Lost In The World

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  1. [19:45] Arthur Rowan says, "The will of the people has been spoken, Sors."
  2. [19:45] Dan Dogslayer whispers something.
  3. [19:45] Clara Ultovex says, "..."
  4. [19:45] Clara Ultovex exclaims, "YOU?!"
  5. [19:45] Arthur Rowan says, "Make haste to get inside the fort."
  6. [19:45] Dan Dogslayer whispers something.
  7. [19:45] Sors Ultovex whispers something.
  8. [19:45] Now she pointed at Taiga.
  9. (Clara Ultovex)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [19:45] Runa Invidia whispers something.
  13. [19:45] Dan Dogslayer whispers something.
  14. [19:45] Dan Dogslayer whispers something.
  15. [19:45] Lirien Nina Leverd whispers something.
  16. [19:45] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  17. [19:45] Sors Ultovex whispers something.
  18. [19:45] Tenko Ultovex whispers something.
  19. [19:45] Clara Ultovex whispers something.
  20. [19:45] Arthur Rowan says, "So long as you cooperate, it doesn't get violent. Unless, you wish to test your luck regardless."
  21. [19:45] Nym picks at her non-training but still a training sword when people start yelling.
  22. (Nym Ann)
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. [19:45] Arthur Rowan asks, "Now. Come to fort?"
  26. [19:45] Hathor says, "Oh boy."
  27. [19:45] Runa Invidia whispers something.
  28. [19:45] Zariel Daigal says, "Sors, I've returned."
  29. [19:45] Ardith whispers something.
  30. [19:45] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  31. [19:46] Ardith whispers something.
  32. [19:46] Ardith looks over her shoulder, towards the gathering cluster of people.
  33. (Ardith)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. [19:46] Zariel Daigal whispers something.
  37. [19:46] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  38. [19:46] The Adjudicator crossed his arms over the chest, grey and gold staring towards the crowd that has arrived. His gaze narrowed and the man yawned, turning to face the group.
  40. "Ya will either inform ma wha' it's over o' I ain't goin' anywhere. 'xpecially when ya'll got two traitors in ya lil crowd."
  42. The screams of the world filled the air around them as the blue eye watched with an empty gaze.
  43. (Sors Ultovex)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [19:46] Zariel Daigal whispers something.
  47. [19:47] Runa started to sweat profusely.
  48. (Runa Invidia)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [19:47] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  52. [19:47] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  53. [19:47] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  54. [19:47] Eryn began to feel incredibly nervous, but remained standing resolute alongside her compatriots.
  55. (Eryn Evanstere)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [19:47] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  59. [19:47] Zariel Daigal whispers something.
  60. [19:47] Zariel Daigal whispers something.
  61. [19:48] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  62. [19:48] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  63. [19:48] Ardith whispers something.
  64. [19:48] Dogslayer stares at the adjudicator. His voice is harsh and unkind, full of hatred.
  66. "I'll let King Arthur speak for me and the others. A ceasefire's been signed, so these two "traitors" are perfectly fine. I insist you listen carefully to what King Arthur says to you, Sors."
  67. (Dan Dogslayer)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [19:49] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  71. [19:49] Ardith whispers something.
  72. [19:50] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  73. [19:50] Freya said nothing. Cyan mist rolled off her frame, mystical energies as she pulled herself inward. Steeling her body and mind, preparing for what was to come.
  76. (Freya Vishkar)
  77. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. [19:50] If that is how Sors wanted to play.
  81. Although Lich was very far from amused, he would entertain his idea for a brief bit- surely, he had his reasons to believe that things wouldn't go well inside the castle - and in truth, if he refused to cooperate, it really would. But...
  83. "You'll be given an offer to step down as Adjudicator."
  85. "Your policy involved taking on entire world, and as things had proven themselves, it isn't something Dawn was ready for. Rather than making it work, you only deepened situation - and unless you can win that sort of war, you'll inevitably fail."
  87. "And you did fail."
  89. Still, a pause. There's no doubt that Sors needed a moment to process this sort of information, and he spoke up again.
  91. "Now, I'll repeat myself."
  93. "Will you come to discuss your arrangements of stepping down from position of Adjudicator, peacefully while that's still an option, or do you refuse?"
  94. (Arthur Rowan)
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  97. [19:50] Arlei takes a deep swig from her flask. This could rapidly become a big oopsie.
  98. (Arlei Therus)
  99. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. [19:51] Clara Ultovex says, "..."
  102. [19:51] Ardith clenches her jaw. She reaches over a puts a hand on Jun's shoulder, eyeballing the growing crowd just to the east.
  103. (Ardith)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [19:51] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  107. [19:52] It was odd, how many events that would likely be later chalked up as historical or monumental this irrelevant teenager would bare witness to with his own eyes, yet hold no involvement. Time and again he found himself standing on the shoulders of giants, watching them clash verbally or physically, when he himself had no business there, neither the wit nor the might to contend with either party.
  109. His head swivels around the square at each of those who speak in turn, and even as novice as he was, the rustling chains and haunting presence of Sors Ultovex could be felt by the fledging magi. This was the man he'd heard so much about...that was spoken of in whispers like some kind of boogeyman?
  111. He looked impressive, but against a crowd this stacked, what could he possibly do? Siegfried's eyes, once they are done roaming on everything and everyone here, observing everything from the time to the shade of the sky and the position of the sun in the sky above, home in on the man of the hour...Sors himself.
  113. What would happen here?
  114. (Siegfried)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. [19:52] Ardith whispers something.
  118. [19:52] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  119. [19:53] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  120. [19:53] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  121. [19:53] Ardith whispers something.
  122. [19:53] Ardith whispers something.
  123. [19:53] Lirien stood there with her only arm gripped onto the handle of her sword. The man who tried to literally give her the boot was now getting it himself.
  124. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127. [19:53] Nym Ann whispers something.
  128. [19:53] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  129. [19:54] Ethel Calarook whispers something.
