MH - S01 E11

Mar 20th, 2015
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  3. <Darkling> You wake to the smell of pancakes cooking and the occasional noise of something smashing about int he kitchen as Tina's mother bustles around.
  4. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sits up, nose twitching. "Hrnnngh. I smell food."
  5. <Avaline> Avaline writes down things in a notebook, humming to herself.
  6. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi yawns wide, untangling from Billy and crawling her way out of their shared bag, her normally-immaculate hair fly-wild and messy.
  7. Tina_ yawns, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and rolling back over.
  8. <Darkling> Elisa doesn't appear to be around.
  9. <Avaline> "Too bad Elisa left. I could use her feedback on some of these."
  10. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy crawls out after Izumi and looks for her shorts, second-hand t-shirt doing little to cover her panties. Once on she makes for the stairs, more than happy to get the first crack at food.
  11. Tina_ groans, getting up despite herself. "Wha-? Elisa left?"
  12. <@Mr_Rage> A bit of Japanese, then, "I mean, for why?"
  13. <Avaline> "Maybe she got stuck on the toilet?"
  14. <Tina_> "Did she go up before Billy?"
  15. <Avaline> "She was gone when I got up."
  16. <Darkling> You hear some footsteps on the stairs followed by Tina's mom peering around a corner. "You're all up huh?"
  17. <@Mr_Rage> "Mhn. You see where fifth one went?"
  18. <Darkling> "She took off really earlier, said she had to get home. Rushed right out!"
  19. Tina_ looks sad. "Aww that sucks."
  20. <Avaline> "Look on the bright side. We get to eat her share of pancakes.."
  21. <Darkling> "Oh pancakes! I hope you're all hungry!" She rushes back upstairs as if she had forgotten she was cooking.
  22. <Tina_> "There is that." Tina seems to brighten up a bit. "My mom's pancakes are awesome."
  23. <Avaline> "Are they shaped like a body and loaded with a red syrup that oozes out when you cut them?"
  24. <Tina_> "Probably not."
  25. <@Mr_Rage> "Hm!" Rising to her feet, Izumi redresses, rumpled.
  26. <Tina_> "But we should get some anyways. The taste will make up for not bleeding when you eat it."
  27. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy is already stuffing her face as the other girls arrive, head lifting long enough to acknowledge them before she returns to feasting on pancakes.
  28. <Billy_Blackfeather> No bacon or sausage though. Damn vegetarians.
  29. <Darkling> Tina's mom is still bustling about, and lays another big stack of fluffy pancakes onto a plate in the middle of the table. "Sit down and eat up!"
  30. <Tina_> "Oh man those smell good." Tina says sitting across from Billy and piling some on her plate.
  31. <Avaline> "Secret family recipe?" Avaline takes a seat and claims some pancakes.
  32. <Darkling> "Oh, nothing so special as that, just a touch of love!"
  33. <Avaline> Avaline gets to nomming. "I can tell.."
  34. <Billy_Blackfeather> Once Billy has cleared her plate of food her gaze starts to wander, looking for the male of the household.
  35. <Avaline> Avaline takes her time, thinking of... stuff.
  36. <Tina_> Tina munches happily, oblivious.
  37. <Darkling> No view of her father, but there is a manilla folder all wrapped up and nice looking on the countertop.
  38. <Avaline> "I hope that one day I can cook like your mother."
  39. Billy_Blackfeather gets up to check out the folder while the others catch up.
  40. <Tina_> "She is pretty good, isn't she." Tina says with a smirk at her mom.
  41. Tina_ looks up from her food towards Billy. "What's it say?"
  42. <Billy_Blackfeather> "There's a lot here for the project. Should be fine, just need to study it and decide."
  43. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  44. <Darkling> It's the week again, school has passed by fruitlessly and the final bell rings letting you out. As you're leaving class Elisa suddenly runs up to you, having somehow been absent since the sleepover. "Hey guys!"
  45. <Tina_> "Elisa! Where have you been? We've been worried."
  46. <Avaline> "Hi, Elisa. Is that an epic hickey on your neck or are you just happy to see us?"
