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  1. 8/1/2017, 5:32:14 PM
  2. Bahra_knows_best: Hey Cait! I've tuned into your stream for about a year now and I enjoy your taste in games, and general trolly demeanor.That said, I've gotten a little discouraged recently, as I often contribute in chat, but you rarely read or respond to what I write. From what I can tell, you prefer to engage only with Lilapar, Nick, and Recliner. I get it, they're your friends and fellow streamers, but part of having a twitch community is being inclusive to everyone who earnestly wants in.It crystallized for me when someone asked you to duo in DBD today, and instead of saying "sorry I don't duo with randoms" you kind of made fun of the fact that he even asked, saying "I don't know you." It was an unapologetic refusal of what seemed to be a nice, earnest request.The reason I bring it up is this. There are a lot of women on twitch who deal with wayyyyy more of the annoying white-knighting and creeper behavior than you do. In fact, I'm pleased to say I almost never see that kind of stuff in your chat anymore. And that's part of the reason I tune in, because there's not that cringe aspect to wade through on a daily basis. And yet, you seem to treat chat like you still need to be super careful with the things you read, like most contributors are trying to get your attention or come onto you, rather than simply getting engaged and having fun.Does that make sense? I'd love to keep watching, but I have a special sensitivity to people who use their looks to create a system of entitlement in their communities.Not to mention that, from a practical perspective, being more engaged with chat would mean a higher channel retention rate, and likely would make streaming more profitable for you.Thanks for reading. I know it might seem like I'm nitpicking, but from the perspective of an earnest male who just wants to be part of your community, these things stick out like sore thumbs.
  3. Armorra: You have got to be kidding me.
  4. Bahra_knows_best: nope
  5. Bahra_knows_best: I'm certainly open to discuss aspects if you have a specific counterpoint
  6. Armorra: You act like I belittle people in my chat, and here you are acting extremely patronizing to me and accusing me of "using my looks" to grow and engage my stream? Please. You're obviously butthurt because I've missed some of your chat and you can't handle it. I literally missed the DBD devs chat today. Do you think I did that on purpose?
  7. Armorra: I don't need your counseling or advice as to how to make YOU happy. If you can't deal with me missing chat lines, that's your problem, not mine.
  8. Armorra: I'm playing a game, not sitting in IRL reading every single chat line. I do my best to respond to everyone, even trolls.
  9. Bahra_knows_best: okay I can tell you're pretty defensive about this issue
  10. Bahra_knows_best: please know that I'm trying to tread softly and be constructive
  11. Bahra_knows_best: and I'm not trying to make this all about your looks or the fact you're a woman, that's simply a facet of it
  12. Bahra_knows_best: your missing the DBD devs is a perfect microcosm of the problem
  13. Bahra_knows_best: as I see it
  14. Armorra: Nah, you are, no matter how lightly you try to phrase it.
  15. Armorra: It's not a "problem" buddy, it's an honest mistake. I do my absolutely best to pay attention to chat when I can and as much as I can
  16. Armorra: No one gets favoritism
  17. Armorra: I told the guy who asked to duo with me "No thank you, but thank you for asking" first
  18. Bahra_knows_best: you read every single thing lilapar nick and recliner say
  19. Armorra: Then he persisted, and I said "It's not that I think you're bad, I just don't know you, so sorry"
  20. Armorra: I absolutely do not always read everything they said.
  21. Armorra: You're so out of line. If that's how you feel, that you're not getting this special treatment you deserve and you perceive that others are, then you're in the wrong stream.
  22. Bahra_knows_best: I'm actually perfectly within my rights to give feedback to anyone I wish
  23. Armorra: You most definitely are. If you want to live your life feeling like you're a victim because some of your chat lines have been missed, be my guest.
  24. Bahra_knows_best: I'm merely trying to constructively suggest you engage more with your chat
  25. Bahra_knows_best: but it seems like that's an especially sore topic
  26. Armorra: Lol
  27. Armorra: You didn't say it that way.
  28. Armorra: You insinuated that I assume everyone is trying to pick up on me or something so I ignore them? What the fuck is wrong with you?
  29. Bahra_knows_best: Dude, chill out
  30. Armorra: Nah, you need to chill, take a step back, and re-read what you just wrote.
  31. Bahra_knows_best: take a breath, I'm not your enemy
  32. Armorra: See ya. Don't come back to my stream.
  33. Bahra_knows_best: good luck with your entitlement
  34. Bahra_knows_best: I'll be back don't think you can stop me
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