  130. [19:54] Ardith whispers something.
  131. [19:54] Nym Ann whispers something.
  132. [19:55] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  133. [19:55] Ethel Calarook whispers something.
  134. [19:55] Zariel didn't know exactly what was going on but it didn't take him long to realize something was off. This was akin to when he overthrew the Ospreys.
  136. However, this was.. unexpected, Arthur explained everything he needed to know.. This was a coup. He couldn't believe that they were trying to overthrow Sors.. Everyone, including the Lichking and the others.
  138. What madness, what Chaos was this display, enough to cause Zariel to chuckle to himself a bit. This was bound to be entertaining, however he couldn't allow himself to become to drunk with excitement.
  140. He still needed Sors, they're death was a possibility right now. He wondered about what action he'd take in all of this..
  142. "Hmmm.."
  143. (Zariel Daigal)
  144. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146. [19:55] Ardith whispers something.
  147. [19:56] There were quick steps made as the demands of the LichKing were spoken. Sors was to stand down as Adjudicator or face some sort of violent, and likely extreme punishment. While the Nethradin seemed to hold little care in her expression, she'd make an approach. Stand by her summoner, and simple close her eyes.
  149. "Lord Ultovex, I request you make a decision we both won't regret." A hand moved toward her upper abdomen, head tilting so that eyes could remain on the scars upon her palms. A sign of discontent followed.
  150. (Hathor)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [19:56] Jun sighs.
  154. (Jun Ultovex)
  155. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  157. [19:56] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  158. [19:56] Nym inched closer. Her wide, amber eyes were locked on Sors, but for once Nym had nothing to say.
  159. (Nym Ann)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. [19:57] Clara had been too sidelined by the appearance of Taiga and Niklaus to really pay attention to Arthur's speech until it properly set in. She had already fought Taiga once and gotten completely bested; she knew a repeat was just being silly. But regardless, after a few moments she realizes just precisely what the elder Rowan meant.
  164. They wanted her Father to step down?
  166. Her head swivels to the side, to gaze at the group, all of them assembled. She was quiet, gray eyes falling upon each of them in turn. Freya, specially,
  168. "Are you really going to let these two traitors, who work with Levengard and attack our own people, influence you?" She asked. "You're mad!"
  169. (Clara Ultovex)
  170. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  172. [19:57] Ardith whispers something.
  173. [19:57] Tenko places his hands behind his back, the runes around his being slowly shifting until a single circle was forged behind him, one of sound manipulation, making his voice clear opposed to overwhelmed by the numerous speakers.
  175. "Might I ask if this is related to the Angelic threat, that would give reason for the neutral parties to be involved at all? Because if it is a matter of Dawn's internal affairs it would be better and much less hmm.. Violent seeming than necessary.
  177. Not only months prior has the summit been given during Sors' absence, but now his stance has not been given time to even note if the angelic threat is real and a threat to dawn. Else, this matter seems only to be violence for the sake of violence, which is simply not entertaining."
  178. (Tenko Ultovex)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. [19:57] Ardith twitches nervously, keeping a hold on Jun's shoulder.
  182. (Ardith)
  183. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  185. [19:59] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  186. [20:00] Ardith whispers something.
  187. [20:00] Ardith whispers something.
  188. [20:00] "This is disapointin', Arthur. Fer a Lich ta become a puppet o' Demi-angels an' emotion. Ta aid 'em tha' assist the son who poisons ya power."
  190. The Adjuidcator shook his head, ripples of whispers filling the air around him. Slowly the lifestream would start to scream as skeletal servants began to pour inwards from rifts opening around them.
  192. "Ma policy was fightin' enimies. Our foes were people ya'll wanted ta turn, poisoned undead powers an' killed our people. Ya call it takin' on tha' entire world. I can it standin' up fer wha' we are.
  194. Ya say I fail. I say ya do. Ya wish ta replace ma? Do it tha' same way I did. If ya wish ta take control, challenge ma ta an honor duel where tha' winner takes tha' loser's life, lich king. O' any loyal member o' Dawn tha' ain't serve as Levengard's dog."
  196. He turned, looking over each face of those nearby.
  198. "O' are all o' ya'll too cowardly ta do anything but 'ttackin' in groups? Ya'll hav' always been scared ta go on ya own."
  199. (Sors Ultovex)
  200. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  202. [20:00] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  203. [20:01] Ardith whispers something.
  204. [20:01] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  205. [20:02] Ardith whispers something.
  206. [20:02] Ardith whispers something.
  207. [20:02] Dogslayer bursts out laughing. He listens as Clara and Sors speak, managing to misunderstand the situation entirely; slowly, his hand drifts to his sword and remains there.
  209. "Clara, Sors… these two "traitors", well, they're something of a late addition, I do admit. A happy accident, I guess. They haven't influenced anyone."
  211. "I have."
  213. "The entire military demands that you step down, Sors. I'd suggest that you come inside and negotiate as your king demands you to. Think of your family, old boy. This doesn't have to end poorly for you."
  214. (Dan Dogslayer)
  215. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  217. [20:02] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  218. [20:03] The Zanders watched and listened. What was happening was what he was worried about. Dawn was going to tear itself apart in it's efforts to survive. An emerald hue shifted down the line towards those present who'd organized this display.
  220. Watching what the older generation would do. If any would take the Ultovex's challenge up or if they intended to attack as a group. Though Dan's words caught his attention. A nod given to what he was saying.
  222. It made sense.
  223. (Ascalon Zanders)
  224. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  226. [20:03] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  227. [20:04] Ardith whispers something.
  228. [20:04] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  229. [20:04] "Levengard never wanted this, you sick bastard." Taiga hisses out!
  231. "I never wanted this! It's your own insanity, your own corruption that led to this! No one asked you to come to Levengard and kidnap children out of the forest to make them cry tar! That was your own doing! You made an enemy out of people who never wanted that - and you'd sell this entire city to that Fallen Angel just for laughs if he offered it.