  47. <Darkling> "Hickey?" She rubs her neck. "I don't know how that would have happened." She pulls out a mirror trying to see.
  48. <Avaline> "Made you look!"
  49. <Billy_Blackfeather> "She's just messing with-- yeah," Billy grunts between bites of an apple.
  50. <Darkling> She puts the mirror away. "Oh, well you got me!" She seems extra chipper today, if that was possible.
  51. <Avaline> "So what's up? And why the long absence?"
  52. <Darkling> "So I was doing some research online," She seems to ignore any questions about her absence. "And I think I can help you with something Billy!"
  53. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hn?" She stops just as she's taking another bite of her apple, looking puzzled.
  54. <Darkling> "I.. can't really show you at school or in public though."
  55. <Mr_Rage> Izumi raises her eyebrow, a joke on the tip of her tongue.
  56. <Billy_Blackfeather> Even Billy looks wary.
  57. Tina_ looks confused. "Is it dangerous?"
  58. <Darkling> "I don't think so."
  59. <Avaline> "Sure, Elisa. We can go somewhere private so you can show us your new tattoo."
  60. <Darkling> "New tattoo?" She looks confused for a moment. "Oh, you're joking again." She laughs. "Come on! Let's go to the woods!"
  61. <Billy_Blackfeather> Looks like Billy almost wants to say something but covers it with more eating, following along.
  62. <Darkling> She leads the group out of the school and off to wards the woods. "I'm sorry I left your place the other day Tina, I got a call and had to go take care of something. I hope you didn't mind."
  63. <Tina_> "I was worried but it's alright. Just tell me next time so I don't freak out, okay?"
  64. <Darkling> "I'll try to!" She's skipping ahead of the group backwards to talk to them.
  65. <Avaline> "Mhm. Leave a note or something. Just not one written in blood on the back of a naked, dead teenager."
  66. <Tina_> "Yeah, I hear those don't go over well."
  67. <Darkling> "No dead naked teens. Got it."
  68. <Darkling> Before long they're out of the city and heading into the woods.
  69. <Tina_> "So what is it, really, like some kind of book you found?"
  70. <Darkling> "Not a book. I think you'll be surprised." She nearly trips, spinning and wobbling, and turns to steady herself.
  71. <Billy_Blackfeather> "So lets see it."
  72. <Darkling> "I hid it near here.."
  73. <Avaline> Avaline looks around and scratches her head. "So... what are we looking for?"
  74. <Mr_Rage> "Hnhn! Lose it already?" Izumi breaks off to the left to look about, idly kicking leaves or branches aside, using her long heels to push bushes open.
  75. <Darkling> "It's in a big bag! And be careful, it's fragile!" She's down on her hands and knees searching a bush.
  76. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sighs, hand on her hip as she chucks her apple core deeper into the woods.
  77. Tina_ looks around curiously. "You don't remember where you put it?"
  78. <Darkling> "I'm sure it was around here!"
  79. <Avaline> "Under a rock? Hollow tree? Hole in the ground?"
  80. <Darkling> "By a tree I think. Sorry, I'm not normally this forgetful." She disappears around a tree leaving everyone behind.
  81. <Tina_> "Are we even in the right spot?" Tina asks, looking around some of the larger trees.
  82. <Tina_> "Oh wait is this it?" Tina holds up a green bag. She eyes it curiously.
  83. <Darkling> It clanks a little when she picks it up. "You found it?" You hear Elisa call out.
  84. <Tina_> "Maybe? Probably."
  85. <Darkling> She reappears. "Yes, that's it!"
  86. Tina_ hands it over to Elisa. "Alright cool! Open it up, what is it?"
  87. <Avaline> "Let's see."
  88. <Darkling> "Alright. Don't judge me."
  89. <Darkling> She kneels down and opens the bag taking her time.
  90. Billy_Blackfeather taps her foot.
  91. <Darkling> After a pause, she pulls a large glass tube out of the bag and sets it down, followed by a plastic wrapped greenish brown block.
  92. <Tina_> "I-...Is that weed?"
  93. <Darkling> "Some of it is."
  94. <Darkling> "Where can we go that would be a good place for you Billy?"
  95. <Avaline> "What's the rest?"
