los Santos to celebrate his aunt's second marriage and applied for a few weeks off. In the two weeks, Margaret regenerates completely and explores her cities of origin that have changed profoundly over the years when she was away from them. Shortly before the end of her break, and then her return to the army, a friend from Red County suggests her to join the Academy of the Fire Department.
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