  233. You've no right to talk of cowardice, after what you've done. This is a mercy you should be grateful for. -But you've never seen beyond your own two fists, have you?" Taiga was obviously very impassioned about this whole situation, his heart stuck in his throat. This had been brewing for a long time coming.
  234. (Taiga Rowan)
  235. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  237. [20:04] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  238. [20:05] Ardith whispers something.
  239. [20:05] Ardith whispers something.
  240. [20:06] The nagual's ears go flat across the top of her head and her knees bent as she took on a defensive stance. A hand shot to her steel training sword's hilt and gripped it tight enough to whiten her knuckles. A bead of sweat went down her cheek and she grit her teeth together hard enough to show off those feline fangs.
  242. She was getting agitated, confused, and for once,
  244. scared.
  245. (Nym Ann)
  246. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  248. [20:06] Disappointing? No, this was smart. Sors was a behemoth of a man, and alone...well, yes, Eryn would have preferred coming into conflict with him. Even so, the support that Dogslayer had brought to bear was something to truly challenge the Adjudicator. A man-on-man honor duel was something to risky to trust the gravity of this event to, so Eryn was perfectly comfortable standing against the Adjudicator in such a group.
  250. She didn't really have the background with Sors that some of the others did, so instead she remained silent, although smoke began to lightly rise from her body as she started tapping into the well of rage that enhanced the power of her magic. She had the feeling she was going to need it.
  251. (Eryn Evanstere)
  252. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  254. [20:06] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  255. [20:06] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  256. [20:07] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  257. [20:07] "Me, a puppet? That's rich coming from you, Voidling."
  259. It was almost a reflex, but the undead bodyguards that stood by his side were prepared to fire against Sors' own servants if that would be necessary. Still, for someone of his calibre, the Lich clearly knew he's being provoked.
  261. "I'll make sure to challenge you if I ever sleep with your woman. But we have other matters."
  263. "The entirety of Dawn sees no future behind what you do, Sors. I distrust Levengard just as much as you do - but apparently, you lack common sense to actually take on foes one at a time, and perhaps attack the people that are a clear threat to us."
  265. "Rather than terrorize a bunch of kids for no real purpose."
  267. The words of a Lich lash at Sors, just as his own words lashed at Lich; one could almost tell he's probably provoking him to do something he would regret. Or maybe he just didn't want to stand for the insults?
  269. "Perhaps, in another time, you'd make a great Adjudicator."
  271. "But aside of personal strength? You have nothing to offer. No future, no thought, nothing - but the Void."
  273. "Did Malentine seduce you to this power, Sors? Do you intend to bring Dawn to its knees just as Malentine brought Baukengrad down?"
  275. A pause.
  277. "Though, I see you're preparing your servants."
  279. "Do I take it as a 'no' on your behalf?"
  280. (Arthur Rowan)
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  283. [20:08] Ardith whispers something.
  284. [20:08] The man doesn't necessarily wish to be here. Especially with the fact that he was listening to a madman drone on about the fact that he was the traitor here. At the end of the day, and with the people that he had assisted all over the world... It was never his one intention to be bound to one specific place.
  286. "You travel in groups all the same, from bringing Nasu, the dragon, and more into the caves. Don't act like you're innocent."
  288. He was just pulled along for the ride, really. If it gave him the opportunity to come home properly so he could continue helping his mother in her withering state, then so be it. "Please, quit droning on about traitors. It's about the only ammunition you've got at this point, and you're the one who made us enemies. No one else did."
  290. The simple truth in the matter, really. The Belialites that got in the way? They had it coming. Anyone who attacked the children couldn't be bothered with.
  291. (Niklaus Rowan)
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  294. [20:08] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  295. [20:09] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  296. [20:09] Siegfried is taken aback by the raw emotion levied between the two parties at conflict, at what is at stake here. He's also looking between Arthur Rowan and Sors Ultovex, mind awhirl...
  298. An honor duel?
  300. What a climax...
  302. It just seemed so unlikely at this moment, something that no one here would allow to occur when they could just so easily stampede over Sors with their current position...
  304. And with Arthur's words, it seemed even less likely. The possibility of a one vs. one was madness, something that held essentially zero chance to occur, and yet the fact that Sors had thought to ask at all floored him with its audacity, with its brevity, with it's sheer big dick energy.
  306. "Holy shit," the boy whispers. This was fucking awesome.
  307. (Siegfried)
  308. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  310. [20:09] John puffs quietly from his pipe, smirking through his exhaled smoke. This moment had been a long time coming. He side-eyed his fellow conspirators.
  311. (John Dioguardi )
  312. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  314. [20:09] Oh damn, that burned..
  316. Sors did have a point though, this display looked like nothing but the combined efforts of magi too afraid of a one-on-one fight. It was a long withheld dawn tradition and yet they were clinging so close together you could of sworn they were about to hold ands..
  318. "Sickening, to watch one's own people desecrate their own tradition makes a man question things..
  320. Give the man his honor duel, use that patriotic fire to help you win, aye Lich King? Hell, any of you could step forward and be a hero, but I suppose this was too well thought out for such..
  322. A shame."
  323. (Zariel Daigal)
  324. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  326. [20:09] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  327. [20:10] Spicegirl says, "Holy shit."
  328. [20:10] Zariel Daigal says, "Honestly, I'd like to see that. A fight between giants, I'd pay for that."
  329. [20:14]
  330. {LOAD GAME}
  332. [20:14] This certainly was a scene that Spicegirl didn't expect to be watching play out as she got back home from doing some mining. The girl had a variety of new, cool, rocks in tow and drops the majority of them on the floor in surprise. Who would have expected this?
  333. (Spicegirl)
  334. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  336. [20:16] The Adjudicator was always in the air, but now he truly took flight. From hovering, he lifts, landing to stand on top of the fountain and look down on the crowd that had gathered. The grey and gold look down on the group.