  96. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Oh shit, really? Really?"
  97. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Look, I'm gonna pretend I didn't just see this."
  98. <Avaline> "I guess it's some kind of special vision quest blend...
  99. <Darkling> "It's supposed to be! I found the mix online. I never thought it'd be so easy to get stuff like this."
  100. <Tina_> "I never thought /you'd/ get stuff like that."
  101. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Nope. Nuh-uh. I trust Gramps, not the internet. Not doing it."
  102. <Mr_Rage> "Have to agree; this not exactly what we were hurting for."
  103. <Darkling> "I'm sure it's similar to what your Gramps has."
  104. <Tina_> "I-uh. You think her Gramps was using weed? I mean, I don't think he got his from eBay..."
  105. <Darkling> "I didn't get anything from eBay either, just the recipe. I spent a lot of time getting and preparing this to help." She starts shoving it back in the back huffing. "I'm sorry it was a waste of time."
  106. <Mr_Rage> "Look, it appreciated, but this what happen when you fly solo."
  107. <Billy_Blackfeather> Ah crap. Billy approaches Elisa, a hand coming down on her shoulder and commanding her attention.
  108. <Darkling> She looks up, obviously trying quite hard not to be upset.
  109. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Izumi's right, it's appreciated. Thought that counts, all that. For this stuff though, that none of us really understand, why not talk to my Gramps? Go to the source and maybe he can teach you this stuff." Her voice was oddly soft and gentle, the wolfgirl sounding patient.
  110. <Darkling> "It's fine. I was trying to be helpful."
  111. <Mr_Rage> Grabbing Elisa's head in her hands, she pulls her into a big kiss on the cheek, leaving a golden lipmark plain as day. "Hai, and you very sweet~"
  112. <Darkling> "Oh ah.. haha.." She shuffles awkwardly. "Thanks."
  113. <Billy_Blackfeather> Even Billy's cheeks darken. "Yeah, great, I'm gonna go. Got a thing to hunt."
  114. <Mr_Rage> "Ah, yes. Be safe, or I punish you!" Izumi teases, pointing a manicured nail at the wolfgirl.
  115. Tina_ runs up to Billy. "Wait."
  116. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hrn?" There's a small rumble in the questioning noise.
  117. <Tina_> "We all want this thing to be over with. But this thing...this is dangerous. Izumi's right. You have to be careful okay?"
  118. <Darkling> "How're you going to do it anyways?"
  119. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy gave a sniff, looking out toward the deeper bits of the forest. "Gonna grab my bow and some arrows and go. Maybe the spirits will help out if they want this done. I'm more worried about the lot of you and your bad habit of following me. If Avaline's right you don't want to do that. Just...stay near my house and have something I can put the heart in when I get back."
  120. <Mr_Rage> "We'll be ready." A squeeze to Billy's hand--when did she grab it?
  121. <Tina_> "Just promise you won't go and get yourself hurt while you're out there."
  122. <Darkling> "So, we'll meet you at your place?"
  123. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah. No going inside. It's still a mess." It's always a mess. She looked the group over, wiped at her nose and gently slipped her hand free of Izumi's. A moment later she was off running.
  124. <Darkling> Elisa leans down to pick up the glass tube and puts it back in her bag. "So.. let's just forget this?"
  125. <Mr_Rage> "Nah, not forget~ Compare notes with Billy grandpa. If he like it, we save ourselves some trouble."
  126. <Tina_> "At the very least, it'll give us something to do while we wait."
  127. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  128. <Darkling> Everything else is lost to you but the scent of the earth, the sounds of the forest and the hunger in your chest as you pad through the forest. Nothing has piqued your interest yet though, but it is out there, and you will find it.
  129. <Billy_Blackfeather> She stops occasionally to sniff at the ground of a tree, easily sensing the other animals she shared the forest with. There were other things she was sure, just beyond her understanding right now. Not important. She was hunting.
  130. <Darkling> Sh was picking up the trail of different prey. Rabbits, squirrels, a fox, some pheasant, nothing you wanted right now though. Wait, was that it? Hm, nope. Just a pile of crap.
