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  1. [0:03:02] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> *intruiged*
  2. [0:03:09] <Lairdom> hey Jacob
  3. [0:03:55] <ransan32> Hey Jacob, just wanna say the slice of life podcast got me to watch Seki-kun and Cant understand what my husband is saying (s01)
  4. [0:04:09] <lunarlegendx> good
  5. [0:04:21] <nerdyarchimedes> Excited for more Komi-san.
  6. [0:04:28] <lunarlegendx> my mission to get more people to watch those too is working
  7. [0:04:32] <ransan32> gonna watch s2 a bit later
  8. [0:04:32] <SernoSerno> I bought the physical volume to read along lol
  9. [0:04:49] <iBaileyy> iBaileyy subscribed with Twitch Prime.
  10. [0:05:23] <Psychronia> We return to our goddess Komi.
  11. [0:05:34] <pyrrhus65> eyyy here we go again
  12. [0:05:56] <LearnYourSin> more chadano time
  13. [0:05:58] <lunarlegendx> doesn't help that she always has a possee around her
  14. [0:05:58] <Lairdom> she points the direction though
  15. [0:06:23] <lpk675> Hey Jacob, I wasn't able to be here for most of the first Stream, but now that I'm here, I wanted to ask you something: In Rate your waifus #2, you gave Komi a 3.825/5. Now that you've read the first volume, would you change your rating?
  16. [0:06:31] <lunarlegendx> welcome to the unfortunate life of an american physical copy fan
  17. [0:07:01] <lunarlegendx> the only way to get over that wait is to get into a lot of stuff......and its expensive
  18. [0:07:17] <lunarlegendx> even when i wait for insane sales its still a lot
  19. [0:07:37] <lunarlegendx> berserk 1-40 was still like 300$ on sale
  20. [0:07:59] <Psychronia> How dare.
  21. [0:08:21] <Psychronia> I remember a lot of comments being slighted by this insult against their goddess.
  22. [0:08:31] <ransan32> new rating goddess/5
  23. [0:08:32] <kase01> ..
  24. [0:09:08] <ransan32> jacob gets it now, ONE OF US... ONE OF US
  25. [0:09:10] <Psychronia> One goddess worth 5 pantheons.
  26. [0:09:11] <lunarlegendx> i guess you can't communicate it
  27. [0:09:14] <lunarlegendx> wink wink
  28. [0:10:24] <Psychronia> Moe Goddess out of 5.
  29. [0:10:24] <pyrrhus65> she transcends human language, but we all understand how worthy she is
  30. [0:10:40] <lunarlegendx> she is one of those "impossibly skilled and beautiful" characters (there was a term but i can't remember it) yet she has a lot of human elements too. even if those are also exaggerated
  31. [0:10:45] <Lairdom> well since we have seen a few bad goddesses, its understandable
  32. [0:11:31] <LearnYourSin> makeru yadano is a play on the phrase "does not like to lose," fyi
  33. [0:11:36] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> like gilgamesh is the king of heroes sehВґs the queen of heroines
  34. [0:11:53] <Psychronia> She is as good a goddess as Aqua is a bad one.
  35. [0:12:18] <lunarlegendx> oh god. comparing the fan translation to what your reading is really starting to show the issue with fan translations. a lot of it is too into the transliteration territory so it doesn't flow well even if its technically more correct
  36. [0:12:46] <pyrrhus65> komi to yadano: you have already lost
  37. [0:12:48] <SernoSerno> official translations squad
  38. [0:12:51] <ransan32> that was what the first volume did so well, reinforce that "komi is actually just a normal struggling girl" despite seeming otherwise
  39. [0:12:53] <LearnYourSin> as always one of the risks of fan translated stuff
  40. [0:13:40] <lunarlegendx> its a mix of good genes and she knows how to take care of herself
  41. [0:14:12] <Psychronia> Komi's stat points went straight into charisma with somehow modifiers in diplomacy.
  42. [0:14:32] <LearnYourSin> thug life komi
  43. [0:14:54] <Psychronia> somehow negative*
  44. [0:15:07] <ransan32> is Mary Sue the term you forgot? (referring to impossibly skilled character)
  45. [0:15:20] <lunarlegendx> her ideal self is cool-headed genki girl....yet she is super high-strung and self concious.....interesting
  46. [0:15:28] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> komi would definetly not be a snitch
  47. [0:15:31] <SernoSerno> you could probably peer pressure her to do that
  48. [0:15:56] <lunarlegendx> yeah. mary sue is the broader term but there was some kind of more coloquial term for it
  49. [0:16:13] <Psychronia> The Mary Sue isn't so much a character that's good at everything as it is a character the narrative bends over backwards to make seem like the best. Komi is more..."The Ace".
  50. [0:16:54] <lunarlegendx> its like a more flawed/human take on....whats that characters name again....the bayonetta's son one?
  51. [0:17:18] <Lairdom> is higher sitting height worse?
  52. [0:17:18] <LearnYourSin> Sakamoto
  53. [0:17:50] <lunarlegendx> there you go. thats why i made the connection in volume 1 that komi is like sakamoto and jokers cousin
  54. [0:17:50] <Psychronia> Everyone thinks Komi is a Kuudere when she's actually a Dandere.
  55. [0:18:22] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> i think she smashed through the clipboard with her forehead :D
  56. [0:18:38] <lunarlegendx> in china iirc
  57. [0:19:25] <zombiereaper2002> You have a very asmr reading voice.
  58. [0:19:32] <lpk675> Dandere is someone who is extremely shy and quiet.
  59. [0:19:33] <pyrrhus65> flashbacks to the jojo episode where they weren't even aware they fought oingo and boingo
  60. [0:19:34] <Psychronia> Deredere is someone who's just affectionate all the time. Dandere is someone shy, insecure, and reserved.
  61. [0:19:44] <lunarlegendx> not my favorite narrative situation but im confident that the character will be used well in the future at least
  62. [0:20:48] <lunarlegendx> calling it
  63. [0:21:04] <lunarlegendx> jelousy girl doesn't excersize much in her personal life
  64. [0:21:50] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> saitama levels of fitness
  65. [0:22:02] <pyrrhus65> komi's legendary clone jutsu
  66. [0:22:06] <lunarlegendx> wait....that side stepping thing made me think........maybe saitama is the odd uncle in this family
  67. [0:22:20] <ransan32> one punch man flashbacks
  68. [0:22:21] <lunarlegendx> filling out the family tree one meme at a time
  69. [0:23:09] <Psychronia> I'll take that bet. :KomiComeAtMe:
  70. [0:23:12] <LearnYourSin> the komi-family tree is beyond mortal comprehension
  71. [0:23:20] <Lairdom> bad touch
  72. [0:24:46] <LearnYourSin> I think that face is meant to be a reference as well
  73. [0:24:50] <lunarlegendx> she is pretty cute when not makign a face
  74. [0:24:57] <Lairdom> the thing about this story bit is that Komi probably would have had hard time asking people to assist her holding her legs in place
  75. [0:25:12] <pyrrhus65> sounds like she just needs some friendship power to win
  76. [0:25:56] <Psychronia> She's the shounen protagonist of this series.