  338. "If ya'll want ta take ta tha' demi's so much, then do it. Leave. Ya say tha' entire military demands tha' I step down. Ya are wrong. The military doesn't serve tha' King. It serves an Adjudicator."
  340. The Ultovexian Nightmare snaps his fingers as knights pour forth from the Resurgance and come to surround the group.
  342. "I'll think o' ma family. An' I'll think o' everything else too. I don't bend ta ya rules tha' same way I ain't bend ta no one else's. No divine, no man.
  344. An' I ain't serve tha' Void either. It serves ma." The pale green eyes began to open around the man as he spoke, all pointed down at the army.
  346. "A Dawn o' traitors stands 'gainst ma. but ya make mor' then a few mistakes wit' ya ranks. I hav' plenty ta offer Dawn. From tha' ability ta revive wit' no body bein' there ta boostin' oocultic powers. But ya'll only hav' weakness ta emotion.
  348. I hate it.
  350. Leave ma presence. O' this no is gon b something worse then ya'll xpect. This is ma city.
  352. Weakness has no place innit."
  353. (Sors Ultovex)
  354. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  356. [20:17] Godfrey had been basically hiding behind the lamppost the entire time. This is what Uncle Feth had talked about, wasn't it? Dawn would have change. One way or another, things would change. Were they better? Or worse? Godfrey had no idea now, and he's peeking out now to stare at the scene and more importantly - Freya.
  358. "..." Not a word, nothing could really stop the fear that was starting to build in his chest. It's like a balloon that continued to expand and wouldn't stop for anything. He starts to slink out from the post little by little, taking the scene in entirely.
  360. .. No matter the outcome, he'd remember it forever. How could he forget it? His eyes trail to Nym for a moment, nodding his head lightly. It had been secret for a reason. All of this - Secret, secret, secret.
  362. The knights run from the Resurgance, and he can't stop shaking. He's normally so energetic and excited for the violence - But he's so disgustingly weak.
  364. He isn't ready for what he's about to see.
  365. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  366. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  368. [20:24] Nym noticed Godfrey's nod but couldn't move. She was frozen in place as Sors spoke, her hair standing on end as the howls of nethradin and Hel came to life. Soldiers of the coup and soldiers loyal to Sors were filling the center of the city and the short, eleven year old nagual was going to have trouble navigating through such a crowd.
  370. But as thing progressed she managed one step forward. And then another. She neared the fountains and clawed at the hilt of her sword absentmindedly. Several nicks were left along the metal edge with how much pressure she was applying. She didn't know what to do.
  372. She didn't know what she wanted to do. But this was all affecting her far more than anyone might have guessed.
  373. (Nym Ann)
  374. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  376. [20:24] Freya Vishkar whispers something.
  377. [20:25] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  378. [20:26] Ascalon Zanders whispers something.
  379. [20:28] "The military serves Adjudicator?"
  381. The staff is drawn; the Lich may be far from his prime, with the body long withered beneath those cloaks, but when called to it, he would still go for something like this - something that would be considered insane for someone of his age. The Blaazkul hums with its malevolence, drawing upon the strength he still had left.
  383. "And this is why you're a shitty leader, Sors. You were never here for the people, Dawn's growth, or anything that would advance our agenda, were you?"
  385. The thunder above them roars. The man before him may call upon the Void, but Arthur called upon the Nature and its strength; the wind howled, and quickly, the skies above them were becoming dark - black as the starless night, loud as an encroaching army coming from all directions.
  387. "Let's see what- or whom- they choose, then."
  389. There was little time to be spared. With each and every undead servant that was actually bound to Arthur, they suddenly charge against servants that belonged to Sors; while Arthur was entirely different in nature, he was still a particular thing that Sors should be very familiar with - a Chaos magi.
  391. And he goes for attack.
  393. Void versus Storm, bloodshed versus cunning. In the end, they both were probably madmen that were willing to put up almost anything on the table for how they viewed things, and for how they wanted to be.
  395. Now, whether others even bother to join? That's a different story. The Lich, however, does not wait.
  396. (Arthur Rowan)
  397. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  399. [20:28] Zariel's eyes widened when hearing Sors's response. What a speech, what resolve.. In the face of what could be described as overwhelming odds, he actually told them to leave..
  401. How entertaining.
  403. "Z-ahahahha, your chaos knows no bounds, Sors.. Very well then, you'll have my aid if need be, the show must go on..
  405. Oh, absolutely.." The Daigal said before ascending into the skies, manifesting a floating throne of occult.. Once comfortably sitting down, Zariel would open his book, Unleashing the Amalgamation of occultic energies raging within both it and Zariel as if they were one being.
  407. This ghastly mass of dark energy would splash onto the ground before segregating and morphing into a horde of shadowlings ready and rearing to unleash carnage.
  408. (Zariel Daigal)
  409. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  411. [20:34] A black gloved hand reaches towards the sky as they speak. Hatred begins to effect the world, like a rift being conjured above. This power is different however, a corroding evil feeling that rots the world around the Ultovex, a practice for a bomb he planned to create. The grey and gold stare towards the lich as the Adjudicator took a breath.
  413. "This is an ability I'm still trainin' called tha' Pale star. It has a lil while ta go, but we'll see when it reaches compleition. I was always fer tha' growth o' ma Dawn. Ya jus' were never 'round."
  415. The blue eye on his staff turned, looking into the crowd.
  417. "Freya Vishkar, this is a command from your Necromancer. Kill Taiga Rowan in one hour. If you fail, kill yourself. "
  419. His focus then settled on Arthur.
  421. "Ya know, I think Necromancers can take control o' mor' undead by defeatin' others. I'll take Liren from ya too."
  423. The Void cackled as the Adjudicator flew upwards, arrows firing from his undead's bows and flying into the crowd as he looked down. Chaos barred down as chains towards Arthur as the battle begins.
  425. "Those loyal to Dawn,
  427. Kill the traitors."
  428. (Sors Ultovex)
  430. (From this point onwards, I focus only on primarily what affected my character. There was much going on...)