  131. <Billy_Blackfeather> It was all so...small. How much would she need to eat to be full on any of that lesser prey? She didn't follow a particular direction through the woods, simply following interesting scents until she found the source or picked up new ones.
  132. <Darkling> Some movement catches your eye, a rustle of some bushes up a hill to your left.
  133. <Billy_Blackfeather> She stops, standing still as she stares.
  134. <Darkling> There it was again.
  135. <Billy_Blackfeather> Her tail wags just a little and it's brief. She starts a slow trot in that direction, head lowered but eyes locked on the bushes.
  136. <Darkling> No scent of what it is yet, it must not have come down this way at all. You close in on the bush, only a few yards away now.
  137. <Billy_Blackfeather> She waits for a moment, a breath, and she lunges. Best to catch it by surprise, whatever it is.
  138. <Darkling> A squeal and a bit of a thrash and there's a rabbit trapped under your paws. making all sorts of pathetic noises.
  139. <Billy_Blackfeather> Stupid fluffy thing. She sniffs at it before releasing it, gaze sweeping over the forest once more.
  140. <Darkling> It limps away in a hurry, likely scaring anything else in the area off.
  141. <Billy_Blackfeather> She shakes out her coat and continues her stroll, taking in her forest. Maybe she'd find what she was looking for over this way.
  142. <Darkling> Another while plodding and you come to a babbling brook, fresh spring water running through a rock bed.
  143. <Billy_Blackfeather> Good place for a drink, lowering her front and lapping up the water.
  144. <Darkling> Refreshing. As you lift you head up from the stream, you see it, and everything freezes. An enormous stag stands across the forest, seemingly staring you down. It must be twice the size of any other in the woods, horns that stretch out from it's head in an impressive crown of bone.
  145. <Billy_Blackfeather> Her mouth opens, tongue hanging out as she pants. That's it. That's what she was looking for she just knew it
  146. <Billy_Blackfeather> .
  147. <Darkling> It stomped a foot, almost as if in challenge.
  148. <Billy_Blackfeather> She couldn't stop her tail from wagging a bit. Few things were brave enough to face her. This could be fun.
  149. <Darkling> It's tail raises up, white fur showing. A moment later the forest erupts with a flurry of hooves stomping the ground as a herd of deer rush through, jumping this way and that, running all directions away from you. For a moment the stag stands proud still, then it joins the rest and disappears through the bush.
  150. <Billy_Blackfeather> With a bark of surprise she gives chase!
  151. <Darkling> You crash through the woods after them. There seems to be too many deer around, at least more than you have ever seen before in one place. They're running almost alongside you at times before jumping away and disappearing once more.
  152. <Billy_Blackfeather> A shake of her head, focused on finding the big one. The stag. She wanted that one.
  153. <Darkling> One staggers and falls into you, tumbling down and knocking you over mid-stride before it gets up and hops off. You've lost sight of the stag now.
  154. <Billy_Blackfeather> She shakes herself of after standing back up, sniffing at the air for some clue of where it might be.
  155. <Darkling> You don't see it, but it must still be out there.
  156. <Billy_Blackfeather> A twitch of her ears and she goes about hunting it down. This was a more focused effort, nothing like her earlier wandering.
  157. <Darkling> You're back on the trail, following after the rest of the running deer, and then you have it in your sights again. It's acting as if you're nothing to it, galloping along at an easy stride, mocking you.
  158. <Billy_Blackfeather> Time to catch up and show it who really rules these woods! She lowers her head and races after it was everything she has, intent on catching it this time.
  159. <Darkling> You take off at a quicker pace, dodging this way and that around tree, bush and the occasional straying deer. Soon enough you're running up alongside the stag, stride for stride.
  160. <Billy_Blackfeather> One good lung, sinking her fangs into it, and she would win. She could almost taste it! She had to move quick though, she couldn't keep up the pace like these things did. Mouth open and drooling she aims to latch onto the flank.
  161. <Darkling> It shifts at the last second, knocking into you earlier than you thought so you aren't able to latch on, but the beast starts and runs even faster, picking up it's pace and leaving you behind.
  162. <Billy_Blackfeather> She comes to a stop, watching it run off again.
