The Surface Remains Ever-Distant [Typeset]

May 22nd, 2017
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  1. The Surface Remains Ever-Distant Translation
  2. From
  4. >Akagi came back.
  6. >...No. Rather,
  7. >We found a new Akagi.
  8. >How about it?
  9. >Definitely inadequate. It's far too early to commit her to a real battle.
  10. >Is that so.
  11. >We've always been short on aircraft carriers here. | If she could take part in battle she'd be a great help.
  12. >If our air power is unsufficient, I need only to work to bridge that gap, no?
  14. >Kaga....
  15. >Ah,
  16. >It seems like the Expedition Fleet has returned.
  17. >Where is Akagi-san's Bauxite?
  18. >Hmhm! Don't worry, we got lots and lots!
  20. >Eh, | She's being overprotective.
  21. >How troubling.
  22. >Are you sure you're not just feeling lonely?
  23. >Eh?!
  24. >Don't be silly.
  25. >[Ara ara]
  26. >How dishonest.
  28. >It's not like that. | It's just
  29. >How about taking a break?
  30. >No need, I'm fine.
  31. >Haven't you been constantly training alongside Akagi?
  32. >I'm sure you've accumulated some fatigue...
  34. >This level is not enough.
  35. >I must become stronger. | Strong enough such that Akagi-san does not need to battle... >Hyuuga?
  36. >I'm just worried | that one day
  38. >She'll sink herself trying to protect Akagi.
  39. >The fleet exercise | has already started, you know.
  40. >I feel as if your heart isn't even here. | Are you worried about Akagi on sortie?
  41. >Of course. | It's not just my heart
  42. >If I could, I'd like to fly there with my entire being.
  44. >I heard Akagi volunteered for the sortie.
  45. >I am responsible for being insufficiently useful.
  46. >She can't just do exercises forever, you know?
  47. >Even so, it is still far too early for her.
  48. >Do you plan to cling onto her forever from here on out?
  49. >Mm, that's the plan.
  51. >Oy,
  52. >In the end, she's a standard carrier too.
  53. >Even if her level is lower than yours, | her abilities are more than up to par.
  54. >Your actions are simply holding her back.
  55. >I know that.
  57. >You would never understand.
  58. >I don't want to let AKagi-san sink again...
  59. >You two, move!!
  61. >To get shot in the face by a destroyer of all things. That's just embarassing.
  62. >DIdn't you get hit too-
  63. >Ah, no. | What I wanted to say is...| Uh...
  64. >Sorry.
  66. >What's up? >About Ise....
  67. >You couldn't possibly forget that | And yet I said some unforgiveable things...
  68. >Don't worry about it too much.
  69. >You're right, | I'm not being rational about this.
  70. >Perhaps I haven't been | since she sank.
  72. >...I don't want | you to sink.
  73. >What do you mean....
  74. >Ah....uh....
  75. >Well, I hope you don't sink...
  77. >I'm sure Akagi feels the same way too.
  78. >It's the same as how
  79. >You don't want Akagi to sink...
  80. >Something like that...well, it's time for me to go.
  81. >Hyuuga,
  82. >...Thanks.
  84. >...How dishonest.
  85. >What do you mean?
  86. >Nothing~
  87. >Want a drink? I could have a cup with you.
  88. >It's never just "a cup" when I go drinking with you.
  89. >Ara, then how about I drink with you until daybreak?
  90. >Spare me...
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