  432. Freya Vishkar, this is a command from your necromancer.
  434. Those words wrapped chains around her heart and mind. Barriers that stopped her actions, even for just a moment. Purple began to cloud her vision, horrible screams and whispers from tainted ancestors.
  436. She barred her teeth, emitting out a storm of mystical blue smoke and explosive Rieka. The world around her darkened, land below becoming inky and dark. The sky blackened, and all that was left was Freya, bound in chains, and her master.
  438. Kill Taiga Rowan in one hour, or kill yourself.
  440. Those chains dug in her skin as Sors spoke. Forcing her to move, to fight.
  442. To serve.
  444. "Get away from her, you son of a bitch"
  446. In her mind, a blade sliced down on the chains holding her. A similar, rune-covered sword, held by a hand plated in black and green.
  448. In the worldscape of subconscious, the memory of Alastor G. Vishkar broke those chains, suddenly. Clad in the same armor as her, holding that same blade.
  450. "Freya. Get up and fight. Claim your freedom. Do not disappoint me."
  452. He spoke those words, and lifted his blade. She would have to fight for her freedom, to break away from her chains and remove Sors as her necromantic master.
  453. (Freya Vishkar)
  455. Who did he rely on to save him, when he was trying to touch the sky to cross a ravine of magma? Freya Vishkar. Who told him that they would fight to their last breath for the sake of Dawn, regardless of how dark that city became? Freya Vishkar. Who stands before him now, dead and re-risen with necromantic energies? Corrupted by Sors's embrace, forced to do just what they had promised? Freya Vishkar.
  457. His life was a mess, wasn't it? A whirlwind that he rarely had control over. Now, to a crowd of thousands, he was forced to perform in a life or death battle against that woman. Potentially striking her down in front of her own child... or dying a warriors death in front of his own husband. Neither outcome was something that set well in his heart. He had been chasing after death for so many years, but the thought of finally throwing himself into it's clutches now of all times...? Bah.
  459. Taiga takes a deep breath. His hand stretching outward to grasp onto a weapon that didn't exist. With a shimmer, Blessings of Nadir teleports into existence, the hilt comfortably setting in the palm of his hand. With careful manipulation of his own bloodstream, Taiga dulls the fear. Enhanced his instinct. Runs himself into overdrive.
  461. Every ounce of regret and reasoning is thrown to the wind. Everything Taiga was is melted away, lost in the blood, as fury overtakes like a wildfire. Freya's words fall on deaf ears. The beast had him in control now. Right in its clutches. The man who had done all that he could to become more than a weapon was reduced to just that in this moment.
  463. He howls to the morning sun - and charges at Freya with an unmatched ferocity. He was willing to do anything to win. Freya was already dead. Already lost. If the future had to be forged over her dead body, that was something Taiga - the conscious man - could deal with once the beast was done tearing her to shreds.
  464. (Taiga Rowan)
  466. It's chaos.
  468. The manner by which the city had been taken by storm. It hadn't been in his agenda today to be a part of an attempted and very likely failed military coup. There's a motion as the Drakanite comes to land gently on the ground behind Godfrey, and he kneels close.
  470. The words that come among the close battle causes him to bring a hand up, touching against the boy's shoulder:
  472. "When I said I held you when you were young, I wasn't lying."
  474. His murmurs come quietly as he stares toward the woman forced to fight. "And I meant it when I said I love her, so please don't fight me when I ask you of one thing:
  476. Come with me, Godfrey. I want to honor her wishes above all else."
  478. Between the clash of weaponry and more, his mismatched gaze moves to stare the boy down seriously. He doesn't know how he's going to make it work.
  480. He doesn't know who he'll have to appeal to properly.
  482. But he'd have to find solace some way, somehow. That was his duty to an old friend now suffering above all else. Unless Taiga could find a way to get her to the lighthouse so that she could potentially follow that command by 'offing' herself with the celestial mechanisms?
  484. He didn't know. He didn't have time to think.
  485. (Niklaus Rowan)
  487. He's racing as fast as he can. Moving in and out of people, the scrawny youth is throwing air blasts into the scene of battle and throwing the skeletal knights of Dawn backwards. Little by little he's making progress, the youth can see her fighting. She's got the entire field to herself - His mother was fighting for every last ounce of herself and what was left from the past. He never got to meet Alastor, but the way she fought - It was completely different from before.
  489. Riding a small tornado, Godfrey is closing the distance. He's so close, and just as he is breaking free from Dawn's street while the entire settlement was shaking and covered in fights between those who chose to break - And those who desired to stay - He is here. Godfrey had made it to the battlefield right behind Taiga and Freya.
  491. .. He is here to watch the final blow, as her reika is dissipated and the wings disperse into a million motes of mana. The tornado can't racefast enough, but he's out of mana. He had used all of it getting here. Little Godfrey's tornado gives out under him and he's sprinting on his feet.
  493. He's so tired, so exhausted - Everything is spent and he felt like coughing up a lung. His voice is strained as it calls, "Mom! Mom- Mom, I'm here!" He was getting behind Taiga now, starting to bring his hands together into some kind of spell-
  495. .. But his reika is spent. He's no stronger than a civilian at the moment, and a child one at that. "M-Momma!" He heard Sors declaration.
  497. Win or kill yourself.
  499. Her final words.
  501. Take care of my son.
  503. No. If he could reject fate, he was going to try until he couldn't any longer.
  505. A hand comes down onto his shoulder and he stops momentarily, thinking he had just been caught by one of the thousands of knights in the city. A blade soon to come through his stomach for blurting out after her and trying to run into the field of war without power or age to back him up. A voice.
  507. It's Niklaus.
  509. Come with me, I want to honor her wishes.
  511. His voice is on the verge of tears, his eyes soon to become a waterfall. "No.. I can.. Save.. Her.. I can.. I know I can.." He tries to limp forward to attack Taiga again, and Niklaus can see the entire little showing from right behind his husband.
