Transmission 1

Oct 7th, 2019
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  1. Dr. Olivia Myson. September 5th, 2019. Personal log. No.47.
  2. I've had trouble sleeping again.
  3. There's a voice...
  4. Everyone is stressing the importance of regular rest... Given my illness.
  5. I'm quarantined, for the foreseeable future. Maybe until the end of the trip.
  6. I can't abide idle time. I can't just stare at the ceiling.
  7. So, I've taken on a side project... call it cutting edge, call it crazy.
  8. but if I can advance it, that might buy me back some goodwill with the company.
  9. the rest of the crew doesn't know what I'm up to.
  10. I'm sure they don't care -- and another report submitted.
  11. The company doesn't concern itself with the human touch.
  12. They have alarms for every type of report or inspection.
  13. At first it's just annoying. But after nine months in every alarm is like sandpaper on your nerve endings.
  14. I mean I would think it was a psychological experiment by the company if... I didn't know better.
  15. Dialogue: 0,0:01:20.30,0:01:26.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Arigato Trevor-San I am sure we never could remember without. -- Fuck.
  16. You.. Things you don't think about when you daydream of space travel as a kid, Like of privacy,
  17. and just how much professional astronauts can get on each other's nerves when crammed into a vessel.
  18. It's the last leg of this long journey and I mean we're bound to get snippy with each other.
  19. We were even prepped for that in workshops but...
  20. I uh, I've been getting static from them, for a while.
  21. none of them believe me... they whisper "hypochondriac" to each other.
  22. and it doesn't matter what they believe, the quarantine protocols are stringent, and clear.
  23. If a crew member suspects they are sick, Quarantine is enforced.
  24. regardless of the probability they have to go through the motions and that just makes them angrier
  25. Pretty sure they think I'm making it up.
  26. I thought it would be the company that came down on me for this... but, they remain cordial.
  27. They poke and prod me with test after test. they keep plying me with medical questionnaires that... rival the 100 page NDA that got me up here
  28. Mom Dad. If you listen to some redacted version of this someday... I'm sorry I told you that I was in an undersea lab in the Mariana Trench.
  29. Test after test comes up negative.
  30. they say they can't find any physiological ailment... but I mean they will... they've got to. Something is wrong. I can feel it.
  31. but I'm more than this illness. This side project of mine, I'm near a breakthrough if I can just ...
  32. my body wants to sleep but my mind is adamant about staying awake
  33. I can still remember that dream... The darkness.
  34. Someone keeps repeating something. It's...
  35. damn
  36. it's just on the tip of my tongue... You know?
  37. Goodnight Mars. See you soon.
  38. Dr. Olivia Myson, Navigation Specialist of the Cyrano, signing off.
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