  163. <Darkling> The rest of the deer seem to be dwindling down in number. You see the stag stop ahead for a moment, checking itself, looking back at you, and then trotting off again.
  164. <Billy_Blackfeather> She sits, look around as she thinks. How was she going to catch this thing?
  165. <Darkling> Good Question.
  166. <Billy_Blackfeather> After some time she's back up a trotting through the forest, looking for something else now. This place was hers, she knew it well. If the thing wanted to run she'd have to make sure it couldn't run away anymore.
  167. <Darkling> There were a number of places you could chase it to, but which?
  168. <Billy_Blackfeather> There was a rocky area not far that she could chase it into and trap it. If it came by there. Off she goes, intent on a good vantage point to wait for it. She'd get it this time. These were her woods.
  169. <Darkling> You can sense it is still around, not far from sight. You can catch whiffs of its scent here and there.
  170. <Billy_Blackfeather> Good. That made her tail wag a bit. She just had to be patient and wait.
  171. <Darkling> And there it was again, barely perceptible though. You can just make out the horns moving over some shorter trees.
  172. <Billy_Blackfeather> Wait for it...wait...now! She's out of her hiding place and charging, barking. It just has to turn and toward those rocks!
  173. <Darkling> A moment before you reach it, it takes off, letting out a high peel and taking off. Not quite the direction you wanted, but almost there.
  174. <Billy_Blackfeather> She'll have to snap at it, hopefully drive it without taking a hoof to the face,
  175. <Billy_Blackfeather> .
  176. <Darkling> It dodges away, heading closer to the rocky area you were leading it.
  177. <Billy_Blackfeather> She snaps at it again for good measure before slowing down a fraction.
  178. <Darkling> And that seals it, it runs ahead for your lain trap.
  179. <Billy_Blackfeather> She might have laughed if she could, instead trotting after it. It was tripped now and she'd kill it before it could escape.
  180. <Darkling> It reaches the end of the rocks, looking around before turning and stomping.
  181. <Billy_Blackfeather> A bark and a growl, fangs showing now. She was ready to face it and show it which was the dominant force in these woods.
  182. <Darkling> It stomps again, snorting. It wasn't backing down, even trapped between some rocks and teeth.
  183. <Billy_Blackfeather> Teeth bared she eases her way toward it, growling and snapping.
  184. <Darkling> It lowers its head, crown of horns jutting out to greet you.
  185. <Billy_Blackfeather> The Wolf waits for some unheard signal before finally charging in, paws kicking up dirt and leaves as she propels herself at her prey.
  186. <Darkling> The stag catches the wolf in it's horns, tossing you aside like a rag doll onto the rocks above it.
  187. <Billy_Blackfeather> She recovers quickly and moves to jump down on top of it, hoping to use her fangs to actually hold onto it this time.
  188. <Darkling> It rears when it feels you on top of its hide, shaking, but you have a firm grip this time, teeth biting down on its shoulders.
  189. <Billy_Blackfeather> Holding on wasn't going to kill it. She has to at least wound it. She bites down and shakes her head to let her fangs rip and tear at its muscular form, paws pressed firmly against its hide to keep her stable.
  190. <Darkling> Blood flows and the stag lets out screams. It shakes its body hard enough that even though you are dug into its flesh you fall off, taking chunks of it as you go.
  191. <Billy_Blackfeather> She flips over and moves before it can kick her or attack in some way. Fangs bared again she takes her chance to go for the throat!
  192. <Darkling> The horns get in the way, and it manages to gouge you before you make it past and lock you jaw around its throat.
  193. <Billy_Blackfeather> She clamps down with all the might in her jaws, intent on either bleeding it out or suffocating it.
  194. <Darkling> It shrieks again, twisting this way and that, only managing to open its wounds further. You can feel the wet blood slick all over your fur as the life drains from the stag.
  195. <Billy_Blackfeather> She dangles there, holding on as best she can. She was hurt but it was easy to ignore in the moment. She was going to kill it!
  196. <Darkling> The stag manages to take a step forward with you hanging from it before it collapses in a heap on top of you.
  197. <Billy_Blackfeather> She squirms and thrashes in an attempt to get free.
