MH - Izumi's Intro

Aug 28th, 2014
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  1. <@Darkling> BRAP BRAP BRAP BRAP. Your alarm clock continues to announce its presence to the world in hopes of waking you, in the most annoying sound possible.
  2. <@Darkling> The first day of school is upon you, and it would liekly be nicer to not have to leave the confines of your room, or the overly large, extremely comfortable bed you were currently laying in. But doing so would more than likely attract more attention than it was worth.
  3. <Mr_Rage> "Mnnnfh, [be quiet]," she lamented in her 'native' tongue. Puffy blankets and a small pile of pillows jostle and rustle, before a tanned arm emerges, swattng blindly at the nightstand three times before it finds the off. The rest of the Japanese teen follows suit, dark hair flung in all directions and spilling down her back like a waterfall, dusted with golden dye.
  4. <Mr_Rage> A mighty yawn, and she reaches automatically for her phone to check messages.
  5. <@Darkling> Nothing unusual to be found, a single request for a possible meeting later on, oh wait, here comes another new message. Your father is texting you to be certain you understand the consequences of skipping school. He doesn't expect a reply, just obedience.
  6. <Mr_Rage> "Hff." Another utterance, not exactly polite, and she stumbles out of bed. One hand pawing at her eye, the other going through her dresser garment by garment, she muses on what degree to break the dress code on her first day... Making a splash was important for a new business!
  7. <@Darkling> At least the school didn't force you to wear a uniform. Just no sheer shirts, no crazy cleavage, no skirts above the knee. Boys weren't allowed to wear tank tops or shorts above the knee either.
  8. <Mr_Rage> Well, that second one was unavoidable... Erring a finger too high on the skirt and at least making a good-faith attempt on the blouse--whoop, that button's next of kin will be notified--the girl dressed herself. Make-up came next, just enough to accentuate what's already there, and she made her way downstairs, heavy boots echoing through the hallways, off antiques and more modern shows of wealth.
  9. <@Darkling> In the dining room there's a breakfast laid out for her. Cereal, some already cold toast and a silver bowl full of fresh fruit. No one else is around, the house must already be empty other than for a maid.
  10. <Mr_Rage> "Good morning..." The chair grunts as she sits, uttering a murmured 'itadakimasu' before eating. Her free hand on her phone, she pokes and scrolls through her schedule. At least she didn't have to ride the bus.
  11. <@Darkling> Her schedule for today was left pretty open, allowing to get accommodated with school again, and allowing for any unforseen circumstances. With breakfast over in a neat and tidy manner, a maid comes in and cleans everythign away before excusing herself. She has a bit of time before she needs to go get in the car to be chauffered to school. Anythign she wants to do?
  12. <Mr_Rage> Long nails tap against the table, some combination of wood and granite made to look like a wood-carving. Too early to be worth calling anyone over, and can't wander... Eventually impatience wins out, and she stands, giving her courier-bag one last look-through to make sure everything's in order. Heading out onto her porch, the Asian girl slows, catching the sounds of others.
  13. <Mr_Rage> Elementary-school children, middle-school tweens, even other high-schoolers like her, rushing out of the house, rushing back in, some struggling against their parents, others urging them to hurry. Her lips pursed, free hand giving a pull on the long rope of her pony-braid.
  14. <@Darkling> Such was the noise of living in this neighbourhood. Why your parents couldn't have got a house up in the gated cliffside community defeats you, but you survived. A driver is waiting with the door of a black cadillac open for you.
  15. <Mr_Rage> She sits, leg pulling aside to let the door close. A deep breath, and she runs through her schedule in her head one last time. That passive look sharpens, a smile tugging on her lips before settling into a smirk. By the time the car comes to a stop at the drop-off, Izumi's back to strutting and swaying, letting the flow of students part for her.
  16. <@Darkling> A good amount of students of course stop and gawk at her, that was expected. Even walking up the steps of the school she gets a glare from Felicia. She never did get along with you and couldn't even seem to try. Once in the school your shoes clack down the hallway, a teacher tuts at your choice of clothes but doesn't protest further, and soon enough you're at your homeroom for the semester, English.
  17. <@Darkling> The class is about half full now, seated in their assigned spots the teacher laid out. Five groups of five.
  18. <Mr_Rage> Isn't too hard to find hers, measuring who got seated next to her--and more importantly, who didn't--as she plops herself down, muttering a complaint about how the seats are too low for Asians. Because it couldn't possibly be a problem on her end.
  19. <@Darkling> There's only one other person at your table so far, you recognize Billy, and her mangy hair.
  20. <Mr_Rage> A flirtacious wave--not that Izumi knew how to do any other sort, really.
  21. <@Darkling> ------------
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