  77. [0:25:57] <lunarlegendx> just waiting for yadano catching komi being a dork and having a change of heart
  78. [0:26:01] <SernoSerno> everyone needs friendship power
  79. [0:26:08] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> the face was a reference to the impossibru meme
  80. [0:26:28] <LearnYourSin> ohhhh that makes sense XD
  81. [0:26:32] <pyrrhus65> I have to say, this author has great range for drawing both very pretty and very ugly faces
  82. [0:27:10] <Psychronia> Her running form is poor. That's why Komi doesn't have wind resistance and she does.
  83. [0:27:30] <PervertedOldMan> shit I'm late
  84. [0:27:59] <PervertedOldMan> which chapter are we on?
  85. [0:28:13] <LearnYourSin> chapter 21
  86. [0:28:18] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> even the air makes way for komi san
  87. [0:28:23] <lunarlegendx> the flatness of her chest makes for poor aerodyamics?
  88. [0:28:50] <SernoSerno> ah yes, true science
  89. [0:29:17] <lunarlegendx> komi is a moe infection that is slowly converting the entire school to her harem
  90. [0:29:39] <Psychronia> [She got hyped up in a rivalry all on her own.]
  91. [0:29:48] <Lairdom> all according to keikaku?
  92. [0:29:59] <pyrrhus65> this is like how monoma views 1-A but less toxic
  93. [0:30:19] <PervertedOldMan> it kinda makes sense for Komi to have a harem, maybe that's what Harem manga should start doing
  94. [0:30:36] <lpk675> Komi has no idea what's going on most of the time, she's just happy to be there.
  95. [0:30:38] <lunarlegendx> i mean, monoma's whole schtick is viewed to be harmless at least
  96. [0:31:08] <LearnYourSin> lol I feel like in general a lot of female characters end up being more of a axis point for harem-ness recently
  97. [0:31:15] <lunarlegendx> @SemblanceofSanity_YT actually, i don't think komi is all that flawless. there isn't much to support that so far except for our own genre saavy preconceptions
  98. [0:31:40] <lunarlegendx> even when they were comparing her to jelousy girl all the stats were only slightly ahead
  99. [0:32:14] <lunarlegendx> that could just be my perception of things though
  100. [0:32:59] <ransan32> totally random, but I wonder how the anime for this would be like with the Kaguya narrator reading the square dialogs
  101. [0:33:03] <PervertedOldMan> Yeah... because a big deal on Harem manga is how the MC was basically a loser, and it's as you said wish fulfillment
  102. [0:33:21] <LearnYourSin> lobsters actually do live long lives though?
  103. [0:33:27] <Psychronia> Which could totally be rival girl self-sabotaging.
  104. [0:33:31] <pyrrhus65> A good manga that has basically a different spin on this one's premise is 'It's your fault I'm not popular!'. The MC is a girl who's desperately trying to make friends like Komi, but she's an unpopular loser instead of a worshipped goddess. She can communicate, but she's just not very good at it. and eventually she improves on these traits
  105. [0:34:05] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> watamote yes
  106. [0:34:07] <pyrrhus65> yeah, watamote
  107. [0:34:14] <Psychronia> Watamote. It made me feel bad in similar ways Welcome to NHK did.
  108. [0:34:29] <lunarlegendx> the big problem with watamote for people is that some couldn't empathise with her/didn't flow well with the humor
  109. [0:34:44] <Psychronia> Lobsters, as far as I know, are essentially ageless. They keep growing and only die due to functional issues with their size.
  110. [0:34:48] <ransan32> Watamote gives you more depression instead of moe-diabetes
  111. [0:34:49] <LearnYourSin> watamote made me feel worse then NHK cause it felt like it was laughing at her a lot, yeah
  112. [0:34:56] <ransan32> thats why komi works
  113. [0:35:23] <lpk675> She won't be able to say yes either, though.
  114. [0:35:24] <SernoSerno> in the beginning of watamote i cringed a lot...
  115. [0:35:40] <Psychronia> I hear the situation got better down the line.
  116. [0:35:48] <pyrrhus65> as the series progresses she gets a lot better to be fair
  117. [0:36:08] <Lairdom> yeah I dont particularly like people who chose to blame others for their own shortcomings
  118. [0:36:09] <lunarlegendx> not everyone went through a mindset like that growing up. personally i felt watamote to be an extreme take on my own social paranoia
  119. [0:36:41] <lunarlegendx> just goes to show that relateability is subjective
  120. [0:37:28] <Psychronia> I can understand the headspace the MC of Watamote depressingly well, but the way she acts are "oof no."
  121. [0:37:30] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> maybe thatВґ s why komi shines so brightly for everyone else, because silence is golden ^^
  122. [0:37:57] <pyrrhus65> yeah looking back on the beginning of the series she is definitely cringe towards the beginning
  123. [0:38:18] <pyrrhus65> she actually gets her own friend group and grows up eventually, it's nice character progression
  124. [0:38:20] <lunarlegendx> Its similat
  125. [0:38:29] <lunarlegendx> Similar*
  126. [0:38:34] <Psychronia> If you don't plan on watching Watamote, can I recommend an analysis video on it by Explanation Point. The psychology is broken down pretty well.
  127. [0:38:40] <lunarlegendx> To shinji
  128. [0:39:35] <ransan32> i've seen that ExPoint video, good analysis
  129. [0:39:37] <pyrrhus65> ooh yeah that's an hour long discussion at least on its own right there
  130. [0:40:54] <pyrrhus65> shinji's character that is. haven't seen the expoint
  131. [0:40:58] <SernoSerno> we see her face, which tells us a lot lol
  132. [0:41:06] <ransan32> we get her inner thoughts at times, but its rare
  133. [0:41:30] <pyrrhus65> I'm grateful to netflix for getting evangelion and finally motivating me to watch it, even if their subs were wack
  134. [0:42:40] <lunarlegendx> i feel like i would enjoy the manga more if they did characterize komi more but i also acknowledge that would make writing the manga so much more difficult
  135. [0:42:49] <pyrrhus65> najimi is that S tier wingperson
  136. [0:43:23] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> like chaos theory in kaguya
  137. [0:43:36] <ransan32> I watched Eva the month BEFORE Netflix released it. It was an interesting ride.
  138. [0:44:27] <pyrrhus65> so much fluffy anxiety in this manga
  139. [0:44:32] <lunarlegendx> im kinda also starting to realize that i have a tendency to latch onto characters and tunnelvision to the point where i stop caring about other characters in lieu of getting more on that specific character
  140. [0:45:14] <PervertedOldMan> I couldn't get into Eva, I don't mind unlikable main characters but at the time I saw no reason to like him so I didn't bother
  141. [0:45:24] <Psychronia> Lol. Find the one you relate to and LOVE THEM. I can understand that.