  198. <Billy_Blackfeather> Once free she shakes out her fur again, whining slightly. She couldn't reach her injury to lick it so she'd have to be satisfied with a meal instead.
  199. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  200. <Darkling> Maybe two, three hours later, it was hard to tell, the girls are sitting around outside int he forest not far from Billy's trailer. The green sack has gone untouched but spirits seem high enough on their own.
  201. <Darkling> "She is taking an awfully long time."
  202. <Avaline> "Maybe she's found a hot forest spirit."
  203. Tina_ looks up from her spot, taking a picture of an anthill. "How long does it take to hunt anyways?"
  204. <Mr_Rage> "Depend on what you hunting." Izumi tap-taps her foot on the dirt, wiggling her nose.
  205. <Darkling> "Wait, did you hear that?" She turns looking off into the woods.
  206. <Tina_> "Hm?" Tina's looking off towards that direction too now.
  207. <Darkling> There's definitely some movement out there.
  208. <Tina_> "Billy?" She calls out, curious.
  209. <Darkling> Something big is moving towards them, making a fair bit of noise. Breaking through the bushes a big wolf pushes it's way into the clearing the girls are sitting in. It's much larger than a normal wolf, closer to the size of a grizzly bear.
  210. <Mr_Rage> "!"
  211. <Avaline> Avaline stares. "Crap... quick! Feed it the weed and maybe it will go away!"
  212. <Darkling> The wolf drops a large bloody mass from its mouth to the ground, red smeared lips curling back into a snarl.
  213. <Mr_Rage> Izumi's heart catches, but she doesn't seem ready to bolt just yet, looking down at the mass.
  214. Tina_ stands, looking at the others then back at the wolf. "...Billy?"
  215. <Billy_Blackfeather> The wolf's head lowers, ears back as it examines them and even starts to circle them. It's hard to see through such dark fur but it's injured and fairly bloody.
  216. <Darkling> Elisa pulls out the block of wrapped up weed and hucks it at the wolf.
  217. <Mr_Rage> "Ah--think so." Izumi steps down off the porch carefully, meeting the wolf's eyes.
  218. <Billy_Blackfeather> It shakes its head and takes a moment to sniff the package but soon its attention is back on them. Ears popping up it starts to approach the trailer, looking to trap the girls between it and her.
  219. <Tina_> "I don't think she knows its us..."
  220. <Mr_Rage> "Easy, girl. Easy."
  221. <Avaline> "Yeah. Looks like we're being cornered. Worse comes to worse I'll try to hold her off." Avaline says with a surprising certainty for such a scrawny girl. She slowly backs up toward the trailer.
  222. <Darkling> "I don't think that's a good idea Avaline."
  223. Tina_ looks at Ava like she's crazy. "Let's not get into a fistfight with the werewolf."
  224. <Avaline> "Of course it's a bad idea."
  225. <Billy_Blackfeather> The big wolfs strides toward them slowly, confident in its command of the situation. It wasn't growling anymore but damn was it big.
  226. <Avaline> "Wolves chew on bones, you know."
  227. <Mr_Rage> When range allows, Izumi extends a hand, palm up, towards the big wolf.
  228. <Billy_Blackfeather> She stops close enough to Izumi that she's blasted with hot breath that stinks of meat with every exhale. A cold, went nose pressed to the hand and inhales deeply.
  229. <Mr_Rage> "'Attagirl!" Don't maul me, don't maul me, don't maul me...
  230. <Billy_Blackfeather> There's a low rumble and her jaws part. Soon a pink tongue is running up the Asian girl's cheek and across her forehead.
  231. <Mr_Rage> "Ack--"
  232. <Billy_Blackfeather> With that done her attention is on the remaining three, approaching with a twitching muzzle.
  233. <Darkling> Elisa is still quite worried, shivering and holding her knees to her chest.
  234. Tina_ moves a little closer, palm outstretched but shaking.
  235. <Avaline> Avaline slowly moves in closer as well, palm up. "Pretty cool, Billy."
  236. <Darkling> "Wait, is she injured?" Elisa points to a bloody patch of fur.
