Eric's War Story is VERY Familiar

May 15th, 2018
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  1. I came into company via boss I previously worked with.
  2. Did not know but he hatcheted a bunch of jobs and cut salaries just before my arrival so I was part of the new regime.
  3. Immediate black sheep.
  4. The lead sysadmin would blatantly 'forget' to give me access to servers. I followed protocol at first but it became daunting.
  5. The sysadmin was a huge Unix geek and despised Windows. Fortunately for me, we had some Windows servers and he was a password reuse offender so I cracked his password on unlatched Windows box and gave myself permission to servers when needed to do my job.
  6. Fast forward 1.5 years when he finally figured it out... Fortunately I had become cool with my new boss and only got slap on the wrist for hacking his password..
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