  142. [0:45:44] <lunarlegendx> like. i want to see more of the main group and if a new characters chapter doesn't have them interacting with that group i don't really get attached to it, at least in this specific case so far
  143. [0:46:21] <ransan32> In the 200+ chapters I've read what I probably like most about Tadano is how he genuinely cares and watches over Komi just like a real close friend would.
  144. [0:46:53] <ownasideline66> What chapter we at?
  145. [0:47:08] <Lairdom> 22
  146. [0:47:14] <PervertedOldMan> 22
  147. [0:47:18] <pyrrhus65> oh man this type of emotional attachment kills me occasionally. especially in Attack on Titan's latest few arcs
  148. [0:47:25] <Psychronia> The problem with Danderes is like...shyness and insecurity is one of the most static character templates ever. It's really hard to break out of the mold when the whole shtick is putting distance between them and the rest of the cast.
  149. [0:47:42] <ownasideline66> Thank you
  150. [0:47:48] <pyrrhus65> just because of how long the waits are betweeen chapters, so you can go for months without seeing a character you like
  151. [0:48:17] <Psychronia> It takes subtlety, and not every author can pull it off.
  152. [0:48:43] <pyrrhus65> @Psychronia exactly, it takes that much more skill to give them depth
  153. [0:48:57] <pyrrhus65> which makes this manga so impressive
  154. [0:48:58] <lunarlegendx> in the case of komi at least. jelousy girls chapters so far has her being antagonistically introspective and focused on komi and we don't see how her personality/schtick interacts with the main group. that can work, they were good chapters but i also kinda preffered how the other character introductory chapters were handled
  155. [0:50:01] <pyrrhus65> surprised you never gave in and cracked on reading the MHA manga in the offseason, jacob
  156. [0:50:09] <PervertedOldMan> Another problem is how a lot of Danderes (this kinda applies to most Deres) are written the same, as if putting a character there from another show wouldn't changemuch
  157. [0:51:40] <ownasideline66> Hero Emillia?
  158. [0:52:06] <ransan32> the upcoming MHA arc makes me really want to wipe my memory, I wish I could've watched it blind
  159. [0:52:14] <lunarlegendx> nope
  160. [0:52:19] <lunarlegendx> don't do this to me
  161. [0:52:21] <lunarlegendx> im dead
  162. [0:52:31] <lunarlegendx> extra crispy fried dead
  163. [0:52:32] <pyrrhus65> blessed genetics
  164. [0:52:38] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> this is getting out of hand now there are two of them
  165. [0:52:40] <lunarlegendx> kill me now
  166. [0:52:44] <Psychronia> Genetics are so...hit or miss...
  167. [0:53:05] <lpk675> *Kakyoin senses activate*
  168. [0:53:06] <lunarlegendx> my body can't handle the amount of moe this page induces in me
  169. [0:53:17] <pyrrhus65> in komi's family, guess they never miss, huh?
  170. [0:53:21] <PervertedOldMan> SHE HAS PARENTS
  171. [0:53:30] <PervertedOldMan> (I knew but... still)
  172. [0:53:51] <Lairdom> I absolutely love seeing the home life in high school series
  173. [0:54:05] <Psychronia> You mean parents DON'T have to die for the sake of making a story work!?
  174. [0:54:12] <pyrrhus65> I love how jacob is praising this character without hearing her speak yet
  175. [0:54:14] <lunarlegendx> i want to be komi-moms friend omg
  176. [0:54:48] <pyrrhus65> not that she isn't absolutely great ofc
  177. [0:55:00] <lunarlegendx> honestly
  178. [0:55:02] <PervertedOldMan> @Psychronia I'm one to talk, my father had a long beard, both my grandfathers could grow beards, my older brother can grow a beard, I can't grow one but I inherited my father's casual nosebleed
  179. [0:55:09] <lunarlegendx> i know WHY anime doesn't show parents
  180. [0:55:38] <SernoSerno> oh boy
  181. [0:55:43] <lunarlegendx> the shows are generally geared towards kids and there is that preconception that its the kids power fantasy and the parent thing would interefere with that but
  182. [0:55:49] <ownasideline66> hot mom
  183. [0:55:49] <lunarlegendx> kids have parents too
  184. [0:55:54] <Psychronia> My genetics are so heavily slanted on my father's side it's sad. I resemble my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Don't look like mom at all.
  185. [0:55:58] <pyrrhus65> then we have that parent-child dynamic taken to the EXTREME, in the cute mom isekai
  186. [0:56:05] <lunarlegendx> you can make the show even MORE relateable with the inclusion of parent characters
  187. [0:56:25] <PervertedOldMan> @lunarlegendx the kid being able to do basically anything they want without being yelled by a parent, basically
  188. [0:57:01] <ownasideline66> happy wholesome hour
  189. [0:57:22] <lunarlegendx> yeah. but thats poor writing i feel. kids are just adults with less experience. you can treat them with respect and make stories geared towards them more relateable and complex
  190. [0:57:29] <ownasideline66> HAM IT UP
  191. [0:57:29] <PervertedOldMan> @SemblanceofSanity_YT That's actually the reason I got my name (the casual nosebleed)
  192. [0:58:00] <SernoSerno> complete opposite of komi
  193. [0:58:08] <ransan32> Inko Midoriya and All Might's conversation about Izuku's injuries
  194. [0:59:17] <Lairdom> I'm actually watching your MHA reactions atm... I'm so happy you guys decided to reupload the missing reactions
  195. [0:59:31] <lunarlegendx> its not like it wouldn't be emotionally resonant for the protagonists to be able to get emotional support FROM THEIR PARENTS when they hit rock bottom. even if the parent isn't exactly familiar with the kids special situation
  196. [1:00:03] <lunarlegendx> um.....
  197. [1:00:10] <Psychronia> Hey, you know what roles are almost built INTO the role of parents? The confidant and seasoned advisory.
  198. [1:00:31] <lunarlegendx> is it wrong for me to say that older look in the third panel and the enthusiastic attitude makes the mom so much sexier
  199. [1:00:31] <ownasideline66> same
  200. [1:00:51] <LearnYourSin> hey had to hop out for a bit, where are we?