  513. ".. I didn't stay home.. I disobeyed.. I won't obey now.. She won't die.. Please don't, momma.."
  514. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  516. They're dancing.
  518. An exchange of sparks, a clashing of blades that ring out through the fields. A contest of strength, speed, and mental fortitude. When every blow made your bones ring out in agony, when every charge forward held with it the threat of absolute, unequivocal death - who would be the first to hesitate? Despite that threat, despite that fear, despite that pain, Taiga's only motion was to move forward. Again and again, with every strike that aimed to push him back - he would close that distance with a potent ferocity. Every droplet of his blood that sprayed out was screaming, steaming hot. Every noise that ripped free from his maw was a violent, thunderous roar.
  520. What Freya was facing down was not a man. Not a beast. Some strange, monstrous intermingling of a disciplined warrior and the instinct of an apex predator. One that assessed every risk and vowed to come out on top with every trade of blows. He would fight against a Gods creation, the Oscuri, and swear to himself with every swipe of his blade that he could win - no - he would win. Taiga was fighting for his life, and dancing on this threshold of death, his greatest strengths would be seen unlike ever before.
  522. "GRAAAAGH!"
  524. They moved too fast for the eye to follow. A thousand swipes, feints, and dodges all executed in less than a minutes time. Where so ever Freya aimed her blade, Taiga's feral instinct guided him. No one should've ever taught a beast how to teleport. Where as Ren Shi and Laemor went down the more obvious, efficient route of warping themselves to their target, Taiga was wholly different.
  526. His blade is thrown out of his hand, twirling through the air like the conductors baton to this bloody concert. With swipes of his hand, portals are forged. Like an arrow guided by providence, the Wayfinders magic sends his weapon across the battlefield in a myriad of different directions. Just out of the corner of Freya's sight, it'd cut the air with a beautiful song, twisting and turning through the open field - but always managing to find it's target somehow. Like Taiga himself, this blade hunted blood. Freya's blood. Impossible curves, dipping through portal after portal to flay her skin.
  528. Taiga's blade was impossible to follow. A master of redirection, combined with feral instinct and the art of Wayfinding. This wasn't like fighting a samurai. This wasn't like fighting a Magi. This wasn't like fighting a beast. Freya's instinct, every bit of training she had as a paladin up until this point was rendered null and void by this unpredictable fighting style.
  530. Yet... Freya is a monster of her own right. Taiga is left a bloody mess. The oscuri's strength and devotion to their task was unmatched, even by Taiga himself. Were it not for the blood that ran in his veins, a normal man would've been dead on the ground some ten times over by the time Taiga has the chance to finally overwhelm her with this barrage of flying sword strikes.
  532. He is coated in his own blood. Gesturing madly into the open air to forge portal after portal, his circuitry screaming at him to stop this insanity.
  534. "FREEEEEYAAAAHHH!!!" His voice descends into another roar. His throat torn raw by the violence, his blade poised right above her. She's rendered too injured to block. Too weak to dodge. This seems to be in. With a final stroke downwards, his blade is guided like a javelin straight for her heart. The bloodstone in the hilt shimmers brightly, all of the blood spilled across the field suddenly congregating to Taiga's weapon in a crimson flood.
  536. She's run straight through. Carried by the momentum of the blade ramming through her chest, Freya goes flying. On the edge of death, more than likely.
  538. Taiga stands, weaponless, gasping for breath in the middle of the fields. The legs he stands on are shredded to pieces - along with the rest of his body. With a dull, almost lifeless gaze, he stares up at the sky. Silently wondering how he had even managed to live long enough to stand here to begin with.
  539. (Taiga Rowan)
  541. Siegfried holds his breath. For several, tense seconds of Taiga's fight, he is fearing for one of his sole friends' lives, watching as Freya nearly tears Taiga the fuck apart.
  543. And yet, at the exact same time, his elation that Taiga stands tall, victorious, his momentary relief that his friend would be okay, is deflated by the sight of Godfrey, little Godfrey, screaming for his mother, declaring that she wouldn't yet die.
  545. Momentarily, he can see himself in the screaming boy, their positions reversed, people on the sides and he in those shoes, complete strangers watching his meltdown as he lost what was most dear..
  547. And all he could do, as usual, was watch. The sheer emotion that tore through the air was palpable - and beyond anything he'd expected sitting in that tavern with the rebellion as they prepared this plan.
  549. "That kid..."
  551. He remembered the boy who'd stood next to his mother in the tavern, calling insulting Niklaus while clinging to Freya's leg. And now he fought with all his miniscule might for that very same mother, even when he had naught the mettle nor the miracle to affect events.
  553. Siegfried can't tear his eyes away.
  554. (Siegfried)
  556. It was grim, the nature of it all. If it had been Bei Rowan on the battlefield, then he knew there would've been no way that he'd be standing along and watching. His teeth clench, his heart hurts, but...
  558. He wanted to tell Godfrey that Taiga wasn't going to kill her, yet in this situation, if she didn't comply--
  560. It was utter doom. Plain and clear, as bright as day. Between Taiga and the boy, he knew that there wasn't much time that could've spent wasted here. He didn't even know where his father stood at this point, so...
  562. His hand attempts to move out, go grab at the back of the Oscuri's shirt as he aims to snatch him up close. "Don't." He says as he aims to hold onto the boy, through whatever beating that might've come to his form-- he didn't care.
  564. It wasn't safe.
  566. "Taiga! Taiga, we have to go!"
  567. (Niklaus Rowan)
  570. [21:47] Mertaisyl whispers something.
  571. [21:47] Dan Dogslayer exclaims, "Niklaus! Get me out of here, now!"
  572. [21:47] Nemaniti whispers something.
  573. [21:48] Nemaniti whispers something.
  574. [21:48] Ardith whispers something.
  575. [21:48] Nemaniti whispers something.
  576. [21:49] Nemaniti whispers something.
  577. [21:49] Dan Dogslayer whispers something.
  578. [21:49] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  579. [21:49] Sirocco Vishkar whispers something.
