amazon dash

Jan 17th, 2017
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  1. >my name is anon and until recently, i was the luckiest fucker on earth.
  2. >i had been going out with CHS’s resident sports star, rainbow dash for several months now. She was damn near perfect and everything you could have wanted in a girlfriend, she spoke her mind, was funny and loyal as hell and even had been helping you gain some muscle with the help of a very good rewards system. It started out small, a peck on the cheek or a flash of a nip but as i made gains she became more extreme with the rewards until it cuminated with us fucking like wild animals after you benched 300 pounds and barely broke a sweat. Course, note that you said nearly perfect....
  4. >See while dash was by no means confident, in fact she could be rather arrogant sometimes, she could be very insecure about her looks. I always felt she never really had a reason to be, she had a body most men would kill for, let alone women. Muscles like steel cables covered by smooth tan skin, legs that crush a man head and an ass so amazing you weren't afraid to admit that you came at just the sight of it. So when she found your stash of porn, more specifically your big tit bimbo folder, she took it for the worse and thought i didn’t find her sexy anymore. We argued and she left with tears in her eyes and you feeling like a ton of shit.
  6. >So there i was, sitting my room trying to figure out what i could say or do to fix all this when i get a phone call from dash’s cell. I damn near break the phone pushing the answer button but as i hold the phone to my ears trying to figure out what to say, a different voice than what i was expecting starts to speak.
  8. >“Anon? Anon are you there?!” says twilight sparkle, teen super genius, rumored amater wizard and woman currently having a panic attack. “Listen it’s dash, she stole one of my experiments and is heading your way! You need to get out of there right now!”
  10. >“Wai- what experiment?! the hell is going on?!” i demanded, images of dash mutating into some horrible monster flashing in my head.
  12. >”i was working on a new hormone treatment meant to deal with muscle decay for deep space voyages, dash had come in pissed off and talking about how much of a perverted pig you were. I tried to calm her down by talking about my experiment, she always gets sleepy when i do that. but when she heard about how it would increase muscle mass she grabbed it, chugged it and ran off!”
  14. >”ok, what’s so bad about that? I know that’s a lot of work down the drain bu-”
  16. >”you don’t understand, The treatment was unstable! The massive rush of hormones will cause her to grow massively and with little control over her emotions! In short she becomes a fucking hulk!”
  18. Just then the sound of wood being smashed and broken though came from the front of my house, thundering footsteps soon following no doubt up the stairs towards my room.
  19. >“anon the serum is temporary, if you can keep her occupied for a while it should wear off. Good luck.”
  21. I go to try and board up my bedroom door and buy myself some time to escape, when a giant blue hand rips through the wood and grabs me by the collar of my shirt. The rest of the door breaks apart as a near naked 9-ft tall amazon steps though. Last time i saw dash, she was barely past 5 feet in height and was a small b-cup. Now she towered over me with breasts bigger then my head, strangely enough she wasn’t the overwhelming hulk of muscle that twilight had led me to believe she would become.
  23. Instead her new found size had only added to her beauty. Her rainbow colored hair, normally keep in a ponytail had grown immensely and wild while the muscles of her body looked as if they had been chiseled from stone and covered by blue velvet, clad only in the remaining scraps of clothing that she had no doubt outgrown on her way here, looking to me like a amazon jungle queen.
  25. Granted maybe i shouldn't be waxing on about how much i want to bang her when she has me by the throat and has a look of murder in her eyes. I’m going need to think fast and talk faster.
  27. >”look dash, i know that you're angry with me bu-” i begin to say before dash squeezes her fist cut off my air flow.
  28. >”anon not think dash is pretty, should smash puny anon.” dash said with a snarl, pulling her free hand back no doubt about to wind up for a punch.
  29. > “wait! Dash, no! I always thought you were pretty! From the day i first met you at the soccer match, to when we made love in the gym bathroom and even when we were arguing i’ve always loved you!” i said, hoping to god that she would listen to me.
  30. >after a silent pause, her eyes softened and a slight blush began to appear on her face as she spoke “what?”
  32. >”listen. I would be lying if i said that i haven’t thought about other women sometimes, just like you no doubt have thought about other guys, that’s just being human. But when i think of the women that i want to beside me though all of the shit that life throws at us, it’s always your face i see.” with each word her grip loosen bit by bit until she eventually dropped me down to the floor.
  34. ‘As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes the truth really can set you free’ i thought for a split second before i was trapped again. This time in between her surprisingly soft hills.
  35. Now instead of murder in her eyes she now looked like a lovestruck teenager, a very horny lovestruck teenager. Right, if she has a mass of hormones going through her and effecting her mind then she’s going through what every teenager goes through with puberty, anger, confusion and being really horny.
  37. Twilight said i had to keep her busy right? Well here goes nothing.” i think as i reach down and start to rub her clit. I swear that i heard dash purr like a jungle cat, picked me up again and tossed me onto my bed. She then pounced onto me, ripping apart my pants to reveal my erect member. She skipped foreplay and went straight for the kill, pinning me down with her thighs and piecing herself with my dick.
  39. It was tighter than i could have imagined, her insides gripping my penis with warm intensity milking it for every last drop as she bounced up and down driving me deeper and deeper into her snatch. It took almost every bit of self control i had not to cum in the first 5 seconds. I reached up and began tweaking her nipples sending shockwaves through her body. My rod was gripped even tighter as she howled in orgasm, she then lifted my head and shoved it onto her breast. I moved my left hand to her ass and began fondling it, it’s flesh molding itself like soft clay as i suckled her nipple.
  41. Out of the corner of my eye i saw dash had began drooling from sheer pleasure with her eyes rolled back into her head, i could only assume that the hormone treatment had caused dash’s nerves to go into overdrive making even the tiniest bit of pleasure into full blown ecstasy.
  43. With that in mind a new plan of attack began to form in my mind. With herculean effort i flipped dash over to put me on top and her face down and ass up. We had only ever done this once before our fight but if anything could send her over the edge and get her to pass out, it was this.
  44. Spitting on my hand and using it to lube up her asshole, i been over to give her a kiss on the lips and i shove my dick in. that got a reaction as she scearmed in ecstasy and began to match the tempo of my thrusts driving me in as deep as i could go.
  46. I was beginning to reach my limit, so with a firm hand i unleash my trump card and slap her ass just as i give one final thrust. Her hole tighten once more as we both came with all the force our bodies could give. After what seemed like an eternity we both collapsed into a pile of our own juices and flesh.
  48. --------
  49. Honestly not overly happy how this turned out but hopefully it’s at least worth a good fap for you guys.
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