  201. [1:01:09] <ownasideline66> good to "rewatch" hero with you guys before season 4 picks up
  202. [1:01:27] <Lairdom> 22
  203. [1:01:36] <lunarlegendx> we are stalling with really good conversation making each page last like 5 minutes
  204. [1:01:57] <LearnYourSin> lol only good news for me then ^_^
  205. [1:02:00] <PervertedOldMan> ^
  206. [1:02:00] <Lairdom> thats not gonna get confusing at all
  207. [1:02:19] <PervertedOldMan> at this point he'll end the stream at 2AM for me LUL (generally it's only at 1AM)
  208. [1:02:55] <lunarlegendx> yeah. a lot of this conversation could be saved for a VC in the discord
  209. [1:03:18] <PervertedOldMan> but I'm not on discord
  210. [1:03:24] <lunarlegendx> get on the discord
  211. [1:03:24] <ownasideline66> take it all in
  212. [1:03:28] <PervertedOldMan> BabyRage
  213. [1:03:51] <Psychronia> :(
  214. [1:04:59] <PervertedOldMan> if I get on the discord I'll get kicked
  215. [1:05:17] <lunarlegendx> if you sub on here that shouldn't happen
  216. [1:05:49] <PervertedOldMan> i know, but i'm not on a position to sub (plus I don't want to rely on other's subbing me)
  217. [1:06:05] <Psychronia> That is adorable.
  218. [1:06:19] <SernoSerno> yes, this is why we read komi, for the wholesomeness
  219. [1:06:22] <pyrrhus65> that komi shot is full of unfathomably cute energy
  220. [1:06:31] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> MUST.PROTECC
  221. [1:06:36] <Psychronia> It's weird. I know those books should have different titles, but all I see on them is "please hug me".
  222. [1:06:37] <BeastialMoon> hiiii! This is my first time joining a readalong, but I love Komi-san a whole helluva lot. Preordered every official volume I could. she is so pure and wholesome
  223. [1:06:39] <GabriHell_Braga666> Can't believe I lost 1st reaction. I did that meme of Shouko x Shouko. After you're done with vol. 3 you could start the 2nd most adorable manga in existence, A Bride's Story! Btw Komi 4 comes in xmass @SemblanceofSanity_YT
  224. [1:07:26] <ownasideline66> I'm not well read enough to know who earl nightgale is
  225. [1:07:35] <Psychronia> One of Us.
  226. [1:08:32] <PervertedOldMan> I'm close to 30k Berries VoHiYo
  227. [1:09:31] <Psychronia> I'm at 44k. RPGEmpty
  228. [1:09:45] <lunarlegendx> @SemblanceofSanity_YT it would take a lot of foley-work but it would be really great.
  229. [1:10:12] <GabriHell_Braga666> A Komi anime imo would be like Disastrous Life of Saiki, which is very fast paced comedy/slice of life union of many 5 min segments into an episode @SemblanceofSanity_YT
  230. [1:10:18] <lunarlegendx> foley work is the term for sound-effect engineering
  231. [1:10:27] <Psychronia> I was worried about Kaguya-sama's anime adaptation too, since it leaned into hammy narration and internal thoughts a lot. They made it work though.
  232. [1:10:54] <Psychronia> Yeah, Komi might be a short series.
  233. [1:12:52] <lunarlegendx> she seems tired
  234. [1:13:17] <ownasideline66> normal? bitch she's majestic
  235. [1:13:22] <lpk675> Can't tell if she's sad because her friends left or annoyed because of the mess.
  236. [1:13:22] <lunarlegendx> introvert with all their social energy expended
  237. [1:13:30] <ownasideline66> Kappa Kappa
  238. [1:13:35] <ransan32> my personal choice for the studio to adapt Komi would be Shaft. They're so good an "animating emotions/mood". They do it in Monogatari but they did it better and more prominently in Sangatsu.
  239. [1:13:52] <lunarlegendx> i need to get tested for diabetes
  240. [1:13:55] <BeastialMoon> :) :) <3 :) <3 <3 <3 :)
  241. [1:14:04] <pyrrhus65> you just KNOW she printed that photo and framed it.
  242. [1:14:15] <lunarlegendx> and hides it every time they are over
  243. [1:14:19] <GabriHell_Braga666> lobosLove
  244. [1:14:25] <PervertedOldMan> do it after reading the whole manga otherwise you might not be able to finish it @lunarlegendx
  245. [1:14:32] <Psychronia> I'm noticing one challenge with adapting Komi-san into an anime. There's the abundance of text boxes with arrows pointing at things for humor.
  246. [1:15:27] <pyrrhus65> oh wait lmao I didn't even see the last panel
  247. [1:15:32] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> father and brother teaser
  248. [1:15:45] <lunarlegendx> she is obviously part of a well off upper middle class family but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her own issues. all of her skills are pretty grounded imo the only issue being she wouldn't have time for a social life keeping up with those....what?.....4-5 time intensive hobbies?
  249. [1:15:48] <pyrrhus65> the most gitting ending
  250. [1:15:52] <pyrrhus65> *fitting
  251. [1:16:02] <BeastialMoon> See, if we're talking anime studios, I've always imagined Kyoto doing it, Nichijou-style (but more focus on wholesome comedy than frantic comedy). But I will concede Shaft doing well with the material.
  252. [1:16:53] <lunarlegendx> i wouldn't want kyoani to do it
  253. [1:16:59] <pyrrhus65> I can't wait for you to finally get to the chapters where they introduce her dad and brother. can't remember which volume they're in
  254. [1:17:20] <lunarlegendx> they have a very distince art style that they would impose on komi-san that i feel would take away from it
  255. [1:17:27] <lunarlegendx> distinct*
  256. [1:17:33] <ownasideline66> No ninja is a different character
  257. [1:17:53] <pyrrhus65> kylo ren makes his crossover appearance
  258. [1:18:34] <LearnYourSin> ren yamai is a play on "love sick - yandere"
  259. [1:18:41] <kaleid_101> doki doki sounds
  260. [1:19:01] <LearnYourSin> ren is an alternate reading of "Koi" love
  261. [1:19:02] <ownasideline66> ren means love
  262. [1:19:06] <PervertedOldMan> Ufotable animating Komi Kappa
  263. [1:19:07] <Psychronia> Remember Yamai = Darkness?
  264. [1:19:26] <lunarlegendx> i feel like i brought this up too much in the last stream but besides chadtano is there a straight character with a name in this manga?
  265. [1:19:45] <pyrrhus65> Darkness but yandere. a terrifying concept
  266. [1:19:50] <ransan32> I agree with the KyoAni thing. Komi's Googly Eyes would lose meme-factor with too much detail.
  267. [1:19:55] <Lairdom> oh god
  268. [1:20:02] <SernoSerno> worst girl intro
  269. [1:20:04] <nerdyarchimedes> wasn't yami = darkness?
  270. [1:20:10] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> EAT THIS
  271. [1:20:18] <lpk675> I am extremely uncomfortable.
  272. [1:20:21] <PervertedOldMan> @SemblanceofSanity_YT (Normal Crush) did you forget this school is full of weirdos?
  273. [1:20:30] <LearnYourSin> komi-sexual is all that exists
  274. [1:20:40] <PervertedOldMan> Oh she was tripping... thought it was something else
  275. [1:20:43] <kaleid_101> @pyrrhus65 what a jarring view
  276. [1:21:23] <lunarlegendx> random sidetrack but you or caleb need to play yakuza 0
  277. [1:21:39] <Psychronia> All Komi has to do is introduce a boy and girl and they'd get together by decree of their class goddess.