  580. [21:49] John Dioguardi whispers something.
  581. [21:49] Ardith whispers something.
  582. [21:49] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  583. [21:49] Sirocco Vishkar whispers something.
  584. [21:50] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  585. [21:50] Ardith whispers something.
  586. [21:50] Sirocco Vishkar whispers something.
  587. [21:50] Arlei Therus whispers something.
  588. [21:50] Hathor says, "Pitiful."
  589. [21:50] Nemaniti whispers something.
  590. [21:50] Dan Dogslayer says, "I HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER SORS, YOU FUCKING FRAUD"
  591. [21:51] The fight was a blur, everything moving too quick. The cats were dispatched easily, and as Dan threw his helmet off she was confused; that look evident on her features until he barreled right towards. Dan's power of telekinesis blasted through her, and as he picked her up by her neck and slammed her down, all of the breath was forced from her lungs.
  593. Until he was on top of her, and there was a ripping pain on her face, blood dripping down not just from the various cuts upon her, but the side of her face as well. It was superficial, and it'd heal, but not without a scar. Regardless, the Ultovex had no more fight in her and as she's picked up by Dan, her spinning world goes black.
  594. (Clara Ultovex)
  595. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  597. [21:52] A Drakanite with a spear wound to the chest limps her way towards Dogslayer, bruised and bloodied, covered in soot and lightly smoking. She radiated heat, and her face was twisted into a snarl, but it was clear she was not up for another fight. "We fucked it up, Dan. I think we fu-fucked it up." Another loyalist ran up, and Eryn slapped him away with herculean effort, the poor man rushing off covered in sapphire flames.
  599. "We gotta go, I think." She cut off, coughing up a splatter of red into her hand, which she looked at, trembling. This probably wasn't good.
  600. (Eryn Evanstere)
  601. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  603. [21:53] Dan Dogslayer says, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, ERYN."
  604. [21:54] Eryn Evanstere exclaims, "I'VE GOT A HOLE IN MY CHEST IM ALLOWED TO THINK WE MESSED UP!"
  605. [21:54] Jennifer Ivanovich exclaims, "QUIT BITCHING I'LL FIX IT AFTER WE'RE OUT OF HERE!"
  606. [21:54] Eryn Evanstere exclaims, "OK!"
  607. [21:55] No thoughts run through her head, besides the maddening whispers echoing in her brain. She has no control, not anymore. Fighting on pure instinct and martial prowess. Every step to claim an advantage, every swipe of sword to kill.
  609. Taiga had grown since their last fight, and so did Freya. Where Taiga could now move through the lifestream and attack, Freya could now see where he was moving. Her partial mastery of the Mystical Arts gave her sight beyond the physical; to see the paths that Taiga was moving in.
  611. Strikes are countered by gargantuan swings of Colada. Parried with such an intensity that the ground was shaking on impact. Trees shuddered, stones cracked, the very earth was quivering from this fight. Such raw, pure emotion verses cold and calculated judgement.
  613. Wings of Rieka extend out, forces from the Spirit Realm and beyond flowing into the Oscuri. She drew upon those connections she had formed...
  615. Yet, nothing responded
  617. She fought, and fought, until her body was breaking apart. No filter, nothing stopping her from dying right here and now.
  619. But she made one, final mistake. One that could very well cost her life.
  621. She saw Godfrey
  623. A microsecond of hesitation. Enough time for Taiga to completely impale her on his sword, flung back into the dirt. It was not a fatal blow; not even close for the Perfect Undead. But her torso was incapacitated, and her legs had nearly been shredded to nothing. The only function part of her body was her right arm, which now began to flood with Rieka.
  625. Two fingers pointed out, the final portions of her Rieka gathering in a ball. To those who were there long ago, this very same move was preformed by Alastor, before he shot a bolt of Rieka through himself; killing him instantly.
  627. It gathered, and gathered. The fingers were pointed at her skull, almost ready to sunder her skull in half.
  629. But even still, there was a moment of hesitation. To those who could see into the Spirit Realm, a gathering of people was holding onto her fingers, barring it's movement and stopping her. A paladin in red, a Sirenian in blue. A pink-hatted witch and an Oscuri. Two siblings, and a nagual.
  631. Those bonds that she formed did not help her fight, but they helped her stay alive. There is enough time for Taiga to act; to do something to stop this tragedy.
  632. (Freya Vishkar)
  633. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  635. [21:56] When Zariel was done with his rampage he was left in a pile of blood, guts and bone.. His helmet retracted to unleash a full head of blood dampened, crimson hair.
  637. Cuffing his ears he could hear the Taiga's warcry, causing him to jet towards his and Freya's battle.. "I never liked you but for the love of god, win your fight..." He'd utter to himself just moments before arriving.
  639. Just before Taiga plunged his blade into Freya's chest. The Daigal's visage turned sour as he peered over the mountain tops, slowly making his way over to where the others were congregated.
  641. His demonic aura still flared about ominously as he manifest that same occult throne, sitting on it before leaning his head on one fist..
  643. "How disappointing, one less rival.."
  645. Below was his prey Eryn, surrounded by the other rebels. It'd be unwise to descend now, regardless of whether he actually deemed them to be enemies or not.
  646. (Zariel Daigal)
  647. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  649. [21:59] The last of his mana. The final magic Taiga could call upon. A portal to bring them home.
  651. "Don't you..." He huffs through a bloody throat - "Dare think... I'm letting you... kill yourself... you... GRAAAH!" Taiga raises his arms to the sky. Glyph after glyph emerge to life, green mana forging a portal to the only place that was safe for them right now. Noel forgive him.
  653. Levengard, here we come.
  655. Taiga's sword - with Freya still attached to it - is ported on over. The shish kabab is hurled through the portal, along with anyone else who wanted to come along for the ride. All the traitors would be flung through the Spirit Realm in a wild journey, the uncomfortable feeling of being transferred into raw mana lasted for all of a few seconds before they emerged back out into the world.