  237. <Billy_Blackfeather> The wolf growls, saliva splattering the brave hipster and her friend. After a long stare she ends up sniffing at their hands too.
  238. <Mr_Rage> "Looks like. Werewolfs tough though, right?" Izumi follows behind, keeping close. "She heal okay, right?"
  239. <Tina_> "I told you not to get hurt." Tina says softly, ignoring the slobber.
  240. <Avaline> "They do in D&D."
  241. <Billy_Blackfeather> With all of the girls identified she easily bounds past them and circles the bloody lump she'd dropped earlier.
  242. <Mr_Rage> "Ah! Right right!" Izumi jogs on over, gesturing to get the box.
  243. <Darkling> Elisa gets up and hurries over with a plastic box.
  244. <Billy_Blackfeather> Her head lowered, looking ready to guard against anyone picking up her prize.
  245. <Tina_> "I think she wants to keep it." Tina says looking at Elisa. "How do we get her back to normal?"
  246. <Mr_Rage> "Belly rub?" Izumi offers helplessly.
  247. <Billy_Blackfeather> With a growl she took a step back, still looking between it and them though.
  248. <Avaline> "Maybe just give her a while to get it out of her system?
  249. <Tina_> "What if it doesn't? This is a curse, we have no idea what's going on here."
  250. <Darkling> Elisa tentatively reaches for it.
  251. <Billy_Blackfeather> The wolf's eyes narrow but she makes no move to lunge for Elisa.
  252. <Darkling> She snatches it and drops it into the container with a wet plop and closes it up.
  253. <Billy_Blackfeather> The beast looks satisfied. She stands fully upright and heads for the trailer. It starts as a stumble and soon the wolf is down. Thirty seconds later a naked and bloody Billy has taken its place, hair looking a little longer after the adventure.
  254. <Mr_Rage> "Wah!" Izumi's at her side quickly.
  255. <Tina_> "Or that." Soon Tina is there too. "Let's get her inside."
  256. <Darkling> Elisa grabs the container, picks up the block of drugs and her bag, and joins the rest.
  257. <Billy_Blackfeather> A groan is the best she can muster at first, a hand reaching for the wound the stag gave her.
  258. <Mr_Rage> Helping to heft the wolf-girl, Izumi keeps an eye out for bandages.
  259. <Darkling> A semi clean cloth is the closest thing you can see.
  260. <Mr_Rage> It'll have to do!
  261. <Billy_Blackfeather> She hisses when it touches her.
  262. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Still tender."
  263. <Mr_Rage> "Well, this or bleeding out."
  264. <Avaline> "That's really cute."
  265. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Doesn't feel like it," she grunts.
  266. <Darkling> Elisa busies herself and avoids watching by cleaning her hands of blood.
  267. Tina_ backs off to let Izumi clean her up and goes to find some clothes for her to wear.
  268. <Billy_Blackfeather> "It felt so great out there."
  269. <Mr_Rage> "Oh?" A twist and a knot keeps the simplistic pad of fabric in place.
  270. Tina_ comes back out with a crumpled looking t-shirt and jeans. "Here."
  271. <Billy_Blackfeather> "The forest was so alive and vivid. I was faster, stronger. Gramps made it sound like being the wolf was something terrible. It was amazing."
  272. <Tina_> "Even the part where you were ripped open?"
  273. <Darkling> "That doesn't sound all too pleasant."
  274. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Well...it was bigger than me so if I'd run at it like this I'd be dead."
  275. <Tina_> "At least there's that. Could you understand us?"
  276. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Kinda? It was weird. With all of my senses cranked up to eleven it was hard to make out who you were at first, except for her." She thumbs at Izumi.
  277. <Mr_Rage> "Fufu~"
  278. <Billy_Blackfeather> As if realizing it for the first time Billy looks down at herself. "Crap, why am I always naked?
  279. <Billy_Blackfeather> "
  280. <Tina_> "You were way too big for any normal clothes anyways." Tina says, tossing her the clothes she'd grabbed. "Maybe some really stretchy clothes would work."
  281. <Darkling> "You're like the hulk."
  282. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Like the pants Gramps used to wear to the buffet? Pass."
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