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Mar 24th, 2022
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  1. Website
  2. The first and HUGEST Red Flag of Cue Club, which was the last one I found and the one that really made me author this piece, is: their website is a direct rip off of the KAOCOIN website. Here is the Cue Club website and the KAOCOIN website so you can compare the two side by side yourself. They are almost identical.
  3. KOACOIN is supposedly launching on the Ethereum network and we would like to tell the community there to also be very wary of this project because, from a surface level review, it also quacks and walks like a scam. KOACOIN’s website is full of dead links to socials, for both the project and its team. Its own team also has the same “Lorem ipsum” errors that have lazily been copied into the Cue Club website (see "Team" section below).
  5. - Our answer: We don't have any connections with KAOCOIN and we never heard about them. We checked their webpage and we can conclude that both projects use the same WordPress theme - cryptico. KAOCOIN uses the cryptico stock team images, they just replace their names. We use images from our members, and we linked their real social media profiles. Also, KAOCOIN didn't make any change on the theme, they just replace the text, which is a dead giveaway - but we are not connected with them by any means.
  6. Our website is published a few days ago, and we are still fixing the small issues like “Lorem ipsum” errors you found.
  8. Whitepaper
  9. The Cue Club whitepaper is very basic, markety, and full of superficial explainers that are aimed at newbies into the space (those whom are most susceptible to scams). The images used are also very flashy, generic, and stock imagery-esq.
  10. I invite you to specifically review the tokenomics section, page 10, of the whitepaper where pie charts represent token distribution. These pie charts do not have percentages or quantities on them so, from this, we can't really tell exactly how their 1 billion tokens are going to be distributed.
  12. - Our answer: Tokenomic section may be confusing because we have 2 charts on our website and in our whitepaper. The first chart is for $cue distribution, and the second chart is for $cue sales channel. 51% of $cue tokens will be sold via private sale, public sale/ido & ISPO. 18% of tokens are reserved for in-game rewards, and other tokens are distributed for the team, advisors, future partnerships marketing and future hires. To avoid any further confusion, we published an additional paper for token comic:
  13. We tried making our whitepaper easy to understand for newbies because we believe cue club and Cardano have great potential and a lot of investors will come from other blockchains.
  15. Funding
  16. Their roadmap says they’re starting a round of private sales in Q2 of 2022, and then also applying for Project Catalyst. Now, everyone is free to apply for Catalyst funding, however, if you are conducting private token sales should you be applying for Catalyst funding? This is more of a personal and moral observation because, as said, anyone is allowed to apply for funding via Project Catalyst. That’s the beauty of distributed and decentralized funding and governance, no barriers to entry.
  17. To further add to the funding misinformation from their whitepaper, the Token Sale section of their website states that the 1st round of their private sale will sell 3% of their tokens, however in the graph directly below that states that 5% will be sold in that round.
  19. - This is the same confusion with the graphs because there are 2 graphs on the webpage. 3% of the tokens are reserved for the first round of private sale, which is the same number of tokens as 5% from tokens reserved for $cue sales channel. (In reality, it should be more like a 5,7% but we used rounded numbers) I hope it makes sense, but I can understand your confusion and I will make an effort with the team to change the graphs on the website because I can see the confusion.
  20. We would also like to apply for project catalyst, simply to bring more traction to the project. Project catalyst is very popular in the Cardano community and will bring new potential investors.
  22. Team
  23. The team’s social channels are very thin, except for their graphic developer’s which could be legitimate. All the other team member’s socials are a few years old, yet have very sporadic content, if any at all, and very few followers, friends, or photos. Not having socials, or hardly using them, is not a bad thing at all. But when it is every member of a team, all of whom are developers and graphic designers, it sets off some warning bells.
  25. The kicker red flag in the team section is that if you click on any of their profile pictures it brings up the name and title of a totally different person. What it brings up are the template profiles of the Employees listed on the KAOCOIN website and each one is preloaded with the same starting line and then filled with “Lorem ipsum” text. They haven’t even uploaded profiles about themselves. Check out the team sections on the Cue Club and KAOCOIN websites to see this for yourself.
  27. - Thanks for letting me know the red flag. I don't have any idea that you can click on the team profile picture and expand the details. This issue is immediately sent to our webmaster and will be fixed in a timely manner.
  28. Again we don't have any connections with KAOCOIN, and the team bios you see are cryptico default team bios.
  30. Our members are not very active on social media, but we still linked their social profiles because we don't have anything to hide. Also, we are working with a third party for doxxing our team.
  32. We are hoping you can revisit our project and check again all points you made. Our project is labeled as a potential scam and on Cardano cube because of this article, which brings a lot of damage to the Cue Club.
  33. If you have other questions, I will be happy to answer them.
  35. Peter Neugebauer
  36. Cue Club marketing manager
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