  278. [1:21:50] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> leave the normal stuff to tadano
  279. [1:22:08] <ransan32> Komisexual is one thing, but I'm more of a Jojosexual.
  280. [1:22:25] <BeastialMoon> lmao ransan
  281. [1:22:28] <LearnYourSin> a literal act of god?
  282. [1:22:46] <pyrrhus65> another 100 chapters at least
  283. [1:23:06] <lunarlegendx> i feel the main group needs a ryuko like character to help contrast komi a bit more. someone to wholesomely yet aggressively push komi foward
  284. [1:23:10] <kaleid_101> @ransan32 jojokes are something else, man}
  285. [1:23:57] <Psychronia> I mean, we have Miss 5 MILLION friends.
  286. [1:24:02] <ownasideline66> what about najimi Kappa Kappa
  287. [1:24:08] <pyrrhus65> hmm someone like amanda from little witch maybe?
  288. [1:24:18] <LearnYourSin> we're in the process of introing characters atm
  289. [1:24:30] <LearnYourSin> so Chadano's on the backburner
  290. [1:25:10] <LearnYourSin> *don't blink*
  291. [1:25:43] <kaleid_101> D A N G E R O U S
  292. [1:26:08] <ownasideline66> FUC*
  293. [1:26:20] <PervertedOldMan> Oh yeah, are you reading Onepunch-man manga since the anime ended after season 1
  294. [1:26:23] <Lairdom> that censoring tho
  295. [1:26:24] <Psychronia> *UCK?
  296. [1:26:27] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> shit just got real
  297. [1:26:52] <ownasideline66> mustache
  298. [1:27:03] <pyrrhus65> oh man it makes me so glad you guys have seen DBZA
  299. [1:27:14] <kaleid_101> yeaaaa, a sneeze
  300. [1:28:07] <Psychronia> Angel dog.
  301. [1:28:25] <pyrrhus65> Yamai commits the ultimate sin here. She lewds komi
  302. [1:28:42] <kaleid_101> Truly worst girl
  303. [1:28:55] <lunarlegendx> i both love and hate the fan-translation at times like this
  304. [1:28:59] <BeastialMoon> the fiend!
  305. [1:29:17] <lunarlegendx> like "hand-job steak" it hilarious but also...really?
  306. [1:29:33] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> believe the tadano that believes in you
  307. [1:29:37] <lpk675> Even when he isn't physically there, Tadano is there in spirit.
  308. [1:29:39] <Psychronia> Shoulder Takano: Yu cahn dew eiiit~
  309. [1:29:45] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> *believe in
  310. [1:30:14] <LearnYourSin> Ren going super saiyan
  311. [1:30:55] <kaleid_101> Mother of cliffhangers lol
  312. [1:31:17] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> oh i forgot this part :D
  313. [1:31:26] <BeastialMoon> Tadano is the designated Komi translator
  314. [1:31:37] <ownasideline66> no they don't have dorms
  315. [1:31:41] <ownasideline66> just someone's room
  316. [1:31:54] <ownasideline66> just went to komi's house remember?
  317. [1:32:23] <ownasideline66> right so people have houses?
  318. [1:32:32] <pyrrhus65> yeah he means last chapter
  319. [1:32:49] <BeastialMoon> i understood ya, ownaside.
  320. [1:33:21] <SernoSerno> skipped a page, nooooo
  321. [1:33:38] <Psychronia> I love how you can see his mouth's outline through the tape.
  322. [1:33:45] <pyrrhus65> not only has yamai lewded komi, she attacked chadano. two cardinal sins
  323. [1:34:49] <kaleid_101> @pyrrhus65 THAT'S EEEVIL
  324. [1:34:57] <pyrrhus65> I don't think he skipped a page?
  325. [1:35:04] <Psychronia> Tadano's ability to read the mood has escalated to reading Komi's feelings. Tadano is the goddess's prophet.
  326. [1:35:15] <ransan32> Weird comparison, but Komi is like All Might. Their stories are designed specifically for them to be in the center.
  327. [1:36:51] <ownasideline66> "weighing it out in her head", Komi won
  328. [1:37:09] <PervertedOldMan> and they're both reasons for world peace in their respective stories
  329. [1:37:35] <ransan32> ^ good one
  330. [1:37:50] <ownasideline66> You got it before even reading it kappa
  331. [1:38:18] <ransan32> Symbol of Moe
  332. [1:38:26] <pyrrhus65> komi could singlehandedly reform shigaraki
  333. [1:39:28] <Psychronia> Only if she's able to voice out and tell him to stop.
  334. [1:39:55] <pyrrhus65> nah, just by him looking at her
  335. [1:39:58] <Psychronia> TToTT
  336. [1:40:39] <SernoSerno> my name is ren yamai and I'm 16 years old
  337. [1:40:43] <lunarlegendx> this seems like a lot more extreme situation then would be expected from a SoL manga like this
  338. [1:40:51] <kaleid_101> ahem, a "common" guy
  339. [1:41:09] <lunarlegendx> oh. ok
  340. [1:41:56] <kaleid_101> Yamai did the Shaft tilt, run!
  341. [1:41:59] <ransan32> I don't enjoy Yamai as a character because she's really out of place. The things she does should actually get her arrested IRL.
  342. [1:42:19] <kaleid_101> NotLikeThis
  343. [1:43:08] <ownasideline66> CoolCat
  344. [1:43:13] <LearnYourSin> at least later on she dials back the crazy *a bit*
  345. [1:43:13] <Psychronia> Even when she's desperate for friends, Komi can say no.
  346. [1:43:16] <BeastialMoon> Stone-Cold Komi is a boss
  347. [1:43:34] <ownasideline66> also Najimi
  348. [1:43:37] <ownasideline66> end
  349. [1:43:52] <kaleid_101> Komi 3:16 says "I just whipped your knife"
  350. [1:44:29] <PervertedOldMan> LUL her being hidden by her is so hilarious
  351. [1:44:45] <pyrrhus65> how could chadano abandon najimi like that?
  352. [1:44:47] <SernoSerno> page 76
  353. [1:46:17] <PervertedOldMan> TBF Najimi was about to abandon him
  354. [1:47:29] <PervertedOldMan> He's good at reading the room, so she is angry, but not at him, maybe not at Yandere, but at herself. Food for thought
  355. [1:47:55] <Psychronia> The entire conversation, plus her thoughts on each section.
  356. [1:49:59] <Psychronia> She's totally crying, isn't she?
  357. [1:50:02] <ammeju> Just in, a liiiiitle late, how's it goin' so far?
