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  1. WildTiger19:21
  2. wtf
  3. bro
  4. dude
  5. why the !@#$
  6. are you like this
  7. ffs
  8. Dragster19:29
  9. Go play
  10. with shadow
  11. never talk to me
  12. ever again
  13. Go play on his server with the lithuanian negro
  14. have a good time
  15. with him
  16. on his discord
  17. and his gmod server
  18. be staff member yes
  19. then do your job on his server
  20. you officially bowed to the one we hated
  21. the one who betrayed you me and the tamatoe negro
  22. butmun*
  23. Im not Like this
  24. Why are you like this
  25. you should be asking that yourself
  26. Whatever i do im better than you
  27. i Cannot be compared like you
  28. to you*
  29. congrats
  30. on becoming a slave of the german kid
  31. that once betrayed us
  32. WildTiger20:22
  33. How many !@#$ing times
  34. do i have to tell you
  35. i'm nopt his alve
  36. slave
  37. i can easily press one button and leave his server
  38. i played two !@#$ing minutes in it
  39. jUST
  40. Just
  41. tell me
  42. why do you think im his slave
  43. give me an argument about it
  44. if you don't then go ahead
  45. throw 2+ year relationship
  46. btw
  47. 1. I do not consider him a friend
  48. 2. I consider him a partner of bussiness
  49. 3. I can !@#$ him up if I wanted to, but I got no reason to till he "backstabs" me like you say
  50. 4. Don't forget the time you deleted me and the first thing you did is run to him, after he told you to add me then you deleted him
  51. You're just !@#$ing mad because i'm in his discord
  52. because i dont even play in his server
  53. at all
  54. lunes, 16 de abril de 2018
  55. WildTiger9:02
  56. or when you !@#$ing were admin on his server and left me behind for %^&*ing him
  57. did i got mad with you
  58. did i?
  59. no i didnt
  60. or when you talked behind my back with butmun
  61. did i get mad?
  62. no i didnt
  63. i forgived many stuff about you dude
  64. yet you get mad just because i'm in a guy's discord
  65. WildTiger9:18
  66. now don't answer with server !@#$ because i only played two minutes in it, yesterday it was open and i didnt even join, only butmun did
  67. you can pretty much see that because you haven't even deleted him
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