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  1. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: how u been
  2. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: yooooo jax wassup  
  3. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  dances with babe
  4. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: hello
  5. LastNightmareJack: Ive been busy as heck baby I am sorry it took me so long to get to you
  6. lJaxTunezl  whispers: >.>
  7. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: sis u dont mind sharing
  8. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: hehe i dont mind
  9. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lol
  10. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: sooo are you and dark a thing or what  
  11. lJaxTunezl  whispers: -No we aren't.
  12. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: oohh ok
  13. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd1
  14. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: do you have feelings for her  
  15. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd2
  16. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd3
  17. lJaxTunezl  whispers: We are friends. She knows where I stand atm.
  18. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd4
  19. Guest_Joe2039: we killlinn it
  20. Guest_Joe2039: Wop
  21. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd5
  22. Guest_Joe2039: Wop
  23. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: im just curious cause ik how she feels about u but idk how u feel about her she really cares for u  
  24. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd6
  25. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd7
  26. lJaxTunezl  whispers: And I care for her too. Just ain't dating on here.
  27. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd8
  28. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd9
  29. DarkLittleDarling: bk
  30. Guest_Joe2039: wb
  31. lJaxTunezl: Welcome back.
  32. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd10
  33. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: wb
  34. DarkLittleDarling: ty
  35. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: ooaahhh like ever?
  36. Guest_Joe2039: np
  37. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: wb
  38. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: :P
  39. lJaxTunezl: You're welcome.
  40. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd11
  41. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd12
  42. DarkLittleDarling: i have went thru 10k today
  43. DarkLittleDarling: z
  44. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: or just for now  
  45. Guest_Joe2039: sameee
  46. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd13
  47. lJaxTunezl  whispers: -Not sure.
  48. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: welcome newb
  49. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd14
  50. Guest_Joe2039: Me?
  51. DarkLittleDarling: ty
  52. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd15
  53. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: well i hope you 2 become a thing because i can see how she is with you.  
  54. Guest_Joe2039: oh
  55. Guest_Joe2039: lmaoo
  56. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd16
  57. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: we may joke alot but we have heart to hearts from time to time
  58. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: she is a really good person  
  59. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: lwd17
  60. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: just please dont string her along  
  61. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: cheer
  62. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: ty
  63. lJaxTunezl  whispers: I know she is. And I'm not.
  64. DarkLittleDarling: ii
  65. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx  > lJaxTunezl: great. i hope not  
  66. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: yw
  67. DarkLittleDarling: i need ice
  68. DarkLittleDarling: i liked that song yuki
  69. DarkLittleDarling: :D
  70. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf1
  71. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf2
  72. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf3
  73. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf4
  74. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: link me please!
  75. Guest_PopSolomon4 has joined the chat
  76. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf5
  77. Guest_PopSolomon4: Wazzam
  78. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf6
  79. lJaxTunezl: o.0
  80. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf7
  81. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: frf8
  82. xYukiYumemiSinfulx: hello
  83. xTxAngelicSinfulxTx: whalecum
  84. LastNightmareJack: Imma go make some food give me a bit sorry
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