  358. [1:50:10] <BeastialMoon> I want to give Komi alllll the Hugs :( :)
  359. [1:50:14] <pyrrhus65> oh my god, as a re-reader I forgot all about this chapter and I'm getting feels all over again
  360. [1:50:44] <PervertedOldMan> CALLED IT
  361. [1:50:46] <Psychronia> The best response.
  362. [1:51:03] <pyrrhus65> the moment where he goes full chad
  363. [1:51:14] <LearnYourSin> truly he is a man worthy of that name
  364. [1:51:15] <ammeju> K.O.M.I & F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  365. [1:51:22] <BeastialMoon> see, I dont like yamai as much as the next person, but without her we wiuldnt have that killer line
  366. [1:51:55] <lunarlegendx> because she is socially inept so that would be the immidiate reaction to distress for her
  367. [1:52:16] <lunarlegendx> i apologize
  368. [1:52:20] <lunarlegendx> you know
  369. [1:52:29] <lunarlegendx> the go to line for anyone who is meek
  370. [1:52:52] <ammeju> I feel like Komi would do great (or absolutely horrible) in a crossover with Pop Team Epic
  371. [1:53:02] <Psychronia> SHE SAID IT.
  372. [1:53:07] <lunarlegendx> i wonder if we will ever get a situation later on mirroring this and she doesn't immidiately go for the "im sorry" card
  373. [1:53:47] <SernoSerno> a silent voice gang rise
  374. [1:53:53] <Lairdom> didnt that happen last volume?
  375. [1:54:06] <pyrrhus65> who needs love confessions when you can have pure and satisfying moments like this at just the friend level
  376. [1:54:18] <Lairdom> where she crossed the im sorry and wrote thank you instead?
  377. [1:54:18] <Psychronia> You folks do know that Komi-san had a crossover chapter with "Sleeping in the Demon King's Castle", right?
  378. [1:54:30] <Lairdom> or did I imagine that?
  379. [1:54:36] <lunarlegendx> i really need to get around to watching/reading silent voice and that other movie that gained traction a few years ago....your name. thats it
  380. [1:54:44] <ammeju> @Psychronia 0_0
  381. [1:54:57] <ransan32> yeah there was one where there's an erased "im sorry" on her notebook
  382. [1:55:22] <ammeju> Wait a minute, is Komi just a kawaii King (from One Punch Man?)
  383. [1:55:23] <lunarlegendx> i feel like it would have been more impactful if we had a more grounded conflict instead of the yandere stuff
  384. [1:55:55] <lunarlegendx> procrastination strikes again jacob
  385. [1:56:00] <SernoSerno> watch a silent voice...
  386. [1:56:30] <Psychronia> I can hear Jacob's inner heart screeching in offense even without being Chadano.
  387. [1:56:33] <ammeju> I've never watched a silent voice, but I read the manga a while ago, couldn't stand that one blond girl who never changed...
  388. [1:56:34] <BeastialMoon> ASV is incredible
  389. [1:56:39] <LearnYourSin> hype for Shinkai's next movie
  390. [1:57:15] <lunarlegendx> i've read more doujin of your name then seen footage of the movie. i DO need to fix that at least
  391. [1:57:41] <ammeju> @lunarlegendx But then it wouldn't be Komi Komi Communication Club
  392. [1:57:51] <wanocountry> Komi san UwU
  393. [1:57:57] <pyrrhus65> sounds like heresy @lunarlegendx
  394. [1:58:28] <LearnYourSin> did someone say heresy - get the flamethrower hans
  395. [1:58:31] <BeastialMoon> Your Name felt a bit like 5cm 2, too
  396. [1:58:32] <wanocountry> Where's Jacob?
  397. [1:59:41] <ammeju> Heresy!? Where're the Spanish Inquisitors, their chief weapons are...
  398. [2:00:20] <ownasideline66> yandere
  399. [2:00:33] <Psychronia> I hereby designate Yamai to be the goddess's inquisitor.
  400. [2:01:07] <pyrrhus65> shhh no spoilers guys lunar hasn't seen it
  401. [2:01:25] <ransan32> No, because things actually haopen in Your Name while nothing happens in 5cms
  402. [2:01:31] <LearnYourSin> yeah Shinkai has been perfecting the themes and presentations for his movies for years and years
  403. [2:02:29] <Lairdom> -Komi exists- World: Yaaaaaq
  404. [2:02:31] <ammeju> *noice
  405. [2:02:48] <lpk675> Komi's presence alone is worthy of rejoicing.
  406. [2:03:01] <pyrrhus65> she's pinching herself
  407. [2:03:08] <pyrrhus65> because she thinks she's dreaming
  408. [2:03:13] <ownasideline66> you need to orgasm
  409. [2:03:17] <Psychronia> No, she's pinching herself to see if seeing Komi like that is a dream.
  410. [2:03:19] <LearnYourSin> instant ahegao
  411. [2:03:30] <ammeju> YES
  412. [2:03:33] <pyrrhus65> no sir
  413. [2:04:49] <PervertedOldMan> welp it's 1 AM, @SemblanceofSanity_YT G'night Jacob and Chat, have a nice night VoHiYo
  414. [2:05:08] <ammeju> cya @PervertedOldMan
  415. [2:05:13] <LearnYourSin> night ^_^
  416. [2:06:07] <ammeju> She feels like a Hanji x Sasha fusion, mixed with a psychedelic
  417. [2:06:21] <ownasideline66> punch order in machine
  418. [2:06:21] <pyrrhus65> you order at a vending ticket machine
  419. [2:06:30] <pyrrhus65> very typical for japanese restaurants
  420. [2:06:36] <lunarlegendx> @SemblanceofSanity_YT some ramen resturants have a check list for how you want your ramen or a vending ticket machine.
  421. [2:06:42] <Lairdom> ^
  422. [2:07:47] <Psychronia> Komi at least excels in the language of silence.
  423. [2:08:06] <ammeju> @Psychronia She has a silent..... voice
  424. [2:08:19] <Psychronia> ....
  425. [2:08:56] <ammeju> Listening to Pillar Men awaken while reading this, truly a transformative experience.
  426. [2:09:00] <pyrrhus65> blessed images
  427. [2:09:04] <Psychronia> Pony-Komi.
  428. [2:09:12] <lunarlegendx> pantyhose+loafer shoes.............
  429. [2:09:18] <lunarlegendx> damn
  430. [2:09:28] <Lairdom> the others didnt even start yet
  431. [2:10:17] <Psychronia> Master Ramen Eater Komi. Ramen King Rank at least.
  432. [2:10:34] <Psychronia> I love that she was the only one not looking at Komi and just eating her ramen.
  433. [2:10:54] <Lairdom> she is a pro
  434. [2:11:02] <pyrrhus65> she's like chika!
  435. [2:11:27] <LearnYourSin> m has it's limits, ramen takes precedence
  436. [2:11:46] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> when the ramen switch gets flipped thers nothing else
  437. [2:12:32] <ownasideline66> 10/10
  438. [2:12:42] <Psychronia> Dad Joker Komi.
