commandospell VXCC application

commandospell Oct 18th, 2019 80 Never
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  1. Greetings, superiors.
  2. My name is commandospell, I'm a Level-3 Vaktovian Cadet of the Vaktovian Army Corps and an Intern of the Vaktus Corporation. I'm a 16 years old Romanian part Russian male. I joined the Army Corps on 7/16/2019 and since then, I'm still fully loyal and I love Vaktovia. I dedicate most of my ROBLOX time to Vaktovia, but the times I'm not on my Vaktovian duty, I usually raid with other groups, train my aim or do uniform commissions. I'm a pretty strong individual, mostly when it comes to my mind, I can say I am a little deshumanised because of some events in my past. I like raiding and defending places, but mostly, Vaktoiva. Our Great Nation. I have a passion in leading raids and defences, and I'm doing it since I was a Insurgent in SURGE since 2nd April, 2019.
  3. I can say I have a little experience in leading, as I was a Lieutenant in SURGE when it was still going good. I enjoy it, I try to keep team morale high and a great chemestry between us, even if it sometimes bends the laws, but if it goes too far, I don't accept it. When I was in SURGE, I led only 2 raids saddly, as I couldn't use my microphone as much as I am able to do now. 1 was a loss against RSF, and 1 was a win, but I don't remember against who, sadly. It might have been Aegis Core.
  4. I want to join the Vaktovian Strike Academy so I can become a greater raid and defence leader, to be able to, well, actually lead and win raids and defences and bring lots of wins for Vaktovia and maybe go down in the history. I want to be able to face any opponents with no fear, and make sure I'll aslo win the battle. I want to eventually become like ItachiTactical, like he did in the Varcia War, leading multiple servers as a Level-4.
  5. I have a set of qualities which reccomend me for the Vaktovian Strike Academy. I'm capable to easly adapt to the base and I adapt even easier if I scout it before, I'm able do think fast at critical situations, I have a strong and deep voice which is easly heard and noticed in vocie chats, I have a serious attitude towards the objective, and I don't hesitate to yell at people if they don't respect the plan.
  7. Discord: commandospell#6721
  8. ROBLOX profile:
  10. Thank you for your time while reading this, superiors. Glory to Vaktovia.
  12. -commandospell, Level-3 Cadet
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