Sigrid Weiss

Jul 18th, 2017
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  1. Art by wilcard24:
  4. Name: Sigrid Weiss
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Physical Age: 16
  7. Chronological Age: 37
  8. Height: 5' 8”
  9. Weight: Slightly heavy
  10. Body Development: Average
  11. Appearance: Sigrid possesses a fairly fit body, lithe and strong. Her build is that of an athlete's, with very little excess fat on her body, save for the usual feminine curves. Her skin is a rather ambiguously brown color, indicating her biracial heritage. Her hair, too, displays such traits, being a cascade of black so dark it almost looks blue that reaches to the middle of her back. Her eyes, meanwhile, are a dark green color.
  13. When transformed, several very noticeable changes occur. Firstly, her hair turns crimson, and her irises become vibrant rings of amber. Tall, pointy wolf ears top her head, and a matching bushy wolf's tail extends from her lower back. Her canines become more prominent, and her teeth in general turn a bit sharper as well. Few see it, but there's one more additional change: a strip of short, soft fur runs down her spine, from her hairline to the tail.
  15. Her Outfit is...strange. It's akin to a military uniform in some respects, only the material composing it is more rustic and ancient. A hybrid design, really. Leather and skins make the vast majority of material, with the rare few buttons made from bone. A knee-length skirt replaces traditional pants, with leggings tied tightly to her by wrapped leather that goes from ankles to most of the way up her thighs. There are no boots or shoes covering her feet, save for the top thanks to the bottom part of the leggings, which is tied off by three thin strips each that go through her toes and around either side of her feet. It also features a hooded cloak, adorned by soft fur.
  17. Her weapon is a simple spear, made from a smooth, sharpened stone attached to a single, straight length of dark wood. The only unusual thing about it, apart from looking like it wouldn't be out of place in the hands of a caveman, are the several harsh, yet simplistic symbols carved into the spearhead and the shaft.
  21. Body: Average
  22. Spec: Beast
  23. Outfit: Uniform
  24. Weapon: Melee, Unarmed (Gold)
  25. Power: ????
  26. Perks: Enhanced Weapon, Martial Training, Training, Absolute Direction, Skeleton Key, Sturdy
  27. MonG Perks: Bestial, Tooth and Claw, Legacy, Communion
  29. STR: 15
  30. AGI: 5
  31. VIT: 10
  32. MAG: 14
  33. LCK: 6
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