  439. [2:12:48] <lpk675> Amazing.
  440. [2:12:52] <ammeju> She needs a puppet yoda
  441. [2:13:12] <Lairdom> the translation joke in my said "The futon flew off"
  442. [2:13:47] <lunarlegendx> when i see stuff like that lair i just assume its a language joke
  443. [2:13:52] <pyrrhus65> ^ I think that's a japanese joke that didn't translate well @Lairdom
  444. [2:14:03] <LearnYourSin> I'm pretty sure that the puns in japanese just *don't* translate at all
  445. [2:14:09] <LearnYourSin> so they gave up
  446. [2:14:11] <SernoSerno> she has to call him to speak to him
  447. [2:14:13] <Psychronia> Probably a pun.
  448. [2:14:40] <ownasideline66> Dumb puns?
  449. [2:14:47] <ownasideline66> Chandano doesn't understand
  450. [2:15:04] <lpk675> Ha... ha... ha...
  451. [2:15:16] <ammeju> Don't say that, you haven't finished Berserk!
  452. [2:15:17] <lunarlegendx> this sort of situation you should be encouraging
  453. [2:15:18] <Psychronia> Diet of oatmeal.
  454. [2:15:19] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> for the love of komi laugh
  455. [2:15:21] <lunarlegendx> not blunt
  456. [2:15:42] <pyrrhus65> you've just gotta hard counter the moe by rereading berserk @SemblanceofSanity_YT
  457. [2:16:12] <ammeju> @pyrrhus65 ADULT ATTACK!
  458. [2:16:13] <lunarlegendx> wait
  459. [2:16:30] <LearnYourSin> need to find more scaring manga then :theWorst:
  461. [2:16:36] <lunarlegendx> i need to get those berserk vods somewhere so i can see the bros reaction to the single most wholesome moment in berserk
  462. [2:16:57] <ammeju> Crybaby rewatch?
  463. [2:17:12] <lunarlegendx> i mean an actual wholesome moment
  464. [2:17:12] <ammeju> "hole-some" moments
  465. [2:17:20] <Psychronia> New Berserk reading session officially scheduled.
  466. [2:17:22] <lunarlegendx> the family dinner in the tree
  467. [2:17:30] <lunarlegendx> my single most favorite moment in the entire series
  468. [2:18:21] <lpk675> Schierke's existence proves that not even Berserk can escape the moe infection.
  469. [2:18:49] <pyrrhus65> the best slice of life trope approaches
  470. [2:18:53] <Lairdom> most definitely
  471. [2:18:58] <ammeju> No, that's Puck
  472. [2:19:18] <Psychronia> Wingperson Najimi. "I'll be taking your umbrella and leaving you a flag.
  473. [2:19:52] <pyrrhus65> komi was the real chad in this moment
  474. [2:19:57] <lunarlegendx> that reminds me, i think i have the record of my berserk reaction somewhere
  475. [2:20:07] <Psychronia> Komi you precious child.
  476. [2:20:13] <Gooey_Engineer> rooHI
  477. [2:20:15] <Gooey_Engineer> rppHo
  478. [2:20:17] <ammeju> @lunarlegendx Pls share
  479. [2:20:18] <Gooey_Engineer> ....
  480. [2:20:32] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> You Me Umbrella Now
  481. [2:20:39] <ammeju> Do you think Komi can hear explosions?
  482. [2:20:49] <ammeju> Or is the rain too loud
  483. [2:21:19] <lunarlegendx> i love the moments where she is silent but he can perfectly understand her. i've had friends like that and its so good
  484. [2:21:46] <Psychronia> She was waiting for him! >w<
  485. [2:22:23] <ownasideline66> PogChamp
  486. [2:22:49] <LearnYourSin> Best side girl chapter next ^_^
  487. [2:22:51] <lunarlegendx> A CHUUNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  488. [2:23:02] <lunarlegendx> IN KOMI-SAN
  489. [2:23:04] <lunarlegendx> OMG
  490. [2:23:11] <SernoSerno> she was cute, he screamed
  491. [2:23:15] <ownasideline66> He's excited so hes screaming
  492. [2:23:17] <LearnYourSin> next page
  493. [2:23:22] <pyrrhus65> nah he was make like a WHOAAA happy sound
  494. [2:23:39] <Psychronia> Now what if Megumi hung out with Komi-san?
  495. [2:23:55] <SernoSerno> 3d best girl intro
  496. [2:24:01] <lunarlegendx> oof. sorry. sometimes i get de-syncronized with where you are in the manga
  497. [2:24:10] <arenthea> Sorry if this was answered before, but has Caleb read/plans to read Komi?
  498. [2:24:33] <ammeju> "I Love Komilia"
  499. [2:24:40] <lunarlegendx> they might be waiting on that for a possible anime reaction in the future
  500. [2:24:56] <ownasideline66> "Who's Ren?"
  501. [2:25:21] <Lairdom> I cant tell if Komilia is a reference to RE: Zero
  502. [2:25:29] <Psychronia> More importantly, does Jacob plan on shilling Komi to Caleb?
  503. [2:26:03] <LearnYourSin> Nakanaka omoharu is written as "going through puberty"
  504. [2:26:10] <LearnYourSin> in japanese
  505. [2:26:29] <ammeju> Then she belongs on Big Mouth
  506. [2:26:43] <ammeju> or Berserk, by the sounds of it
  507. [2:26:44] <pyrrhus65> this is giving me flashbacks to love war and chunibyou
  508. [2:27:23] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> she is interested in explosion magic i see, itВґs all coming together
  509. [2:28:09] <LearnYourSin> she teaches every class XD
  510. [2:28:19] <LearnYourSin> (maybe?)
  511. [2:28:24] <hsojarbihc> first time tuning into a manga reading. am i supposed to read along with the manga online?
  512. [2:28:26] <ammeju> She's the real deity, lurking in the background, Yog-soth---
  513. [2:28:27] <Psychronia> Sometimes the teacher minds every class in school, I think.
  514. [2:28:45] <ammeju> @hsojarbihc Yeah, chapter 31
  515. [2:29:05] <hsojarbihc> thanks^
  516. [2:29:12] <ammeju> p. 8 now
  517. [2:29:27] <hsojarbihc> the secret ingredient is crime :3
  518. [2:29:41] <arenthea> Mangadex and komiscans has it
  519. [2:30:00] <hsojarbihc> ok thanks
  520. [2:30:54] <LearnYourSin> flashback mode
  521. [2:31:00] <SernoSerno> tadano in 2nd grade lol
  522. [2:31:02] <Psychronia> That head tilt can shut down almost anything.
  523. [2:31:03] <Lairdom> second year of middle school?
  524. [2:31:21] <ammeju> "lemme smash"
  525. [2:31:33] <Psychronia> Back when Tadano was chunni. Oh boy...