  657. Taiga, for his part, would immediately collapse onto the floor in a pool of his own blood the moment they exited the portal.
  658. (Taiga Rowan)
  659. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  661. [22:00] John Dioguardi says, "Azrael bless you, Taiga."
  662. [22:01] Dan Dogslayer exclaims, "Godfrey! Godfrey, get over here!"
  663. [22:02] Ascalon Zanders whispers something.
  664. [22:04] A blade is run through Freya's stomach, and he starts to scream. "Mom!! Get up, mom!!" No longer did he care any longer to be a child. He wanted to grow up. Uncle Feth pushed him, Freya babied him, the world wanted him dead. But he refused to do so. Not until they had their happy ending. He is unaware of the world watching his sprint forward, his manaless and trivial attempt to make something out of the skewed attempt at a charge against Sors.
  666. His mother was meant to fight him, not fight the people they allied with. He's charging still, reeling back a punch to throw at Taiga's ribs when a hand catches him. Niklaus restrains him by the back of his shirt almost immediately as he watches the scene in its entirety. Godfrey wasn't meant to know how his grandfather died-
  668. But Freya was mimicking his exact final gestures before the final moment of truth.
  670. "No! Momma- Please don't do this, momma!!" He couldn't do it - He couldn't stop her, or Taiga, or anyone involved. This was it. Niklaus wouldn't let him push forward. His eyes finally break - And tears stream down like a waterfall.
  672. He's thrashing against Niklaus' hold, trying his hardest to close the distance. "You can't- Do this to me! Let me go! Let go!" Is this.. All the Oscuri could do?
  674. The fighting starts to die down, and it's clear that the rebels have lost. The entire plan - Ruined.
  675. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  676. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  678. [22:06] This fight had cost friends and families to fight on opposing sides. All because of a madman or two and their opposing views. As the battles raged on Hathor managed to quickly float above, watching and waiting to see the results. See if she could find anyone who could clear up the situation that had unfolded. What was the reason for it all?
  680. The glimpse of the Rieka ball being formed caused the Nethradin to dash forward. An ally to die over a simple failure of command? How depressing. A dash attempt was made, as several shots of wind attempted to slow down the motions of Freya's body---
  682. But she was too slow. Freya went through what seemed like some sort of rift. Her fate undetermined.
  683. (Hathor)
  684. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  686. [22:14] Niklaus is holding a tuckered out, fussy Oscuri boy in his arms. And if anyone tries him, he's kicking them in the teeth.
  687. (Niklaus Rowan)
  688. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  690. [22:14] Lirien decided to try Niklaus.
  691. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  692. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  694. [22:17] Adrian Rowan says, "Huh..."
  695. [22:25] The rune is cast, and Freya found herself in the middle of Levengard. Surrounded by both friends and new allies. It is here that she lays, a sword in her chest, and a finger of Rieka pointed at her skull. Commanded to die by Lord Sors.
  697. The Rieka continued to build, and build. A ball of energy that could no longer be contained by the spirits she's bonded with. That bolt reaches it's peak; a strike that would sunder both metal and flesh. Something that could not be stopped.
  699. In her final moments, Colada is taken up by her prosthetic, and slammed into the earth. A final set of runes glows brightly on it's surface, freshly carved during it's wielder's final hours.
  701. Freya Vishkar fought until the end of her existence, guided by those she had formed a connection to; both living and dead. She wishes for a world in which her son, Godfrey, can find his own strength and determination. She wants those who still live to never give into despair, and work towards Kairi's wish of peace. She asks those who can still fight to take up arms, together, and create a world of peace. Be it in Azrael's name, or anyone else's."
  703. A final few runes, on the hilt of the Storyteller's blade.
  705. To my son, who I will forever love.
  707. And then, that bolt flies. Directly through the bottom of Freya's jaw, and through the top of her head. A weary warrior put to rest, the last time. No longer struggling against the darkness, or against the chains of a tyrant.
  709. From Azrael, she came. To Azrael, she shall return.
  710. (Freya Vishkar)
  711. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  713. [22:43] Dan Dogslayer says, "I'm here."
  714. [22:43] John sighs as he follows Dan into Levengard.
  715. (John Dioguardi )
  716. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  718. [22:44] John looks around the area, scowling in disgust at the town, before looking back to Dan.
  719. (John Dioguardi )
  720. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  722. [22:44] Eryn Evanstere whispers something.
  723. [22:44] Eryn Evanstere whispers something.
  724. [22:44] 'I'll die before your mom dies okay?'
  726. If only those words were true. Maybe she would've died with Freya, or maybe she would've died saving Freya. But wishing something could end differently doesn't mean it would. no, she had to watch one of the few she trusted in Dawn and loved like family off themselves in front of their only child.
  728. This didn't turn out how Arthur had planned the Coup at all. He said he'd wrestle control of Freya away from Sors, yet look at how that turned out. Without skipping a beat, the Adjudicator ordered her to kill Taiga and that should she fail, she should kill herself instead.
  730. She needed to head out and have a talk with the Lich King...
  731. (Lirien Nina Leverd)
  732. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  734. [22:45] Taiga, to be clear, is still just sort of... face-first on the cobblestone streets in a pool of his own blood. The pool seems to be growing smaller not larger, so that's good.
  735. (Taiga Rowan)
  736. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  738. [22:47] Noel Elisheva says, "Excuse me."
  739. [22:47] Siegfried bends down immediately. This is a highly emotional moment and everything that is quite impactful to the parties involved, but he doesn't actually know them, so he was much more concerned with Taiga's injuries. He drapes the larger man's arm over his shoulder, and, despite the fact he is bleeding everygoddamnwhere, helps him stand.
  741. "Tell me where to take you, boss," he mutters to the man, knowing he'd be okay. Fucking insanity was just what he did. It was who he was. And at this point, he knew, even as miserable as he looked..
  743. The man would live.
  744. (Siegfried)
  745. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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