  526. [2:31:36] <ammeju> oh no... cringe flashbacks here we go!
  527. [2:31:56] <ownasideline66> KAWAIIIII
  528. [2:32:12] <LearnYourSin> and back when Najimi wore a boys uniform
  529. [2:32:14] <arenthea> The art isn't bad right now, but it's amazing how much it has improved.
  530. [2:32:42] <SernoSerno> operation skuld
  531. [2:33:13] <Psychronia> Ouch
  532. [2:33:18] <lpk675> Yo.
  533. [2:33:30] <ammeju> Shinei!! Chadano!!! *BOOM
  534. [2:34:05] <Psychronia> Getting crushed so hard you become a chadano.
  535. [2:34:26] <lunarlegendx> i always feel bad for characters when they are pressured into losing a personality trait that people stereotype as childish
  536. [2:34:34] <lpk675> Well, R.I.P. Tadano.
  537. [2:34:47] <lunarlegendx> like with tomboys
  538. [2:35:01] <Psychronia> That's one reason I like Isekai. It's not chunni if you can actually DO all that~
  539. [2:35:08] <arenthea> Happens all the time in real life as well
  540. [2:35:26] <LearnYourSin> tomboy bully is my least favorite anime trope
  541. [2:35:54] <ammeju> Or if you write it all down.... *cough (J R Rowling Martin) *cough
  542. [2:36:07] <Psychronia> Right up there with abusive tsundere.
  543. [2:36:10] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> why is there a person in he bac kbowing?
  544. [2:36:25] <lunarlegendx> this is kinda petty but when a tomboy loosing her tomboyishness is viewed as maturity/character growth i react overly negatively and tend to drop whatever media im consuming
  545. [2:36:36] <SernoSerno> because komi
  546. [2:36:48] <Lairdom> just paying respect I guess
  547. [2:36:50] <ammeju> Maybe they touched a doorknob or something
  548. [2:37:05] <ownasideline66> Tomochan
  549. [2:37:41] <Psychronia> I mean, I don't like it with a girl's boyish tendencies are treated like a bad thing, but at the same time, "cleans up nicely" is a trope that I enjoy.
  550. [2:38:41] <lunarlegendx> yeah. as long as the cleans up nicely isn't contrasted by some kind of "non-beauty queen" look like butch or nerd-chic
  551. [2:39:33] <ammeju> Make her do a Jojo's cosplay, to boost her confidence, or something
  552. [2:39:45] <lunarlegendx> too many american teen movies that take a nice trope like "cleans up nicely" and takes it to mean "looks cute but needs a montage where the take their glasses off and go to a beautician"
  553. [2:39:49] <Lairdom> catch 22
  554. [2:40:24] <ammeju> Well 177013 does the reverse
  555. [2:40:34] <SernoSerno> no
  556. [2:40:56] <ammeju> eternally
  557. [2:40:56] <LearnYourSin> none of that - shame on you
  558. [2:41:00] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> Komi: we donВґt do that here
  559. [2:41:03] <Psychronia> Not wrong, but also wrong on every level.
  560. [2:41:03] <profdieterternga67brah> hey how r things I have seen your SemblanceofSanity_YT twitch channel.
  561. [2:41:27] <ammeju> @Psychronia The best kind of wrong
  562. [2:41:30] <profdieterternga67brah> SOS Manga Review I am about to design a cool overlay for your streaming.
  563. [2:42:10] <profdieterternga67brah> Feel free to check out the website address on my profС–le image Talk Shows Podcasts probably the best or one of the best games of this oversaturated genre!
  564. [2:43:04] <ammeju> "It's over mannequin..."
  565. [2:43:06] <Psychronia> This does seem like a fun game to play with friends.
  566. [2:43:51] <Lairdom> I think I'm being fanserviced
  567. [2:44:12] <SernoSerno> she is
  568. [2:44:20] <SernoSerno> top right corner
  569. [2:44:24] <SernoSerno> left*
  570. [2:44:25] <Nobu_Nobu_FGO> look to the left
  571. [2:44:34] <Lairdom> and way over budget
  572. [2:44:41] <Psychronia> "Too bad. We overrule your opinion with 40 points. We're getting this one!"
  573. [2:44:41] <ownasideline66> Way over budget
  574. [2:45:57] <Psychronia> I appreciate Chadano voting low despite no doubt loving the sight, just because he knows Komi wouldn't like it.
  575. [2:46:15] <ammeju> Agari's choice of outfit brings me Mosou Telepathy flashbacks
  576. [2:47:04] <ammeju> Now that I think about it, it's a very similar, yet opposite-themed manga
  577. [2:47:04] <ownasideline66> *virgin excuses
  578. [2:47:12] <ownasideline66> important detail
  579. [2:47:25] <Psychronia> I think you'd like Musou Telepathy fairly well.
  580. [2:47:56] <ammeju> Is it *Musou?
  581. [2:48:17] <Psychronia> Pretty sure it is.
  582. [2:48:42] <ammeju> I mean, telepathic girl who (also) can't communicate well, is a surefire way to instill comedic genius
  583. [2:50:23] <Psychronia> Might be a friend of the family. The one person Komi is comfortable with.
  584. [2:50:57] <lunarlegendx> a safenet place that she feels comfortable with and knows that the woman won't pressure her into any kind of conversation or such that would make her uncomfortable
  585. [2:51:12] <ammeju> Give her... the Josuke
  586. [2:52:34] <Psychronia> Komi must have been entertaining to watch ever since she was a child.
  587. [2:54:05] <Psychronia> Some barber shops do that around where I live in LA. I think it's just a thing.
  588. [2:54:07] <lunarlegendx> i feel like its better that way
  589. [2:54:20] <lunarlegendx> less chance of the water getting on your face
  590. [2:54:35] <lunarlegendx> although if i went to a salon that did that i'd go to sleep immidiately
  591. [2:55:36] <ammeju> ..and now dango dango is playing, oh BOI
  592. [2:55:44] <Psychronia> Now that I think about it, this might be part of the reason Komi is so pretty despite not knowing about fashion or anything.
  593. [2:55:55] <lunarlegendx> yeah
  594. [2:56:18] <lunarlegendx> if you go to a nice salon on the regular you'd be suprised how nice your hair will look in general
  595. [2:58:29] <Gooey_Engineer> rooHi see ya
  596. [2:58:31] <Superblaster789> So what is it that youre reading
  597. [2:59:04] <SernoSerno> it was really fun, Jacob
  598. [2:59:14] <lunarlegendx> woah, just got a DnD email. dnd beyond has an encounter builder in beta
  599. [2:59:21] <Psychronia> I went and looked it up. Extra chapter 52.5: Good Night at Komi-san's House.
  600. [2:59:43] <ammeju> Now that you're all happy, ruin it with Berserk
  601. [3:00:01] <lpk675> Bye.
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